Wednesday, December 16, 2015

Day 16 Christmas Decorations/ Ornaments

 Opening the door of the mailbox, I found  a card from one of my nieces. 
Inside was this adorable ornament  made by the little hands  
of  my two great nephews.  
What a beautiful gift!!!  
While I held it; I imagined  them sitting around a table, gluing all the pieces on.. together.  
This little snowman will hang on our tree every year from now on.  
I love homemade ornaments don't you?!!

 I want to say I can remember it; but maybe...
it's just the talking about it years later that I only really remember?
It was the late 60's when Momma bought styrofoam balls and lots of sequins, pins and pretty ribbons home.  Then she sat down with her four hooligans and honyockers she sometimes called us; to make  homemade ornaments.   Momma; she must have really loved those handmade ornies.  I know they  were like gold  to her because move after move over the course of a roving lifetime they always went with her.  And each year, she carefully untaped that well traveled  cardboard box that read: "ornaments" in her cursive  handwriting of black magic marker.  Each and every one was hung on her artificial Christmas tree, until the year she went home to Heaven. 
-- After that; us kids brought those olde balls to our own houses.  This is one of the ones I made at round 4 years old.  I always  loved the velvety red  Rudolph so much... and now ... it means more to me than ever.  
--Coz looking at it; for a moment; ... I get a piece of Momma back ... 

This little fading velvet deer, is another keepsake of a "Little Babe's"  Christmas.  - A childhood of sweet memories;.. long past.  Now ...I  find  myself untaping a box that reads "ornaments"  in black magic marker ...written in the cursive of my own hands. This box of ornaments;  I cherish... 
Just like Momma.

Love, Leaon Mary

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Anonymous said...

Lea, what a treasured way to bring memories back at this time of year. The handmade tree decorations are so special and it must be such a blessing that you can look back at them fondly and with happiness.

Blessings and Joy