Saturday, December 19, 2015

Day 19 Oh Christmas Tree....

How's your weekend going friends?
It is thee most gorgeous day here.  
Really doesn't feel like Christmas time; it's so warm.

With today's prompt being "tree"-
Addie Doodle and I tinseled up this little tree growing right in front
of the shabby olde potting shed.  
It's been a good two or more years ago now that Debra Dear 
of Sparrowgrass introduced me to these cute little ever greens.  
The name has escaped me; but how happy I am that she shared them with me
and that they were available for sale in our neck of the woods.  
Three were planted; 
but this one has grown the most.  

This is a short post today.  
I'm baking cookies for a party, and you know one of my very few rules:
Never blog and bake.  
My family likes soft chewy cookies and 
I don't want to disappoint them!
So until tomorrow,

ps.  To "keep it real" The tree, wreath, and bow were decorated for this post only.  
I had to rob Peter to pay Paul with the decorations, and  it's already back on the front porch and in the house.
eeeek... THE COOOOOKIES!  


Rebecca said...

Well......."Peter" really lookd good for "his" day in the sun! ♥
I love your "real", Lea. I'll bet "Paul" looks simply fantastic now!

Anonymous said...

I love that your tree has grown Lea and it sure looks evergreenly proud beside the potting shed and of course the silver stars, yay!!

Hope you have a fun party and I wish I could share those cookies.

Joyful Blessings dear friend.