Friday, August 7, 2015

Melting A Little...

Hi friends!
So it's been about a week I think now; 
and here we are again.  
Feels good to be back at the shed today! 

We are smack dab in the dawg days of Summer here. 
It's so hot that I've had to start adding water to the goldfish pond
to keep the fish alive.  

 This morning I opened up the greenhouse side and 
Miss Ophelia ran in and catnapped under my desk for abit.  
 She stayed in there for an hour or two... but 
the closer it got to noon ... I think we coulda baked  a cake in there.
(Everyone says... "It was so hot you could fry an egg,"
 ... but I'd rather have cake wouldn't you?) - yeah definitely cake.

 This is our thermometer around 2:00 
I know alot of you are feeling it in your neck of the woods too.  
You still have to get out and do things though.
The heat really saps your energy.
Yesterday I finally got the gumption to clean out the old side
of the potting shed.  It was such a mess in there; that I hadn't
been enjoying it anymore.  Through the busies part of the gardening season
it just became a catch all.  
And then... the wasps ... yeah they found their way inside too.  
I bombed THREE different times,
and there was literally a pile of dead red wasps 
inside.  So yesterday ... was the day! 

 See life gets messy here.  
A dear friend of mine recently wrote about writing "real."
Well ... this is the real deal.  As much as we all love our pinterest boards
and beautiful things... real life gets dirty. 
Then you clean it up... and it gets dirty some more... 
It can have thiefs too.... like... 

 Opening your cupboard door and finding an overflowing
bowlful of ... sunflower seeds??  
I didn't put those there... 
dang mice.... lol
I can giggle at that... but Myguy....
- nope; they did much more damage than this.
He went to turn the water on in the sink inside the potting shed and
discovered "something" had chewed right through the hose under the floor.
I'm just hoping it was only a rat or mouse and that we don't have another groundhog.
I've not seen anything? ... Well except a mouse or two.  
 Anyways I cleaned like crazy... 
love our shop vac! 
(thankyou Mil and Fil)
-- talk about a useful gift!!!  
The ivy and wisteria had grown inside this little shed so much
and shed lots of leaves.  As you can see here the wisteria 
grew right up my dress forms apron!  
Grabbed my pruning shears and went to cutting it off and then I got 
to thinking ... the piles of dead wasps were very near this dress form.
???? ... I peeked inside her sleeve... and saw a wasp nest.  
So with my pruners; I reached inside to knock it off...
That .... my friends... was a mistake.
(run for your life leaon mary) 
No... not all of em were dead.  
Unreal isn't it?
I'm just tellin ya right now...
I hate em.
I hate em I hate em I hate em.... and... on top of that;
I don't like em either. 
... One other thing;
I loooove Myguy soooo much.
And once again;  he came to my rescue... 
He is so brave.  
And I prayed yall....Oh yes I did.  
I thank God he didn't get stung... 
Urinah Mariah was disrobed and 
carried outside and sprayed 
like crazy.  
Her brakes are surely clean.  lol
(Oreilly's  brake cleaner)-  good stuff!
die wasps die!

 So.... we're bug free for now.
Free of nests anyways.
I will be keeping my can of spray within 
arms reach though; 
just in case.

A few weeks ago, the pump we had in a big black bucket
at the front of the shed... quit.  
Really missed hearing the sound of water running right there.
So our last trip to Lowes we grabbed another and Myguy 
got it all hooked back up.  It's been running a couple days now.
--This morning, when I walked by...
this feather was about three feet from the bucket of running water! 
I love feathers so much!  This one is beautiful... stripes from top to bottom.
I still haven't identified it.  Hawk or owl I'm just guessing.  
If anyone knows please share! 
I wonder if the water attracted it?
I don't know... but I love finding pretty feathers so much.
Thank you bird for leaving it behind.

 The lantana has been full of butterflies this past week.  
Think I could walk around and take photos all day of  all the flutterflies,
bees, moths, squirrels, and hummingbirds.  
 Every moment 
is new to photograph and 
 The garden is pretty much done except for flowers.
There are still zinnias, coneflowers, 
angel trumpets, four oclocks, and lilies galore.

The sunflowers are getting heavy with seed now.  
Surely Fall is just around the corner don't you think?
Well... we can sure hope!

...Just glanced at the clock and eeek... it's  after 5 already. 
Myguy is getting breakfast for supper tonight.
Bacon, homemade hashbrowns, fried eggs, and toast. 
I had better get to it.

Thanks for sharing your Friday with me.
Love, leaon mary


Cora from Hidden Riches said...

I felt like I DID spend my Friday with you! I could just see us running for our lives away from those wasps!!!!! We've been fighting wasps, too, and I got stung once. NASTY! I do hope you take it easy in that heat. It's a killer, for sure. So glad to see your post today. It was so uplifting ---- and I love the music that went with it! Thank you for that.

Denise said...

you make life beautiful, love you.

Anonymous said...

Phew!!!!! I am looking at your temperature reading and cannot begin to imagine heat like that, or how you cope. I'm thinking it's warm today and it is in the high 50's. I am loving your picture of the goldfish with the water lilies, so tropical looking and peaceful. The colours of the sunflower and butterfly are amazing and all those seeds, wow...
The hypericum flowers are finishing here and the berries are shining out like jewels. The autumn colours are coming through. Thank you for sharing your pictures and the not so nice parts of your days. Glad you got the wasp problem sorted.
Sending Blessings.

Dining on Delicious said...

I can relate to the catch all in the shed, and the wasps are STILL here, must try the bombs I guess! This season has been so different, high hopes after the rains then disappointment, wasps have taken over the garden, it's not worth getting stung! I'm ready for a change, in seasons and stride!

Debra said...

I love your music too. I'm so glad you are getting the wasp problem under control. nasty ole things anyhoo.
I do love your Shed-it's so nice just to gaze at the photos.
Love you sweetie pie!