Thursday, October 16, 2014

Keepin It Real and Scripture Picture

 Hi friends,
It really feels like Fall here now.  
Chilly in the mornings and finally the grass isn't growing so fast.  
That leaves more time for other things.
Like art journaling in the greenhouse and 
 getting the  Fall flowers in!

This morning I started putting in Fall tulip bulbs.  
I found one bag that remind me alot of Mommas peonies-
we'll see if they really do resemble them come Spring.   
 I love how the roses always seem to give
an Autumnal  grand finale.
This one is the sweetest fragrant rose I've ever grown.
The scent... it's different than anything I've ever smelled- 
A hint of jasmine and musk almost? 

Our week has been typical so far-
Hauled some vehicles to the shop with Myguy and 
basically ... living farm life.  

 Really need to start walking the pastures again but instead... 
keep going fishing.  Every time I get groceries I have to 
go get nightcrawlers.  They live in their cartons in the potato bin of our refrigerator drawer. lol
Last night I caught the biggest bass I ever have here.  It's so exciting to see they're
really growing.  I can't remember how many years ago we had the pond stocked with babies. 
We have a lot of catfish and I hate catching those!   
But there's a few huge perch too- the bass though are thriving.  There are schools and 
schools of them along the shore.
It's so enjoyable to walk or drive down there before putting the chickens to bed 
and just fish til dusk.
Very peaceful.
Grace usually follows me  and tries to pilfer through my tacklebox
or turn over the carton of worms.  
I guess she hopes one day I'll have brought her some sweet feed.  
If Myguy is around he sometimes goes with me.  
It's a little slice of wonderful when he does.
Otherwise it's just me n Addie.
Tonight the fish  weren't biting at all but 
I did catch this one little one.  
I felt so sorry for it coz the hook came right out his 
eyesocket.  I tried to get it out and had trouble and the thing
flopped on the ground and don't know how, but slung it out all by itself.  
My son has told me that bass are kinda notorious for that-
trying to sling out a hook... 
Well mission accomplished. 

On another note; I'm feelin anxious tonight- and 
thought I'd ask for your prayers come morning if any of you 
think about it.  
I have another dental surgery 
4 more implants and bone grafts again.
I know I've been vague up to now; .. not ready to talk about any of it 
except with my closest friends.
But I feel like God's leading me to be brave not only to 
march in and jump in that chair tomorrow  but...
especially talking about it.  
To make a long story short I'd been having a horrible time 
with dental care I had done somewhere else ... turning everything black above
my teeth.  I finally couldn't take it anymore and went to a different
dentist.  What I found out was very bothersome and was told
I had grounds for litigation against this other dentist.  
I listened ... to everything advised to me, but no matter what had been done to me,
I knew I couldn't sue the other dentist.  
He's ...a fellow believer.
So began a new journey to slowly get my teeth all fixed.
Through it all, I'd lost a crazy amount of jaw bone... like I barely have any and that's 
why they're doing so many grafts. 
Last procedure was a sinus lift surgery.
It was supposed to be easy but for me,  it wasn't. 
Kinda wonder if I wasn't gettin a sinus cold or something to start with.
Anyways, ended up on much stronger antibiodics and using a netty pot.
I was scared to use one of those but once I figured out I wasn't really gonna drown 
myself... it was a huge relief.  It felt really good and helped alot!
Having the sinus lift surgery- if you don't know what that is, they put cadaver bone
up in your sinus cavity adding to the top of your jawbone.  When it's all done, you're not supposed to 
blow your nose and to try NOT to sneeze. Imagine getting a sinus cold or something then 
and not blowing.  I had so much pressure... felt pretty crummy.   The netty pot was relief!   
Then when the stitches were taken out half came apart.  
That made for a lot longer healing time and that was for me; the worse part:  I  had to go 
without top teeth for two weeks. Not fun.    I pretty much holed up in the house and 
tried to keep my little dental mask on. It sure taught me a thing or two about beauty and how much
society puts on our looks.   ---but I have to say;  my family though; have been ....awesome.
My sons have really lifted me up through all this. 
  Myguy; he's the most loving, understanding and bestest
 husband  ever!  
And through the love of God I got through it.  
... So tomorrow is the next phase.  
I can't believe I'm actually sharing all this here.
I haven't wanted to; believe me.  
But the thing is... I believe God wants me to share my journey. 
I know I don't stand alone ... and 
I've been amazed really over the past few years the times I've shared
the good the bad and the ugly... I've received some pretty surprising emails.
There's always someone walking a similar journey who needs some encouragement
and when we will open up our hearts and be authentic... 
God uses it all.  
So that's my story.  
I'm hoping and praying in about another year
I'll have all new top teeth screwed in my little head.  
In 6-8 months I'll have to go back and get more implants and I don't know
if grafts again or not?  

Sharing this journey  leads me to today's scripture picture- 
I so needed this word!! 
It's now after midnight and I slurped the last of my hot coffee.
Nothing else til morning when I take the meds they prescribed.  
I have to be there at 9 and it will take much of the morning.
Afterwards I'll have two weeks basically at the house again
learning another hard lesson in some humility.  
Please pray these bone grafts all take and are  doing what they're supposed to  and
everything goes well.  
Thank you so much,


Anonymous said...

Dear friend, I am praying. Wish I could be there. You are close in my heart today. Love ya.
May the Lord Bless Thee and Keep Thee. May the Lord make His face to shine upon Thee and give Thee peace. Amen

Sue Neitzel said...

Holding you close to my heart and praying hard for you, but I know it will all be ok. I love my netipot, sure does help! Your a tough cookie and bless your heart for all you've come through! Love ya!!

Debra said...

Oh darling-I'm glad you shared with us-and I will pray!
Thank you dear for this post.
By the way-I have 2 partials in my mouth-top and bottom-many teeth missing from gum disease. So when I take them out at night, my poor hubby sees the real me! And he loves me anyway!!!! You are blessed dear one-with your wonderful family....and friends. We love ya, beautiful.

Cora from Hidden Riches said...

Isn't it true that we all have a story to tell, and in the telling, the bad, the ugly, the stark truth becomes beautiful, helpful, and meaningful to everyone who reads it. Lea, you have a way of telling your story that is so enriching, encouraging, and heartful. Thank you for being real. Real is always beautiful, teeth or no teeth!!!! I've been praying all day, hope you are home and somewhat comfortable!

Jean Lederer said...

Just your music (please tell me the name of the song and the artist who sings it!) UPLIFTS ME each morning when i open your email BEFORE I even read a word of your blog!

Lea said...

Thank you so much for your prayers and encouragements dear friends. Sue and Jean I can't tell you how much it's helped. Dear Debra I understand so well!! Thank you for sharing your story It helps in life when we know we aren't alone and that other people walk a similar road. Cora, real is hard sometimes... it's easier to hide .. but the truth always sets us free doesn't it... Jean Lederer, I'm so glad we share the same love of music. If you scroll all the way to the bottom of the blog you can find the music player and you can actually stop it or listen to certain songs you like. The one first up is by Francesca Batistelli called He Knows My Name, and often the songs I play are by JJ Heller. They're two of my favorites and I'm glad we enjoy them together. Thank you for your visits and prayers. Yall have a wonderful day... you are a blessing to ME!!!

Irene Pomerinke said...

Oh Lea, I had no idea, have not been on the computer much except for work. I am so sorry that you've had to suffer through so much and am praying that you will continue to heal (as I read in later posts that you are, finally) and have good results from all of this pain and mess.