Monday, September 8, 2014

Back In The Writing Saddle

Hello friends,

I know it's been forever and a day since I've blogged.  
Life just has a way of shifting sometimes. 

So much has happened, and changed since I've written.  
... Not sure where to start but suffice to say, ... the past few weeks has  had ups n downs.  
One was very trying and caused me to gain  a new understanding of outward appearances and 
that really what we  are is:  "souls."  -- Obviously I already knew that ... but.. going through
another bone graft surgery because of the loss in my jaw- well; it left me 
looking pretty awful.  What an oxymoron.  After I got my stitches out, one half 
came apart.  That made for a lot longer time to heal and in that time period I learned
just how vain I really was.  
.. and as the days wore on, I learned even more how wonderful Myguy is and that
he really  "loves my soul."  
Rediscovered that my sons do too!
Unconditional love is a beautiful beautiful beautiful gift.  
Walking in all that for a time... God used it to 
help me see people differently. 
To look beyond the skin.
He really does work things for good.  
I'm much better now and  hope and pray
the new bone is growing strong. 

Our family is doing well and business 
has been snowed under.  One son works at the mechanics shop,
and the other one has started a welding fabrication business.  Both shops are 
near here so it's such a blessing to have family so close.  
The little ones have grown alot and just today
our daughter in love gave me a coffee cup with Carter's painted handprint
for Grandparents day!  How fun is that?  
He came through the screen door today callin
"Grama Lea, Grammmmmma LeeeeA"  - just clear as a bell.
And this olde heart.. well it just felt like 

 Another up n down was 
turning fifty.  It was actually really cool. lol 
Myguy asked me what I wanted to do for my birthday.
We'd never hiked to Hawksbill Crag... so 
on a hundred degree day... that's what we did!
That's why I say it was an up and down... we hiked kind of downhill 
to get there... and all uphill to get back out. 
It was worth every step.  

We didn't see very many people hiking that day... so once we made it to the crag
we had close to thirty minutes to hang out all by ourselves.  

 My favorite cake is carrot cake and Myguy baked  one for 
my birthday cake!  It's only the second cake I've ever known him to bake in our 31 years of marriage.
Then he carried a big ole piece of it in his backpack for me to eat once we got to the top.  :)
It was ... the best I ever had.  
... no doubt about it!  

My prince charming. 
He's so much fun to hike with! 
 We  never saw any snakes 
nor got chigger bit 
or into seed ticks or poison ivy. ha
That's sayin alot in Arkansas!
 Sitting right there for awhile 
will be a memory I'll forever cherish.
We hope to go back this Autumn and maybe our kids will come along.  
Back at home, 
the grass continues to grow and weeds too.  
This afternoon I walked into my actual garden.  
It's over run  with morning glories  and for about a month now
I've let them have their way.  
It's a beautiful mess.  
Weeds, fading flowers and more weeds. 

With the vegetables all done, we've started turning the chickens and Ole Hezekiah 
the turk out during the day.  
He's spoiled on bread and begs often at the door.
His favorite thing is spaghetti.
As I looked at our house the other day, this was the scene.  
It makes me smile

Well, that's about it for this evening. 
I'm signed up for a new art class that started today so I'm off 
to play in paint.  

Blessings and Love
from the Shabby Olde Potting Shed


Cora from Hidden Riches said...

It's early in the morning here, and I'm sooooo glad I checked in at the potting shed!!!! I couldn't help but think of that wonderful song, "You are so beautiful to me!" as I read of your journey through surgery, your jaw, etc. What's even more wonderful to think is that our Lord sings that to US! You ARE a beautiful soul, Lea! Don't forget it!
Gotta love Hezekiah and his friends!!!!! And he has a good door to be begging at, too!!!!

Sue Neitzel said...

Bless your heart!!! I'm so glad your healing, but dear, your so beautiful inside and out!!! Our chickens love spagetti too!! I only wish I had enjoyed turning 50, it had me so stressed but I've learned turning older is a state of mind and not a number!! Sure have missed you!!! Hugs!!

Debra said...

Oh darling-It's good to see you blogging again! I think of you so often. The little flowers you sent me are blooming their little hearts out...
I think I may know just a little of what you are feeling. I turn 60 my next birthday-while I don't care about that at all-I Do Care about how my face is sagging:( and I can't do a thing about it....I am ashamed to say I have prayed it would stop being so baggy....What I want to do is pray that I will not even think about caring!!!
Lea-You ARE beautiful-all I have to do is see your photos and it's there. And you know what-I believe God understands these hurts-and like Cora has said-He sings and spins around dancing over us in love. That's Scripture truth.
I do pray you will heal-I'm not at all making light of how you are feeling dear heart-I hope it doesn't sound like that.
Love, Debra

Anonymous said...

Oh Lea, how I have missed my Potting Shed visits.....but I am thankful that you are on the mend. Amazing pictures at the Crag, so happy that you had a lovely birthday (and cake!).
You are a BLESSING to all dear friend.
Joy full days.

Trace4J said...

I agree what a beautiful soul you have my woolie sister.
My heart has been so heavy for the past year and a half.
God has shown me soo much. For so long I was a prisoner even though I was a believer..
And now I am free..
And girl I wanna keep on growing and shining in Him.
I'm praying for you our very beautiful friend.
Mannie day how great is our God!!
You have a wonderful hubby.
My hubby and I love carrot cake too.
Woolie Blessings & Joy

Lea said...

Hi friends,
Yall are so welcoming and thank you for your kind words... I've missed you all too!!! I LOVE YOUR BEAUTIFUL SOULS!!

About the aging thing... I think it's wild that in the bible it says to laugh at the days to come... Laugh?... what a crazy concept! Love the verse yall ar leaning on the Lord singing and dancing over us. What a lovely image!!
Thank you for your prayers... lifting you all in mine right now as well.

Dee said...

You have been missed... Glad you are healing...the bone graft sounds like a painful surgery. I can relate to that mushy feeling a grandma gets hearing the name grandma...mine are older and I still love to hear it and yes still get mushy. What a sweet husband you two know how to love...Congratulations on turning 50...aging is not bad...the outward appearance takes drastic changes but the inner gets brighter. keep loving and smiling and blogging ♥

sweetvintageofmine said...

Hi Lea, So good hearing from heart and prayers go out to you. I'm sorry you have had to go through this...and girl, you are not vain in most of us gals, we want to look good for our better half! I so enjoy seeing your gardens and sweet are such an encouragement to me! Just to let you know...Fifty is Fabulous, I've had 6 yrs. of it! Blessings~~~Roxie