Monday, November 24, 2014

Thanksgiving Week

Hi friends,
I suppose many of you have turkeys thawing in your refrigerators about now-
and maybe one or two of you just read that and shrieked-
"Oh nooooo... I forgot to take the bird out!" 
It happens doesn't it?  There has been a time or two that come Wednesday night;
our bird would take periodic baths  in the sink trying to thaw out 
in time. lol  I think they tell ya not to do that but when you still
have a 28 pound turkey ice cube in your fridge, sometimes
desperate measures are called for.  

It's hard to believe come Friday begins the Christmas rush.
And while I say that; ... who am I kidding?
My inbox is already full of black friday starting early sales.
I still love looking through all those colorful ads in the newspaper though.  
I have fond memories too of that big thick Sears Roebuck Christmas wish book.  
Now those were some good ole days!
With the new year around the corner,
I've been getting my books ready for the 
documented life 
and faith projects.

Several years ago I bought a huge ... I mean HUGE ledger from the foundry
during Bargains Galore yard sales.  Who knew back then how much 
I'd be using and enjoying all those papers today?  
Several were added to ...

 these art journals for the new year.
This is a moleskine Planner I've readied  for Documented Faith. 
My friend made  the torn muslin ribbon and
stamped my name on it- so I stitched it onto one of the pages.  
I'm so excited for it all to start!  

 - Recently learned how to add watercolor papers and tags, ledger paper...
gelli papers... all kinds of things to the pages  with washi tape.  
Took some time but it was worth it!

 This one is the large Dylusions journal that I painted for
Documented Life.
May add to it as the year goes on... but it's enough for now.
The white feather on the bottom is waiting to have my one
word for 2015 added to it and anchor verse...--That is; 
when I know what they are.  
No clue yet.  

 My art journal pages have been changing alot. 
More than I ever imagined they would.  

  There's much joy...

in the play.

Before I sign off tonight, may I  share this sweet thing
with you....
She's a new addition to our family.  
--An Australian shepherd puppy.  
We still haven't decided on a name but there's still time-
We won't be picking her up until closer to Christmas.  
It's gonna be somethin having a tiny puppy in the house again!
Hope our other two handle it okay.  

Well I hope you all have a blessed Thanksgiving.
I'm giving thanks for all my family and friends. 
Til we meet again,


Rebecca said...

Beautiful journals ready for an untried year.....

Thanking Him with you for the JOY. In contrast with the hard stuff, the pain, joy shines all the brighter, doesn't it?

Puppy is darling. I'll look forward to hearing his(?) name & "your word" for 2015.

Happy Thanksgiving, Sweet Lea.

Sue Neitzel said...

Your art is a true gift, and all your journals will be family treasures for many!! We got so lucky with Ruger, the first puppy we raised together, it so much easier than I ever thought and fun too!! Just love the new addition and the rest will come!

Cora from Hidden Riches said...

Such a great post!!! And I may be one of those who is running water through the turkey. It's still a hard ice cube brick!!!! I have been known to put that frozen thing in one of those turkey baking bags and just cook it longer. It worked fine.

Love the journals, Lea. You are such an inspiration and encourager to me to get started. I can't wait to do it, too.

And that puppy!!!! What a mush face. It screams love, spoil me rotten, more love, more. . . more!!!!!! It will be fun to read all about its growing up. Happy Thanksgiving, Lea. And YOU are at the top of my list of "thankful for's!"

Fran. said...

Your pics look like a true artist!! You rock it out cuz it comes from your heart!!! Puppy is so so sweet lookin!! What made ya decide to get another sweety? My Mom said if I was gonna be born around Christmas she would of named me Holly Berry!! My maiden name is Berry!! LOL but I was born in april 2 weeks late!! LOL probably why I am always late for everything!!! LOL I know you'll picked a cool name!! Just wanted to share my story with ya. XOXO Love Fran.

Anonymous said...

Happy Thanksgiving dear Lea and your family. Hope you have a lovely day. Love your journals all ready for the new year.
God Bless

Dee said...

Your puppy is adorable..I would love to be able to cuddle and love on that little cutie. :) I want to wish you many blessings for your Thanksgiving Day and to let you know how I truly enjoy EVERYTHING about your blog....Thank you for being my blogger friend ♥ ((hugs)) Dee

Debra said...

Hello dear heart-your comment made my day-I don't think I'll be away from blogging too long....thought about you yesterday and held you Up to the Lord, the Ancient of Days-His name is wonderful.....God bless you-Have a glorious Thanksgiving-I LOVE your journals-I am just learning to do it in an online class at Roses on My Table-you start by making your own journals, which was fun-I made one and will use two store bought ones for the rest of the class, which is a year long project. All the proceeds go to Alpha K-9, which is an organization that gives dogs to wounded warriors-a wonderful thing....Can't wait for you to get your new baby...I want one someday soon!!!
Love you dear...

Attic Clutter said...

Hi Lea..
oh the puppy is just so sweet..have fun ..Thanks on the Thanksgiving wishes..ours was wonderful and hope yours was too..
your blog is looking soooo the pic of u sitting at the darling turquoise desk!! Hugs,Patty

Dee said...

Just stopping by to Wish you a very Merry CHRISTmas and tons of blessings and teal for the New Year.