Thursday, September 3, 2015

Every Day Is A Gift...

I have a friend I chat with almost every day, and it seems we so often say
"Gosh it's almost the end of the week again ... where did the time go?"
Time has this way of slipping right through our fingers.
This morning I came across this picture of our Ophelia when she first came to us.
It was in my September photo file, so it's already been a whole year ago she arrived.  
I recall  the very day she strolled through the big shop door at Four Star Auto and meowed. 
  I wasn't there actually but what I do remember is Myguy coming to tell me all about it after carrying her to safety inside the shed.  Myguy; .. 
is... well; let's just say he's a dog person???  Somehow though, this wee kitten
snuck inside his doglover heart and 

she's been a part of our family ever since.  
 It doesn't seem like she's been here a year already.  
But the evidence is right here.
Another year has been spent.
So many moments ...passed by.

I was thinking about yesterdays post
where I shared the little sketches of moments
from my days.
Thumbing through the rest of my  journal, ...
there were some big things that happened this past year.
Illnesses, hospital stays, our son's divorce, Myguy retiring from his job of over 30 years,
I'm realizing as I thumb through memories
and even these simple, daily sketches that
more often than not it really is the little moments in life
that make it so sweet.
It's in our day to day emails and her sharing what's for supper,
It's the the little girl who waved to us when we drove past her on the motorcycle.
It was the smile of a Hispanic woman while I was telling her how beautiful her children are in the grocery store, even though I don't think she could understand what I was saying.
It is how the rooster gives the hens his piece of bread- time and time again.
And discovering the Strongheart had come in and found the tator tot hotdish.
It was in Myguy's  pats on the leg for reassurance,
and the squirrels hanging upside down from a sunflower head chockfull of seed.
It's the sunset colored up like marmalade and juicy muscadines.
And she n I reminiscing about the big  yellow lab caught  ontop of the kitchen table helping himself to the whole cake.
It was in the  special chat just this week with my dear Dimple and how once again she said,
I love ya honey, before hanging up the phone.
It's the nicker and pounding of hooves I hear when she figures out we are pickin pears.
It's the chill and  warmth I feel in  the valleys snuggled up to my man on the back of his Honda.
It's holding his hand walking to the mailbox.
It was in  the SOS of "Momma how do you make your goulash?"
And it's seeing his face get washed  by a "I'm so happy you're home" Aspen Rose.
It's watching the yellow Poplar leaves floating and spinning to the ground.
It's catching a butterfly in the greenhouse window and setting her free outside.
It's how he goes out of his way to  hug his Momma every time he sees her.
So many gifts in our every,

How many of them do I still miss Lord?  
I wonder,
and I want to see.
-to notice them.
And not take any for granted.  

I was going to make a scripture picture for you today but
this one came to be instead.
Enjoy the moments dear friends,
Because time is ticking them by.
With all my heart,
Love, Leaon Mary




Cora from Hidden Riches said...

Oh, Lea!!!! It's amazing what steals away our moments forever. Frustrations, disappointments, anger, unmet expectations, etc. We shed tears, dwell in them, overthink them, til the day is gone and we missed it all ---- all the wonderful moments that we ours if only we had lifted our eyes and looked. It doesn't take much --- like a pair of doves, one standing watch on the fence while the other went down for a drink and a bath. So precious, so simple. But it made my day. Your post made me cry today. It also made my day. Just a simple list of ordinary, wonderful, precious things!!!!

Denise said...

very well said my beautiful friend, and so true.

Anonymous said...

I have seen lots of rainbows this past week Lea and am always amazed by the colours. Friendship is a treasure and being able to share moments in life with someone.

Have a wonderful blessed day friend.


sweetvintageofmine said...

Hi Lea, Beautifully said....Here in the last few years, through age, sickness and the whirlwinds of life, this is soooo true! Lord, I pray everyday, open my eyes and heart to those around me...everyday is a gift from God! I would love to "share" your picture~~~Blessings, Roxie

Sunnyside Up said...

Lea...this so spoke to my heart today. How many times have I been so worried about tomorrow that I robbed TODAY of its gifts? Today...I will notice! Every day is a gift from God. Thanks for the beautiful reminder!