Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Little By Little With A Side Of Thunderstorms

 -- Lately I keep finding myself stopping for a moment and 
cloud gazing.  Moments like this one; often have me reaching into my 
bib overalls to pull out my phone to capture the  moment.  
I know it's good to look uP- to just push a pause button and 
say thanks God. 
Thank you Lord for all this awesomeness
 you're letting me see 
right now.  
After taking this photo yesterday evening I went about my chores 
with my earbuds in... listening to my favorite JJ Heller music.  
The old step that used to be in front of our kitchen and that had the rotted
boards in it?-  Well Myguy nailed boards back in it for me and I moved it out 
to the garden for a riser.  -- Just something with a little more height to put flower pots on.
Rinsing one of my refrigerated brushes from the day before, with the waterhose,
I started painting it the same "greenhouse desk" green that I like.  
While drying- I jumped in my truck to run up to the happy place to check the garden there.
I left the truck running and barely made it to the garden when lightning struck so close!!!  The thunder just clapped and I RAN to my truck.  A girl can miss some things when her ears are 
stopped up with earbuds and loud music-  egads!!  I wondered how much it had been rumblin and I just hadn't heard?  
I drove back home and pulled up next to the potting shed- it was starting to rain huge drops.
Then the bottom just fell out.  Talk about a gully washer!  Lightning... ohmygosh!  I sat there watching it all in the greenhouse (full of windows)  and knew it was time to make a run for it.  
 Moving the heart rock that holds the door open... this was under it. 
Yeah I really did stop long enough to take a picture.   
It's a heart thing.
Inside the house the poor dogs were freakin smooth out.  
Why do I always  wait til the thunderstorm to tell Addie... we need to get you a thundershirt.  
Then the sun shines the next day and we forget about it. 
She gets so scared!!  
As dark approached I knew if I didn't get to the barn to close the pen doors on the guineas and bantys
that Wylie or Foxie would have a massacre.  But the lightning... it  was still dangerous.  
Finally ran to my Jeep which was the closest to the house and drove inside the barn to put everyone to bed.  The little chickys and guineas were already waiting to get tucked in.:)

It stormed like that until I nodded off.  
My neighbor text this morning and said her rain gauge said 4"!!  
I haven't checked ours yet.  First thing I did was run to the cornpatch to see how the corn
faired.  I do believe it grew four inches of rain!  Bigger and stronger. 
 This afternoon Myguy is gonna  try to get the rails up on the porch.
Thank you dear friends who wrote and encouraged me on the latest DIY project.  
Here's mid stream picture of the little bench turning red.
The color was just some old paint I had and it's called 
"red delicious" like the apple.  
Opening the can it seriously looked PINK.  
See the inside of the lid below the bench?  
OHMYGOSH! Almost fuschia!??  
Even still, you know how when they mix it for you they dab a little on the top of the lid and dry it 
to see if it's a match?  Well their first dab was pinker... but with thicker paint over it... it looked more red.
So gritting my teeth I went with it anyhow and decided next trip to Ft Smith I'd get a can of 
Granny Traces' colonial red I love.  Probably still going to do that but the second coat on this 
little bench definitely got redder so it's gonna have to do  for now... 
 The screen door got painted a dark green matching the other door and shutters.
and hopefully this afternoon everything else will start falling into place.
Oh I hope so.  

 Yesterday afternoon I washed windows and along the front of the house were two big wasp nests
in the rafters.  I guess I ticked one wasp off and he did this kamikaze act, bombing  my forehead.
Thought he got stuck in my hair... and my windex and papertowel dance was probably quite a sight.
Rubbing my forehead and trying not to cry I went to the shop and told Myguy what happened.  
He went straight to a new can of brake cleaner; and attaching the red straw; my man  took revenge. 
:)  Must admit... I did feel some pleasure.  
Okay... maybe alot.
Definitely alot.
.... yeah.
 Before I sign off, I  leave yall with my little chickys having a Summer treat.
Oh and ... gotta share a new find with you:

Have you seen these waterbottles?  
I've seen pitchers like this but not the waterbottles.
Found this at Walmart.  See the little green screen thing inside?
You put whatever fruit you like inside and fill it up and refrigerate it and 
wala... fruity water!  In this photo it has blueberries and strawberries in it.
Today... I'm doing fuji apple!  It's so refreshing on a hot day!

Okay I better go fire up the lawn mower.
Have a great day!


Rebecca said...

I feel lighter and refreshed by the sight, sounds, energy, and sweet faith here at your post, Lea!

God bless your sweet heart & home today. ♥

Dee said...

I know I have said it a hundred times but I LOVE YOUR BLOG....I LOVE YOUR PHOTOGRAPHY...I LOVE YOUR COUNTRY SPIRIT ♥ I also think that water bottle is cool...I will look for one this weekend. Did not know there was such a bottle.:)

Anonymous said...

Oh my Lea...a busy girl you are and dashing around in the middle of lightning storms and taking the time to share your photos. I am thankful you are ok after Mr. Wasp came after you! A fruity drink was definitely needed after that. I love the heart shape left under the rock...amazing. Thank you for sharing all your adventures. Do take care and have a lovely day on Friday... Blessings. Jx

Debra said...

Hello darling person!
It has been a while since I visited! Gotta tell ya first how my little flowers that you sent me are doing!-The oxalis-they are SO CUTE~! Oh my gosh are they cute! Weenie teenie little pinkie blooms all in a row-they are trying to be brave next to some giant brothers-like a wild rambling rose, a flowering vine that wants to eat New York, and a huge peony that wants to dance like Chubby Checker! Those little pinky sweethearts are just bloomin' their little hearts out!
Happy 4th to you, and I Love the red paint, the hens with the mellon, and the beautiful storm story. Lookin' uP with ya, girl. Love, Debra