Thursday, April 3, 2014

Sweetness of Spring

 Hello April,
I've waited all Winter
to see you again.

Finally the jackets are shed,
and sleeves rolled.
Surely the soil is warming and 
soon it will be safe to plant peas and tomatoes, 
green beans, zucchini and flowers galore.  

This evening, after mowing the backyard, 
a few wave petunias were planted
in pots.  
Red ones!  
I had an already opened bag of potting soil on the floor in the greenhouse.
When reaching inside to  scoop out a huge handful to pour in a pot;
a billion or two  ants went running up my arm.  
That's an  unpleasant experience I'll just say.  
How fast the critters can find an opened bag of soil.
Last year; I left an opened bag on the ground outdoors and 
a month or so later it was full of night crawlers.  
That's just plain weird.

These boots are a little 
on the strange side too.
Mainly because they're concrete and appear
to be about a size 8. lol
I haven't planted them yet... 
-- only because  they should get painted first.  
and Turquoise?
 A day or two ago I was walking out back and spotted

 this feather.  
It wasn't around my chickens and I have no idea what 
kind of bird lost it.  
I've never seen one like it.  
Have you?

 When doing a bit of weeding around the Mums
I spotted this  little lady.  
Two butterflies, and a few honeybees 
buzzed happily in  purple clover. 

 This afternoon; Kayla and the  kidlets popped in.
The little ones  are growing like
 weeds aren't they?

 The tulips are all ready to open and 
praise the Lord.

This one already  is.   
I love looking in flowers....
As someone once told me, 
"Look into the flowers Lea.  They're your
glimpse of heaven."

Cleaning up around the shed tonight I noticed 
this planted chair is looking worse for wear.
If I can somehow get it  straightened out abit,
maybe it'll make it one more year.
Especially with another coat of paint.
Otherwise I'll be on the hunt for another.
A rocking chair that was my Mommas is getting  planted this year as well.
Everyone hated it because it was a fingerpincher. 
I've never planted a rocker before?
It too needs a couple coats of paint first.  

 While weeding around the olde hog water trough this evening,
I met this  handsome Prince.

 Last Fall, I planted  tulips on the edge of the woods.
Violet and Spirit haven't found them yet or surely
they would have picked them already.
Violet has a sweet tooth for flowers.
Especially Goldenrod.  
I penned everybody  up in the front after
finding this bunch so close to blooming.  

 Coming home this afternoon from a trip to Russellville,
I discovered goodies waiting  on the chair by the kitchen door.  
A turquoise dragonfly trivet and flowers to plant!
Who on earth?  
There was no note.  ??? 
Later, I found out it was my dear neighbor and friend... who left all this  love 
on the porch. 
What a joyful surprise to come home to.

Well it's after midnight and time to turn in.
Thank you for sharing Spring with me! 
Holykisses and sweet dreams.


Denise said...

I enjoyed this post. You are a breathe of fresh air to my life. I love you.

Sue@CountryPleasures said...

Turquoise of course! Spring seems to be here, loved all your signs and yes, those kiddo's have really grown!!! Happy spring chickie!!!

Anonymous said...

Good Morning Sunshine...those beautiful smoochy donkey faces..smiles. It is so good to hear that you have been out in the garden and finding treasures. I look forward to seeing the boots painted. My dad painted a pair of his old working boots and planted them. I want to plant some pots but we are still having frosts. The cherry blossoms are out and are so bright and cheerful. Blessings and Joy. Jx