Friday, April 25, 2014

Hanging Out With Ezekiel Again

 While the alarm clock went to blaring around 4 this morning;
the day didn't start the way we planned.  
I had an appt scheduled at 8:30 a.m. in Little Rock- 
but it just didn't happen. 
I guess it started with the chills yesterday-
First clue was it being 70 degrees in the house yet
layers kept getting pulled on- ....tshirt, long sleeve carhartt, ...fuzzy hoodie, ... along with thick socks
and the warm Ugg- "look alikes"  boots too.  
Myguy's been sick as well and my guess is 
he "shared."   Sore throat, nausea,
hackin, sputtering, sore throat, sore throat, sore throat,  crud.  
When that alarm went off at 4... it took no time at all to realize
it just wasn't happening today.  I felt so bad calling and canceling but some days
 plans change.  I hope this stuff doesn't last very long.  Our little Aly
missed school yesterday too not feeling well.  She came by and laid on our couch
for abit.  Her Momma  has felt puny too  so I guess there's a bug goin around.  

After sleeping in awhile, 
Ezekiel and I had a cup of Black silk  together. Loved in my read-thru this morning that in chapter 18:31 it said, 
"Cast away from you all the transgressions which you have committed, and get yourselves a new heart and a new spirit.  For why should you die, O house of Israel?  For I have no pleasure in the death of one who dies," says the Lord God.  "Therefore turn and live!"  
Funny how certain passages unexpectedly jump out at ya sometimes.  Sometimes even single words.
Of course:  get yourselves a new heart and new spirit stood out, but also
turn and live!  I thought of them again while working on my fourth map in the valleys.
Turn..... and live.  I still have sticky notes everywhere... and have yet to put actual ink to this map. 
Feel like I'm still not seeing something fully yet... so for now I'll move on with the day and meanwhile keep 
listening... to what God shows me throughout the day.

 Haven't even been out to check on this girl yet to make
sure she's still in our pasture.  
On the 16th Myguy came to me and  said, 
 "Guess what?"
"The neighbors stud is in our back pasture
 with your horse Gracie."
Oh man!!  I so did not want her to get pregnant again.
This is him- "Comanche."

He lives next door and is ... well; he's all stallion.  
Didn't plan on this happening either.  
But it did.  
That day's plans were again changed after finding 
 a wooden post down on the ground as well as several feet of barb wire fence-
Half of the day was then spent fixin fence.  Myguy had to be elsewhere so our fence has this
 unique new look to it now- 
Suffice to say... (I'm not a "pretty"  fence fixer like Myguy)  haha    

After draggin olde bent and rusty cattle panels out there and 
wiring it up like Fort Knox......  I then discovered doing chores that
one of my two turkeys was layin dead in the coop.  
 Have no idea what happened to her ... she seemed just fine the day before.
That too was unexpected... 
I know someone may be thinking how "small" all this is.
And to a point it is.  I know that big things ... and bad things .. happen all day long everywhere... 
but I'm thinking about even the little everyday moments of life ...
Moment to moment... something is happening everywhere with dots connecting.
The day I realized it most profound was once when I was out walking in our woods
along a moving creek.  I was walking forward one way, and noticed the water in the creek running the opposite way...
the wind was blowing my hair, and leaves falling and swirling.  Looking up.. even clouds were going in different directions.  All this stuff happening all at the same time.  Then when you think about it happening everywhere... something moving... all over... and people- billions of them all over the place... and see what I mean?  So with that in mind... that's if your head didn't just explode like mine almost did... - that is where I am.
And so chicklets matter... and the wind matters... and all of you... you matter.
  Back to the farm here...  this was in miniscule  going on in a little chicken coop,
and out in a  back pasture... and right here... at those moments.  Lots more too
that I didn't write about... coz I don't know enough words... or have a clue how to
share the bigness of all the smallness. 
Breath.....--- Sharing photos on facebook with my group of day a gal
commented that she loved our mille fleurs and sure wished 
she could find some.  I told her I'd pen the rooster and hens up and see what 
happens and if they had any babies.. I'd love for her to have them.  
Well this little Momma jumped on a nest of the eggs and 21 days later like clockwork, 
hatched out 
tiny Mille Fleur chicklets... born right on Easter day.  She hatched them in her nest inside the vintage watercan filled with straw and 
even got them out on the ground by herself. 
Two days later one  had died... but the rest so far seem to be thriving.
I haven't mentioned any of this  to the gal  yet... 
Guess I'm waiting not wanting her to be disappointed if something goes haywire
somewhere along the way.  But so far... so good.  I hope to surprise her with four pokee dotted 
chicklets in a few short weeks.  I don't know her real well... but hope it all works
out where one day... I can meet her and connect another new dot... 
even through polka dotted chickys.  

 A couple days ago a friend stopped in and we dug 
a mess of  extra blackberry suckers that popped up. Years ago, an older  lady-dot  from our church once gave me my start of them.  They're thornless and make huge, juicy berries.  When we built the greenhouse last year, a whole row of them had to get transplanted and they just keep popping back up next to the shed now.  Hope they do just as well for my friend dot too.  When she pulled up to my garden and got out of her truck, she even had brought her own shovel.  (grin)  That just tickles me.  Enjoyed our visit so much  and we walked around the gardens and dug
a few other plants that she didn't have growing at her house.  Oxalis, violets, vinca, and a few others as well as some seeds to share- zinnias, and fennel. 
To my delight she surprised me with this pot of Lantana.   
It's the black pot of flowers.
There's a shrub of Lantana in downtown Clarksville that I've often admired..
 that this is an actual start from!
Still haven't figured out where to put it yet.  
Somewhere safe and special! 
I wonder how many others have cut and planted
starts from that 30 year old bush downtown.  
I wonder what connections could  have happened?
Or still will?

 My friend; she also brought me a gift of these
"Ruby" Bells.  
She remembered that my Grandma's name is Ruby 
so she picked this up at a garden center for me.
{{talk about a heart hug}}
It's so much fun sharing plants and seeds with friends
isn't it?!!!  Love it!
While she was here we connected so deep 
in friendship.  Something we both
treasure in one another and I give
thanks for her.  She's been a very unique  gift
in the twenty some years I've known her. 
 So these are all some things I need to get planted this week.
Lantana, and Ruby Bells, ... this new pot of Weigela,  and to keep growing uP my new heart
and spirit as well.  

It's warming up now.
We had storms roll through yesterday watering everything beautifully.
Gonna go see what new things have popped up.
Don't figure the birds or rabbits can catch this crud.
I hope to find a  couple new Mommas have  taken up residence in
Myguy's old boots.  
After all... you just never know....



Anonymous said...

Lots going on Lea...I do hope you are all feeling so much better. loving your words and photos of the garden. Glad you had special times with you friend in the garden. Happy planting!

Sue@CountryPleasures said...

I'm so sorry for all your loss lately! :(

Cora from Hidden Riches said...

I just let out a big sigh and have a huge smile on my face! What a beautiful post, Lea ---- from somone who is sick with the crud!!!!! Much better than tests in Little Rock, I must say. The verse you posted was something I needed today. I was asked a question about God and people dying who are close to us, etc., etc. And this verse clinched that troubling this person had. Thank you for taking the time to share it. LOVE those boots on the tree! Just a perfect home for some little chirpees!!!!!

Denise said...

Praying that you, and your loved ones feel much better very soon. I love you.

sweetvintageofmine said...

Evening Lea, Great to hear from you, I've been a little AWOL myself..lots going on! .....So your seein' and feelin' it too...A shaking in the heavens? Jesus is coming soon! Your little chickys are adorable and sounds as if life on the farm is full of surprises (good and not so good)Shame on that bad boy stallion! Glad you are enjoying spending your time with Ezekiel....Like you, I just want to hear/listen direction from our Lord. He is everything.....Blessings and prayers for you and your family~~~Roxie

Paula said...

Girl you still got so much done feeling so under the weather. Hope your healing up fast and you dig in the earth to your hearts content! Love you!

Debra said...

Oh dear one, I hope you are better today. I loved this post and loved reading about the stream flowing in the other direction than you...the little things are important. I always love my visits here....