Thursday, November 6, 2014

A Few Things Learned in October....

A few things I learned in October:

.... I learned about blood moons and 

I learned newspapers can pile up and be tossed unread in the trash 
when the headlines get dark for too long.  

I heard about enterovirus for the first time.

I learned more than I wanted to know 
about ebola.  

I realized this soul grows more and stronger in the valleys
than peaks.  

I learned now is the time 
for now-faithing.  

I learned a new blessing in loving my neighbor 
even though she moved away.  

I learned the Christmas cactus will bloom happy

I learned a turkey named Hezekiah can charge you hard 
when you're not lookin.

I learned a couple of our hens are 
double yolkers.

I learned  new courage by
speaking out and uP.  

I learned  yet another soul
gave me the gift of   
more bone.

I learned to not look in the mirror for awhile,
and a few days after that I learned to look good and hard and 
look at  the real me.. beneath the skin 
and outward appearance.

I learned again that Myguy loves me 
for better or worse...
with all his heart.  

I learned our sons 
are learning to love like that too.  

I learned I want to be salty and sweet.

I learned sometimes you gotta intentionally
turn over the new leaf.

I learned I have cravings for taco bell.

I  learned just because someone claims to be
a millionaire doesn't mean they will pay their shop bill.  

I learned Francoise will hike his leg on our dust ruffle!!! 
gag me.

And I learned Addie will go to great lengths to 
roll in a dead frog.  

I learned Gardenerwoman's 
crysanthemum cotton would only see
two days of blooms before the first freeze.

I learned the bass are getting pretty
big in our pond.

I learned when trust is broken
it takes a long time to rebuild.  

I learned  once again why God says to
guard your heart.  

I learned I love neon pink
and green paint.

I learned I love to make and send happy mail.

I learned to be free with art,
and to write my intention before I start; 
even on my hand.  

I learned nothing is wasted.

I learned two colors I like best for watercolor washes.
a tan and sky blue.  

I learned about a glaze that makes cheap paint
And I learned I do not know how to spell transclucent 
or chiwawa.  

I learned somewhere there is a wharehouse with the wrong
uhu glue in boxes and they mailed them to me wrong

I learned Tony can build beautiful fences
and trailers.  

I learned Gracie can run and buck for the longest time
even big n pregnant.

I learned mice will run right into a pond to escape
the tractor and brush hog.  

I learned love will grow stronger
if you will just receive it.  

I learned after just 2.5 weeks my hair needs

I learned mashed potatoes with real butter
salt and pepper sticks to my ribs
and makes me happy inside.

I learned I get cabin fever pretty easily but
art, a greenhouse or fishing
cures that. 

I learned chiggers are still out all October and 
walking through just a small patch of weeds 
can leave a gal itching for days 
and days
and days...

I learned wearing cowgirl boots everyday 
all day for years
can kinda screw up your arches.  

and last but not least... 
I learned it's true that 
what don't kill ya...

will make you stronger.
...That sums some of  October up for now...

What's somethin 
you learned? 


Dawn Dutton said...

Lea, I hope all is well with you. I pray your warm and cozy.
I haven't been on blogger as of late. Too much else to do with 6 foster kids. But I do enjoy reading your posts when I get a chance. Thanks for bringing a smile to my face with this post. Dawn

Dawn Dutton said...

Lea, I hope all is well with you. I pray your warm and cozy.
I haven't been on blogger as of late. Too much else to do with 6 foster kids. But I do enjoy reading your posts when I get a chance. Thanks for bringing a smile to my face with this post. Dawn

Trace4J said...

Wonderful post.
I learned I can go 18 days without sugar and bread..
(eyes on ThanksAPPLEpie Day!)
That I adore a crispy apple and warm applesauce.
I learned when my eyes are on HIM and when I make HIM so Big..
Everything else pales and lessens.
I learned that the sharing of the scriptures I text my family they are reading..(after two years of doing soo)
I learned that no matter how old I get my heart is still young..
And I am so very grateful for so many things..
Apples, pumpkins, gingers and buttons oh my!
Warm Woolie HUGS
Granny T
P.s You are truly beautiful inside and out.
I too need to color my hair every 2.5 weeks ;)
We must be woolie twins!

Debra said...

Hello precious!
Well-lately I've been learning that I don't fear God the right way, and that I am But the good lessons are hard sometimes-but I needed God to show me....

Cora from Hidden Riches said...

What a happy post to start my morning!!!! I smiled at most of what your learned and outright laughed at some. Girl, your October was as colorful as your art and I loved every bit of it. Poor Hezekiah --- will he be Thanksgiving dinner?????

So what did I learn in October?? I learned to love bright colors, messy paint, sticky fingers, ripped up paper, envelopes and happy mail! Made me happy just to tpe that!

Anonymous said...

I've learned not to say "I can't" and just to have a go, even if it doesn't work out perfectly. Thank you for sharing what you've learned.

Rebecca said...

Just from reading YOU, I learned that I don't know NOTHIN' yet! Growing pains here have numbed me and I want to come alive in November.

Dee said...

Wonderful things you have October I learned that God still hears and meets my needs even little one's like new carpet that turned out to be a blessing for Franks back and my poor curled toes on my polio foot. The padding is great. We live in an apartment and were told the management would never give us new carpet...they underestimated prayer. :)

Irene Pomerinke said...

I love what you've learned! And in the process of reading what you've learned I've learned too!! How I love your Shabby Olde Potting Shed & you ♥

White Lace and Promises said...

It's already the end of November and I'm just reading this. What great lessons learned. I've learned a few myself, I think. I think I'll start writing them down. Thanks for sharing.