Saturday, March 14, 2015

Better Late Than Never.... Thanks With All My Heart


I was thinking today about something I'd prayed for and
realized long after my prayer had been
I never even whispered
Once again,  this heart was
like "the nine" who just plumb
forgot... or who took a great gift
so for granted...???
So tonight...
I count and
and whisper
with a heart of gratitude. 
So much of life I  expect
and count on and yet every single moment is
... a gift....
So thankyou Lord for this beautiful ...rainy day.
Thank you for my family and our health.
For protecting Myguy and
bringing him back to me through
fogthick air.
--Thankyou for so much work for us all to  do..
-yet still finding time for one another.
Thankyou for the lesson.. to make sure
what I'm reading is actual scripture
by opening my own bible
 and  reading for myself.
Thank you for a re-connection with a nephew
and forever Sil.  ... For the memories we shared of
once upon a time  when 4 little boys were teenage mutant ninja turtles
and their Granny who'd  slap her knee and laugh
through karate chops, wrestling, and other  rough housing.
Thank you for sending love and encouragement in surprising ways
Like a chorus of bullfrogs, a duck traveling  royal mail,
seeds from West Plains, and
his one more kiss for the road,

... For this grass that grew overnight
Fields carpeted in bermuda green shag.

For  finding a little  bass caught in this pasture puddle
after floating over a swollen bank...
And then getting to witness him swim away after
carrying him back to the pond's edge.
For Your timing and how it's always
just right on.

For helping me just be aware of Your Presence... holding that little bass
in my worn, leathered  hand.
  Such a crazy. BIGsmall thing ... may I not forget how Your timing  is so
very perfect;

For pretty, turquoise cupcakes...
 and watching these hungry men all stop and gather
to have one.
 For the warmth in my heart as the  Strongheart pulled  his in two
to the  frosted-sweet-best for last.
For the books my friend  shared  and her  encouragement  that stuck:  to stand by the roads and look
and to ask for the ancient paths.. where the good way is
and to "walk" in it.

For finding your Word right there on the label of his bag of
chocolate covered peanuts... and the three companies who bravely teach me to stand strong
in a world gone crazy.

For  rows of dixie cups sprouting beefsteaks ..bigboys, snapdragons, basil and  lavender; all from tiny seed
For more new perspective...hearing
rush of roaring
and how my one "longest" word... "perspective" keeps pouring in.

For a  new "want to."
that I will to
and can do...

For ends that always seem to meet
even when the numbers don't quite  add up.
We're trusting You.

For  finding favor of  beautiful 3.00 books about Israel.
Provision to keep learning...

And ...that Tony passed the test for his contractor's license.
and believing You have  a plan.

Thank you God for all these things and so much more.
Thank you for my every thing.


Anonymous said...

Good Morning Lea, I have missed you soooooo much. I am grateful to be able to come visit you virtually. I always feel as if I am just right there with you sharing your everydays. I had heard of red velvet cake but not blue...looks delicious and just your colour! Loving your wee seedlings sprouting up so green and strong ready for the warmer weather. The sun is shining here this morning after some snell winds blowing from the east.
Sending warm hugs.

rebecca said...

Oh, Lea! How beautifully noticed and specifically expressed. Your gratitude stimulates MY thanksgivings -- so often dormant.

Cora from Hidden Riches said...

I could almost hear that creek bubbling over rocks and stones and just being "happy" as it rushed by. That alone would have made my day!!!! It's always such a joy to read your list of things you are grateful for, Lea. Especially first thing in the morning. Just sets my heart going in the right direction!!!!

Sue Neitzel said...


Paula said...

Roses are red violets are blue, turqie cake is DA bomb and so ono too! hehe :-)