Thursday, January 1, 2015

Turning The Page....

 Happy New year everyone!  

What a joy it was today to take down the old calendar
and put up a brand new 2015 Kelly Rae calendar; 
a sweet "autographed!" gift from my dear "Merry Bema!" 
Flipping the cover to a new month with
all those new white blocks of space
made my heart leap a little.  

While there were many blessings in 2014 --
It was one of the most difficult yet growing 
seasons of my 50 years.  
It's true that we often learn the most 
from our valley experiences
than basking on  mountain tops.  
I still prefer the mountaintops but
I know God is faithful and carried me 
through it all.  

We've had a lot of changes here in the 
past few weeks.  We  lost  4 family members 
and honestly I wonder will I ever, 
 be able to trust again?  
The  ripple  of one  persons decisions
can deeply affect every heart within the  fallout. 
So ... I Thank God all the more for this new beginning. 
I'm ready to let go and try to 
move on.  

One of the delightful joys we've had lately
is the little arm full above.  
Her name is Aspen Rose.  

 Already she has us wrapped around her little paw.  
Aspen is a miniature, blue merle, 
 Australian Shepherd.

This was love at first sight.
It's her photo from the website of the breeder 
at Cherry Hill Aussies.  We put a down payment 
on her and had to wait til she was big enough to bring home 
right before Christmas.  

Now she's just over 8 weeks old and 
boy oh boy is she a wonderful mess.  
Francoise our male corgi and Ophelia the kitty
think she's the cats meow but Addie ...
-- she's an alpha meangirl.  
We're  keeping them apart until Aspen gets a lot

 Another  recent joy  was a little time with my dear Auntie.
She reminds me so much of my Angelmother.  
I love to listen to her remember "the old days." 
She has so many stories inside;
little treasures unwrapped
in her telling.  

With the new year approaching I started becoming aware of a word that 
kept  repeating itself. 
Through sermons, books, art, podcasts, bible studies,
friends, even pinterest.  
I mentioned it to a friend on facebook when I saw the word again
on her page.  She even said, might you be getting your 
new one word?  
Affirmation yet... at the same time;
I really didn't want to let go of my word for 2014, which was
Hearts  appeared, 
sparkled, transformed- 
They were discovered in creekbeds- as rocks,
... and even anchored in verse- Ezekiel 36:26  I will give you a new heart and put a new spirit in you; I will remove from you your heart of stone and give you a heart of flesh.
Heart was everywhere and taught more love and
true beauty over the course of a year
than I ever dreamed.  
So letting go of it... for this new word.. 
was a bit of a letdown.  
That is; ..Until the love happened. 
My one word?
Saying it outloud... per-spective!
Okay... so now what?  
That's when the verse showed up during Advent 
Right there on the page of 
  the Greatest Gift.

But the Lord said to Samuel, “Do not consider his appearance or his height, for I have rejected him. The Lord does not look at the things people look at. People look at the outward appearance, but the Lord looks at the heart.”

Perspective is all in the seeing-
the looking.  It can even change by tilting your head..
Every angle has a new perspective.  
And the LORD... He looks at hearts.  
It's all started coming together and I'm excited!
And then- walking through the woods;
I looked ahead of me and saw   

It really is in the looking
to see the heart of people
and things.  

 So far what I've shared is my small glimpse
of understanding with it. 
I'm hopeful the Lord will give me new eyes
to grow in everything He has for me to see
and be and do.  

With the start of this new year,
I look forward to new beginnings.
I've signed up with Documented Life,
Documented faith, the Inseparable bible study,
and a couple others.  Weeks have been spent preparing   
the Dylusions journal and moleskine planner.
It's kind of funny because the art I create is 
mixed media and I love it messy!!!!!!! The play of it 
and the uninhibited expression completely delights me.  Like; I really do NOT enjoy making straight lines, perfect points.. or in other words perfection drives me crazy!  Yet at the same time... I'm drawn to the beauty of architecture especially old cathedrals.  While playing in paint one day, the back of one of these journals came to be as pictured above. It's messy and sketchy and splattered yet today... through my one word.. when I LOOK at it.. I see a new perspective.  
So who knows what could happen?   
Happy surprises can... like this simple gelli print.  
Earlier I was writing out my new word and after jotting it down  in the moleskine in my own handwriting... I happened to glance at this stack of messy colorful papers.  They were already on copy paper .. so I decided to try one right in our printer.  The first one wasn't real flat and it kinda bunched up but I tried it again with another... and it worked!  Now I can cut parts off of this page and glue right into my book.  Now don't go jammin up your printer and get mad at me if it doesn't work but it did for me.  

Well it's time to take Aspen out again.  She can pee  two great lakes
and three rivers by 9 am.  She does good when we go out often 
but man... you forget how much they can hold- (insert big eyeballs here.)  haha  

Well happy new year dear friends!
Thanks for journeying along with me.


Fran. said...

Well what a cool word. I even titlted my head and looked at that walnut shell. I have many of them that I have gathered and see the hearts in them. I am thinking of a new word and then maybe not. I elieve you are a ver visiual person as I am. Probably why we are both so creative!! HAPPY NEW YEAR!! and your new baby is adorable!! XOXO Love Fran.

Sue Neitzel said...

I'm so sorry for the loss, happy for the love and delighted to know that your hands will be creating more ARTful treasures!! Aspen Rose is very lucky, and don't they just melt your heart with those eyes!!!

Lynne (lynnesgiftsfromtheheart) said...

What a blessing this post was for me. You new puppy is adorable. Animals give us back that trust we seem to loose. Happy New Year!
fondly ~lynne~

Debra said...

I pray this new year will be Full of blessings for you and your family. I always love to hear about the words people carry with them for a year, and how it impacts their lives. I think mine is a phrase, from Job-'at the scent of water.' I need renewal like a cut down tree that sends its shoot out . So I'm going with that. I also LOVE messy in art-I need to do more of that!! I love you dear friend. YOU are one of my blessings in life.

Rebecca said...

I ♥ your Perspective, Lea....and ending with that humorous description of Aspen is just the right "touch"!

God bless you and restore your heart's capacity to trust - always remembering that He is the only One who is truly trustworthy....

Anonymous said...

Happy New Year dear friend. It is good to visit again. I look forward to sharing our journeys together. My heart melted when I saw the photo of you with your dear aunt and how you were able to share such precious memories.
God Bless.

Lea said...

Hi friends... yall are such a breath of fresh air ... thank you so much for visiting and your comments and encouragement! Frannie... I'd love to hear your word if you decide on one! Thanks Sue... and yes lets doooo create more artful treasures!! Lynne... it's so good to see you... and your'e so right... our little furbabies do make up for a lot of things in this old world- Aspen is definitely keeping me preoccupied right now too! Thanks Debra.. I hope and pray you receive renewal this new year! Rebecca thanks for the blessing today. Hi Jeanie!! It's always so good to have you pop by the shed! Love to you across the big Pond!

Cora from Hidden Riches said...

Happy New Year, Lea! Great to see your post. . . . and that sweet little Aspen Rose. Those eyes just melt my heart!!!!
Love your word for the year, and I pray that as you see things from a new "perspective", that your old word "heart" will grow through it all. Seems like they will just go together somehow. Love seeing your journal and how it all came together for you. Hope we get to see more!