Friday, February 27, 2015

A Few Things I Learned...

I learned...Myguy's vacation days go  by wayyy too fast.

And I learned ...burgers and fries smothered in ketchup  to celebrate a 32 anniversary in the mountains can be sweet and romantic too!

I learned about figs, planting three little trees gifted from a friend.
Then also a spiritual lesson about a fig tree during a sermon last Sunday.

I learned about my sins being nailed to the cross past, present and future.
Also that the word "reckon" means to believe to be true and that I should always walk in truth.

I learned something about Matthew 21:22 "If you believe, you will receive whatever you ask for in prayer."-- that it's not about a wishlist granting.. but rather that what I pray for must be in God's will.

I learned to meditate on true, noble, just, pure, lovely,  good reports, of virtue, and things praiseworthy- instead.

I learned to tear my heart and return to the Lord my God.

I learned it's good for the soul to have your whole family circled around the table over tomato soup and samiches.

I learned total strangers can join hearts in line at the grocery store- especially when Jesus is with them.
And I learned that one of the women I connected with that day, would turn up again sitting right in front of me at church.

I learned when my mind is governed by the Spirit there's life and I can actually feel peace.

I learned 21 Coptic Christians were murdered because of their faith.
I also learned when I first heard the news I wasn't sure what Coptic meant.

I learned sometimes in life there has to be a turning point and I believe I came to one.

I learned ya better always put your four wheeler in neutral before you get off and open a gate.

I learned churros here, cupcakes there, and brownies in between can sure come back to bite ya in the butt awful super  quick.

I learned I have a great desire inside to hike and push myself.

I learned I'm caring a whole lot less  what anyone looks like these days... including myself.

I learned all that red carpet stuff turns me totally off.

I learned I can finally admit to my friends that I'm sorry but I just cannot for the life of me get into watching Downton Abbey.  I tried; I really did.

I learned to love fatfree milk and stevia in earl grey.

I learned fifty shades of grey  can sure cause an uproar and I don't want any part of it.

I learned to start saying yes to water and no more often to soda.

I learned how loved I felt when our Strongheart came to help carry in groceries.

I learned a puppy can get pretty well pottytrained before she's four months old.  Thank God.

I learned how messy snow is with 4 furbabies tracking it in.

I learned I look forward to seeing the sunset off behind the sweetheart tree.

Last of all... I learned how awesome it is to get a Valentine from my 82 year old Dad.

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Anonymous said...

Reading your this blog post Lea, I have learned that I have a friend who cannot get into Downton Abbey. I cannot get into it either. My MIL loves it and wonders why I don't. I also hadn't heard of Coptic Christians. I asked Tom who is my little fount of knowledge when it comes to history and I found it very interesting. A Valentine from your Dad is awesome.
I loved my visit to the shed. Hope you have a wonderful blessed day friend.