Friday, February 6, 2015

Here Lately...

 Blogging is like having  an old friend-
... you can pick up right where you left off-
or start new.
With that said;
this I share....
One highlight of recent days was an afternoon with my
sister and our Dad out junkin.
A love for  pickin is surely  in our DNA.
 Momma had it; she loved the hunt for vintage clothes
and shoes; especially pumps in fun bright colors like
fuschia pink  and banana yellow.
 Dad and sister are no exception;
... a day out pickin with them...what fun... and seriously
they're hard to keep up with.  
Even our 82 year old Dad! 
His search was  for a hollywood bedframe;
didn't find one... and I did wonder  how he'd haul the thing
home on his car  if he scored.     
Sisterbear;... she found some beautiful, restaurant ware plates
I don't know the pattern but they had  lovely red leaves around  the edges. 
They were really cool; and were so  "her" reminding me
of the reds in her  thimbleberry quilts she sews.
My favorite find of the day was a hand painted canvas  of 
yellow roses!  
(What fun to notice what those two picked up and looked at.)
The afternoon flew by... and we made some really good new memories.
Our family has always been quite spread out so we just don't 
see eachother very often.  
Technology is pretty much  the glue that  keeps us close anymore-
-mainly... text messaging.
I hear people bashing it saying social media etc is not good for relationships
but I must say; I'm really thankful for it.
Getting a text or email out of the blue from someone often makes my day.   

Other news; ...
Yesterday was Myguy and my's 32 Anniversary.
(The flowers up above were  from my sweetheart)  - wish you could smell their sweetness!
I don't know about you... but it  seems the older we get... the more time... flies.
 Hard to believe he n I have been together
over three decades??
To celebrate; my man took a whole week off-  
...We've played pretty hard ..
seen a lot of movies..
and have eaten ... way too much.
In fact as I write here... burgers and bacon are 
cookin on the stove.  
Bacon cheeseburgers are one of Myguy's favorite foods
so.. it's gonna be another 
fat supper tonight. lol  

To celebrate yesterday we went up  in the mountains.
Jeeping and exploring new places is one of our favorite things to do.
  We ate dinner at the 
Ozark Cafe in Jasper.  If you ever get in the area you should really try the
curly fries.  And I don't know what kinda pickles they serve but I'm 
here to tell ya... they're the best I've ever had.  

(ABOUT NOW: I started  smelling something writing all this...)

That would be ...smoke....
(crap I just burnt the bacon)
 Uggh... there's one blog  rule I live by.
Never blog and bake..
Oh man!
New rule
Never... I say never blog and fry bacon either.
If you're wondering why I took a picture of my burnt bacon...
I really don't know.  
I guess because it's real life... 
Least Addie and Francoise will still eat it. 

 Let's get back to Jasper...
Just down the steet is this sweet place.

 It's always fun to stroll through and see
if there's anything new.
The only thing I bought was a really old map
for ephemera.  
I do so love to hit the flea markets and things but find
I'm really not buying much anymore.

Another thing that has had much of my attention of late is:
our newest family member: 
Aspen Rose.
 She's grown quite a bit and dare I even say; 
maybe catching on to this whole 
potty OUTSIDE thing?  
Least I hope so.  

For the first few weeks we put baby gates up in the kitchen.
We'd been  going back n forth over them so much...
but I'm built like Froto.
 Don't know if my leg was gettin tired throwing it over all the time or what but
I started kinda catching a foot on the gate from time to time.
One night, 
I was hurrying to get our supper to the table and carrying
two plates of food in my hands.. and in a hurry.. totally tripped.
The tip of my cowgirl boot caught the gate and 
down I went right on top of the whole darn gate.  
All the food flew off our plates out  across the dining
room floor. 
Musta sounded like a derailed train.
Myguy came running to my rescue;
I was basically okay but
our supper was 
a whole nother story.  
That's when we decided something
needed to change.
Aspen Rose's living quarters were
getting very trying between her 
chewing on the bakers cupboard from the mid 1800's...
and you know with all that room at times... well let's say  it was like walking
over  a minefield.
Sorry to paint such an ugly picture but...
if you've had a puppy ...
yall know what I'm talkin about.*
So down came the babygates... and
Aspen Rose moved to my little art porch.
She's never allowed to run free in there unless I'm there.
But she seems 

to kinda like her new crate now.  
It's her home sweet home.  
Having her so close to the door where she 
can go out into the fenced in yard is so much easier,
cleaner and safer for everyone involved. lol 
Other than all that; 
we've been enjoying going to several movies.
Nothin like a couples combo and holdin hands with 
your sweetheart at the theatre.  
Check out the new recliners at the last one we went to!
I had no idea some theatres are getting so comfortable!
Speaking of movies; 
Myguy's waitin on me in the living room to watch something he rented.
I better get out there... and try to make up 
for burnin the man's bacon!

It's all about the love
...not that bass.


Ozjane said...

Nice to pop in and hear good news of you guys and puppy looks cute

jean aicken said...

Happy Anniversary Lea...and thank you for sharing your memory making with family. I am so happy you were able to spend time with your dad and sis...sounds like you had an amazing time. Aspen Rose sure is growing fast, I love the way she looks directly at the camera and sits so well to have her photo cute. It is great to be visiting at the shed. I love your new banner.
God Bless.

Lea said...

Ozjane what a delight to see you today... and thankyou Jeanie! Love your visits to the shed... have a wonderful day!

Cora from Hidden Riches said...

Your post gave me "junkin' fever!" It's been way too long since I did that. You made me think of all the places I love to go along my junkin' route. Wanna come with me? Aspen is growing up fast, isn't she??? Glad to hear of the progress. She is just so darn cute! And believe me, I kNOW all about the trials of puppyhood. Glad to hear you are having a great Anniversary week! You two deserve it!

Vickie said...

Well, Happy anniversary, Lea and My Guy! Sounds like y'all had a good time! Sorry about your "face-plant" when you stepped over the gate. We've done baby gates with our pooches, too - gets pretty tough! That pup is so cute!

I'm looking forward to garden time. Can't wait to see my passion flower do its thang, and my other little pinkie things have been growing and spreading as far as they can in the bucket I put them in for the winter. Haven't really decided where to put them just yet! I always think of you when I see them! Gotta get those seeds started too! Hugs~~~

Lea said...

Cora I wish someday we could really go junkin together... it would be so fun... thanks Vickie... and Oh I do hope your passion flowers grow this year... glad the oxallis is growing and spreading as well! Bet they bloom their little heads off this Summer!