Thursday, March 19, 2015

Spring Around The Next Corner

On St. Patrick's day while walking around the cornpatch, I kept spotting
four leaf clovers  all over the place;  I don't even believe in luck-
but stopped to take this photo anyways.  We've had a lot of rain and the lovely shade of green
leaves just makes me want to dig, rake, hoe, and plant!  It's far too soon to do much other than
cleaning up ... 
not to mention wet!  
The first day of Spring is 
nearly here though. 
It's fun to walk around and see old friends
coming back-

 to life!  
 Before the day was out, I had to shuck
the long johns shirt.  
When I drove to get groceries, it was awesome to drive
with the windows down on the jeep.  
I saw so many people out and about..
wearing shorts!  
Before leaving the store; ...
I found myself buying 
two cartons of night crawlers.  :)
After supper, Addie and I dipped a line for awhile.
Didn't get even a bite on the night crawlers but...

 we didn't get skunked.  
Caught two small bass on

 a spinner bait my Dad sent me!
I don't do knots very well ... 
and hesitated changing my hooks coz I didn't want to lose
this since it's special to me... but I knew he'd want me to use it. 
And it caught fish just like he said it would.  

 It seems all the critters here are so enjoying 
being warm!!!  

 I keep finding them just basking in the sun-
that is when it's not been raining.  Every time I see Gracie layin down I run to check 
on her.   
-- I just don't know about her? 
I guess we're  just gonna have to wait and see.  
Is she gonna foal or  "just fat." 
If she's bred,  she should be due any time now.  
From the 13th- through the 28th 
by the gestation calc. 

She never came back in after the month the stallion
went through the fence.  
This is a good and recent view of her belly.  
She's big but not like her last foal.  
The farrier is coming out tomorrow night
provided it's not raining.  He's a good horseman-
so I'm anxious to see what he thinks. 
 Aspen has slowed down growing... thankfully.
And I don't even wanna talk housebreaking coz if I even
whisper how good she's doin... well
you don't even want to know what she's 
apt to do.  
The worse problem we're havin with her is 
she's a piddler.
If anyone comes in the door and talks to her...
especially does any babytalkin like...
"Oooooh you're so cute... "
---"well... excuse me while I go grab a mop.'
Someone please tell me she'll outgrow that.  
 The birds are starting to check out all  the birdhouses
and I'm thinking "something" is building a nest right in these dried 
flowers.  Over winter we didn't close up the wooden vents above the windows 
in the greenhouse and I'm  "hoping"  maybe a wren found it's way inside. 
There are all these grasses I never noticed hanging from it before? 
I once had a wren nest in one of the baskets on the other side of the potting shed. 
That was back before we had a door.  You can't know how bad I want to part those
dried seeds and peek inside but I'll know one day if I hear chirping.
Meanwhile Ophelia is banned- just in case.   

 Walking past the goldfish pond, the fish now come to the surface
and beg when they're hungry.  
A couple frogs hop behind a pot of flowers that is submerged 
under water.  A big jelly mess of frog spawn is also floating on the surface by the 
aquatic plants.  They're so shy; I can't get a picture of them yet.  
 I keep seeing this little mouse making trips back and forth 
to "the creamery."   
 She better watch out for the great hunter Ophelia.
She will stare into this ivy for so long without even blinking.  
The bells on her collar helps the most from warning the birds but
she still manages to catch alot of field mice.  
This guy was in the barn a couple days ago.  
I caught him in a live trap; dining on a can of catfood. 
While I don't believe in luck; ... he may have thought it was his lucky day because
I sent him on his merry way.  I hope our paths don't cross again.

Well... it's late and now less than a day til Spring.
Let's enjoy this last day of Winter.
Sweet dreams,

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sweetvintageofmine said...

Enjoy seeing all the beauty in this beautiful Spring day~~~I'm right there with ya doin' the Jeep "thing"! Blessings~~~Roxie