Friday, July 31, 2015

July 31

 Often I think there's not much to write about when really
more is going on than it may seem.
I take these things for granted.  
Sweet moments growing and changing 
almost overnight.  
 These three hens seem to be doing nothin all day long.

 When  really; they're cookin 
a pile of eggs over easy 
for twenty one long, hot days and nights 
without ever complaining.   
The miracle of life...
and often... I walk by without taking the moment
to observe the miracle taking place.  
Today I stopped...
"Good job lil Mommas..."  
The next time I feel like shirkin a task because of 
this heat may I remember your
dedication and follow thru!

I found Ophelia under my desk in the greenhouse awhile ago.  
She doesn't know how dangerous it is in there!  
In fact tonight; I think is the night we're gonna try to 
take back the potting shed and greenhouse!  

I don't know what it's like at your house this summer but here;
we are getting overtaken by red wasps.  
I got stung twice last week.  One...
I didn't see what got me and I really think it was a scorpion coz
it hurt so bad I couldn't hardly stand it.  The next day I got 
stung by a red wasp and it hurt but not half as bad as the other.  
Anyways... here's our problem....  

 See this old double washtub in the greenhouse?
It has potting soil and flowerpots inside of it.  
The board is warped though and as you can see mice have chewed it
so it's not sealed at all.  
Now it's a big wasp nest.  If you barely pick the lid up...
you can see the nest built on the underside of the board.  
Then... if you go through the door ....
 into the potting shed side... see the nest inside the wren house?
It's chockful of wasps too.  
Usually we just use brake cleaner and it fries them- 
but in this case... if you spray the entrance... the wasps come flying out
in a great army as it's all open under both sides of the roof!
I don't know what the deal is but " used to be;" (that's Arkansan)
if you stayed a short distance and minded your own business;
the wasps wouldn't bother you. 
HA! ... 
Not the case anymore.  They are so dadgum mean and go out of their
way to sting you.  -- Myguy said he'd help me after dark to try and 
do something about them all.  They've also taken up residence in another 
birdhouse that is mounted on a post at our dog yard.
I was going through there pushing the lawnmower last week and one charged and 
stung me in the arm.  If we can't figure something out I'm about to get the shotgun
and just blast that one right off the fence.  Think I'd feel pretty good about
it actually.   

 On a sweeter note, I just took fresh 
pumpkin bread out of the oven to surprise Myguy.  
(It's one of his most favorites) 
Funny thing; ... he just drove up?...
How did he know???????  
He came inside and grabbed two cokes and 
slabs of bread.  
(okay ...  and a kiss) before runnin back out the door. 
I had to run to Dollar General in the middle of baking coz we 
were out of cloves.  
Look at the cute mug I found while there.   
A slab of that bread and a sweet creamy cup of coffee is sounding pretty good about now.  

Oh and before I sign off... if any of you have any "safe" ideas how to get rid of all these 
wasps... please write me... 
I really don't want to shoot my birdhouse. 
But I will if I have to!  

Have a great day! 


Denise said...

hey sweet friend, enjoyed this post.

Cora from Hidden Riches said...

Just shoot the birdhouse and RUN!!!!

Dining on Delicious said...

Oh boy, I can relate to this problem, it started here last year, the wasps and yellow jackets took over every bird house and then some, meaner than a wet hen!! I swore I was going to plug all those holes so they couldn't take the houses over but didn't get to them. All the rains made them mad I think cuz they do go out of their way to sting you. I've put moth balls in the birdhouses and that did help, till they dissolved and I never kept them fresh. Our garden it toast and houses those big red wasps, so i'm not going in!! Even the bumble bees are getting in the act this year, got my grandson the other night, 3 times!! I'm ready for fall, maybe the cool nights of fall will even out there temper??

sweetvintageofmine said...

Oh my!! I have heard wasps are bad this year.......Can you drown them? Like pick up the birdhouse and put in tub of deep water?? Honestly, I have NO idea...?? Be careful girly....I will be praying for you all

Debra said...

Hmmmmm...I have no ideas for you-it sounds like war though. Just the idea of scorpions makes me shiver!
Love the cup and the lovely bread!

Anonymous said...

It is so good to come visit the potting shed again dear friend. I am sorry you are having such a battle with wasps. Maybe I need to send you some cooler weather over the Atlantic, I'm sure they wouldn't tolerate it being 13 degrees. Yes it's more like autumn here. I sure wish I could have some of your pumpkin bread it looks great and with a creamy coffee, oh my!!! Those little hens are just so amazing sitting on eggs so faithfully all that time. Thank you Lea for sharing your days, I am praying that you will find a solution for those wasps and for protection over you from stings and bites.

Love ya