Friday, December 18, 2015

18... Ho Ho Ho....

 Here we are; - the last Friday before Christmas  day.  
Unreal isn't it?
I'm really really tired today.
Feelin like a walkin zombie.
Still have some cards to fill out, but I'm just tappin out the rest of the day.
The hustle and bustle is catching up to me.
Thankfully, we finished our shopping last night... as in DONE.  
And just saying that... that thought comes; ... but I shoulda got ___ more... or
I should have done this or that.  More. More More.  Better... Not enough.
Oh dear calgon take me away.
Do yall ever do that too?
Time to crank up the song, "I need a silent night."  

Had a big dentist appt today and Myguy came along.
It really interfered in his work day I know; but he's awesome moral support.
I'm sooo grateful.  
We're fiiiinally gettin down to the wire of getting  these implants finished.
Had a wax try in today.  But it wasn't quite right.
So ... my dentist is tweaking it and Monday they'll send it off to the lab to try again.
I've been singing "All I want for Christmas is my new top teeth," ... but
it's not looking too promising.  There's only 7 days til Christmas and that's weekends involved.
Ohwell... "Patience," Momma said.
"Learn Patience."
You know; it's funny.  When all this mess started I was so embarrassed about it all there's no way
I'd have ever written that outloud like this but...
I heard a TRUE quote recently, that goes like this:
Don't be ashamed of your story.
It will inspire others.
There is absolute truth in that;
--I've seen how that works myself.
Both sides of it.

Moving on... Today's prompt is Ho Ho Ho.
Anyone else break into "Santa Baby" when you read that?
Oh come on. You can do it.  
Give it your best Marilyn voice.

-- Did I digress?
I warned yall I'm so tired.
Oh yeah; the photo. (ha)
My step Dad Don gave this olde Santa  to me several years ago.
He's  an oldie.  (The Santa that is; well, my Stepdad sort of is too lol)
Anyways, I just picked the doll  up to read his tag and guess what?
It has my name on it!!!!
Hang on... I'll add another photo...
The Rushton Company
Atlanta Ga.
 Rushton Star creation.
Well I'll be!!!  
I just looked them up on ebay.
And ... we could  add another
Ho Ho Ho!!!

Alright friends,
-- startin to get giddy..
I know; it doesn't take much sometimes. 
Have a great night,
Leaon Merry  (wink)

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Anonymous said...

You certainly are a trooper Lea... what a marathon dental project you've had and through it all you have kept up and moving forward with everything. I hope you have a more restful day today. Your santa is a 'star' ...just like you!!! Love ya!