Saturday, October 10, 2015

Finding New Perspective... the Real Kind

The other day I saw this status update on our son Trent's Facebook page.
  He wrote:  Sometimes the pictures don't turn out just right... lol, sometimes eveything isn't just perfect, but one thing is for sure, God blessed me with this amazing woman.

I seriously laughed outloud.  It struck me so funny.. and 
perfectly imperfect.  
and all.  :)
Must say I've thought about it so much.
I asked if I could share it here and he gave full permission.
This is something I hope to remember.  Not just their
cute picture but because my one word
"perspective" came to mind through it.
Pinterest too.  Pinterest is so much fun and inspires me.
I have so many boards; so many pins and it's ridiculously wonderful.
Friends often send me new pins and boards to repin and follow.
A couple classes I've taken we were even assigned homework to
create boards that inspire us. Something most people who peruse Pinterest will notice
is the beautiful picture-perfect photos.  When we try to recreate something from a pin we
hope it will turn out just as beautiful.
The perfect macaroni and cheese.
The beautiful and perfect cheese cake.  
The perfect DIY, repurposed thinga majig.
We strive for the thing we deem as beautiful,
tasty, or
awesome sauce.  Yet so much of REAL life is different.
Messier.  Still beautiful but real life holds the good stuff that couldn't
and shouldn't be air brushed.  Like the laughter and sheer joy you see in the real
Trent and Rae that can't truly be reproduced.  It's the real life and truth inside our moments.
Beautiful moments not captured as perfection, because nothing "really" is perfect- it's
just portrayed to look like it is.
True transparency is
keeping it real.

I once saw photos of a woman's  bedroom makeover.
Her bedroom was beautiful like a magazine spread.
But so much was missing in the pictures. I know this
because I know the real her.
The truth of  her real life.
Where were her kids pictures?
The lotion on her bedstand?
Her husbands sneakers?
The nicknacks her kids gave her that she treasures?
The fan her husband likes on high while they sleep at night?
Where was the change he empties from his pockets?
The dogs squeaky toy?
The vase that was her Grandmas?
The perfume she received at Christmas?
I'm not talking about the tidying up and keeping things put away.
It was much more than that--
or was it less than that?  Maybe some of  both.
Eveything  was hidden perfectly to pretend perfection.
Writing this I'm really not judging... but gaining some perspective.
The truth is the woman was and still is  me.
Maybe she's sometimes you as well?  
Just thinking and seeing differently  There are still so many times
I try to hide the real truth.  Honestly I don't want that any more.
Real life gets messy.  Some of it stays messy and can't that be okay?
It's imperfect and there is so much beauty to be found in especially that.
The other night we got in late.  Our kitchen was a wreck, and
Myguy threw on his comfy clothes and grabbed a bite to eat.
He would have said it was not his Kodak moment.
Yet... it really was.  
Real life happened.  
And I treasure all of this.

 It happened here too...
Sitting beside my best friend.
The truth is we're both a mess.  
And we were chowing down  on  burgers and fries in a 66 chevy with 
rust and bondo,
and dust on the  dash.
Two souls as one.
God has  blessed us... just as Trent said.  

Sometimes the pictures don't turn out just right.
eveything isn't just perfect.
But one thing is for sure.
God has blessed and the real..   is  a work in progress.    

 He has made everything beautiful
in his time.  

So be patient leaon mary.
Be patient you as well. 
Be real. 
Be free to be who He created you to be.
BeYOUtiful You. 

I sign off with this quote.  
 Trent wrote it on the board in our shop so long ago.  
It means  alot to all of us.
How many times have I read this on the wall and pondered it several different ways throughout the day.   
When it starts to wear off... someone always tries to carefully fill it back in
... just like he wrote it.  

Have a beYOUtiful weekend.
love, leaon mary


Cora from Hidden Riches said...

What a powerful post, Lea! All my life, I've tried so hard to be what I think other people expect of me --- the picture perfect person. And there have been times I've wondered if I actually lost the "real" me! There is so much freedom in just being REAL. Life happens to ALL of us, yet, we are so scared to share it with each other. But if we all were real, wouldn't we love each other even more???? It is the most wonderful thing to just relax, let your hair down (or go gray), and play in the dirt (or paint!). Thank you for the great reminder to just BE!!!! Let life happen and enjoy the ride because we only get to do the ride once!

Leaon Mary said...

I love what you shared here Cora... isn't it something how we can live half our lives pretending to be something we're just not? I was cheering when you said "It's the most wonderful thing to let your hair down or go gray and play in the dirt or paint."-- Ya know... I love the life God's given me so much but because of some peoples judgements and standards I've struggled "being" me. We get so afraid of what someone might think of us. ugh!! I hope you have a great weekend Cora .... BEING YOU. You are wonderfully made and I'm sure glad I get to call you my friend. Cheers (clanking our coffee cups) to imperfections and keepin it real.

Denise said...

very much enjoyed this. love the messes in life.

Anonymous said...

Amen Lea, I love what you share here on your blog. Thank you dear friend. I am clanking my coffee cup too, to imperfections. Yay!!!

Blessed Sabbath Day to you.

Debra said...

I love this post, and Cora's and your comments. So, so much lately od has been tugging at my heart over this issue. It is so hard to NOT CARE what other people might think, or say. I am in that trap too, and I hate it. I have found myself praying that I could just be myself. I think it's sad that I have to pray that, but He is helping me do it, so I know it's a good thing...

Leaon Mary said...

Cheers Jeanie and Denise!!! Debra, it IS so hard to not care what other people think; I could not agree more!! I'm cheering you on to be the ORIGINAL one of a kind beyoutiful Debra HE created you to be.

sweetvintageofmine said...

Yep..everything is better when it's real! Real butter, Real chocolate, Real syrup...God knows the "real" us! That's a great word for 2016...REAL! Blessings~~~(I believe your son has your sense of humor)

Irene Pomerinke said...

Just what I needed my "real" friend! <3