Friday, October 10, 2014

Gratitude Journal Oct 10

I'm thankful for so many little things....
like a pink gerber daisy 
coz it seems like so often it's the little things in life  
that God uses to string two souls together. 

...Like  a clear glass Hershey's kiss handed to me at the alter 
 by the new friend I hadn't met yet. 
And how now years later.. we still hand it 
back and forth on days when life feels like it crumbles apart.  
Little gifts of encouragement. 

-- for real friends.
-Ones who love unconditionally. 
Ones that go far beyond the polite Hi how are you,.. I'm fine how are you small talk.   
Ones who really care to know the real you 
Ones who answer your call-
Ones you can say or email or  text  anything to,.... who  DO life with you...
and make the time; day or night.
Ones who come to see "you" not your house, and don't care whether you've swept the floor or 
have dishes in the sink.  
For these ones... I'm so grateful. 
True true gifts! 

For finding Autumn botanicals and my Grammy's wisdom to 
"use what you have." 

For a visit 
I never want to forget.  

Meeting new people and 
the one with tears who 
felt like we'd met somewhere before??????????  
...I felt like we had too. 

How she talked about the fact that we're 
all connections... placed in each other's paths on purpose.
Through her.... I  heard affirmations!  

 For the owl 
hoots last night and 
getting to see and hear it together 
with Myguy.
 That Trent still has all his digits
after getting bitten by a snapping turtle out fishing.  
 For laughing with him yesterday.  
That hard ... hilarious ...
oh you crack me up laughter coz I got up in his "bidness."  

For having both  boys 
For this glimpse of  Trent's  heart and how 
inspires mine.  

 For time with my friend on her 56th birthday... 
and the extra cupcakes me n Myguy kept celebrating her life with.  

For a safe trip to Quitman  in Old Jerry 
 hauling axels, wheels n tires.  
 ... How he said "I love ya like an olde potting shed!" 
I know  he really does love my shabby olde soul.  

For sharing
a cup of water...
and working together.
Momma always said we make a good team.  
 That all six chicklets are still alive
after catching Addie running away with one in her mouth.  
I made her spit it out and the little thing  ran right back to Momma.  
1 chickymiracle.

For pink roses in October .

The rumbles of rain and thunder that  helped me sleep.  

For the quick hugs from Blaineboy.

... These  ginormous blueberry muffys 
right outta the oven.  

For the hours of time  relished getting the rest of the shed spruced up...
vacuuming paver stones and  slow rotting tongue and groove.
Washing more hazy paned windows
In the solace of  this growing place.  

 For  music playing at the shop all day long  and tuning into it... 
;these thoughts keep re-turning  to Christ.   

For the warm "hug" Merry Bema  sent knitted in 
fringed marvelush to help get me through.   

 ... For a big God 
and how He'll dry these tears and that 

day after day, He's helping me see a little bit  more of what His way of loving  looks like.    
That it's...  not  only  words written on a page or spoken...
but shown and given lavishly 
and received too.     

For the man picking up cans in the ditch...
For the smiles
and waves and 
connections that seem kind of small...
but really aren't at all.  

For breathing and not even thinking about it...
and  heartbeats keeping beautiful rhythm.  
Blood that pumps; 
gloriously primed and a Savior
who spilt His for me n you.  

Thank you God for all these things and so much more..
thank you for my every thing.  
And there are also many other things that Jesus did, which if they were written one by one, I suppose that even the world itself could not contain the booksthat would be written. Amen.
John 21:25 


Trace4J said...

Thank you God for woolie friends that encourage you to grow girl!!
Woolie Grateful Hugs

Rebecca said...

My life seems dull! Guess it's time I stop and reflect :)

Dee said...

When I saw your post I had the instant urge to journal my own are such an inspiration to me ...♥

jean aicken said...

What a nasty bite! I am glad Trent is okay. The little chick got back to happy. Thank you for sharing your days Lea. So many blessings and an encouragement to us all. Friendships across the globe, thousands of miles apart. Thank you Lord.

Lea said...

Thanks for visiting dear friends! Yall are so special to me. <3