Saturday, March 22, 2014

Spring At The Shed

Hi friends,
It was so wonderful celebrating  the first day of Spring this week 
wasn't it?!!  
No doubt we'll have several frosty nights ahead of us still.  But seeing the grass 
begin to green, and the tulips jumping out of the ground is definitely 
a sight for sore eyes. 
 All the tomatoes, herbs and flowers are doing 
well under the grow lights.  It's been so nice just leaving them 
on these shelves and not having to move them all over from window to window 
this year.  The lights over this rack will have to be raised within the week.
 Remember I had a mistake with my strawberry order?  
Well; happily the company sent out the ones they'd forgot to add to my order, 
but yesterday....another box from them came so now I need to reimburse "them."  
I went ahead and planted them but definitely need to pay for em. 

 The first bunch I planted are looking like this already.
It's been a loooong time since we've gotten a mess of strawberries.
I want to pull some of the straw off when the weather warms and 
keep adding really good soil .
 I think I counted 47 plants. 
 This past week I planted the root crops.
Here are the baby rutabagas.  

 This olde wooden tote with the hoe handle 
got planted today with herbs.  
When they come up I'll probably have to carry it into the greenhouse 
for a week or two until the weather gets warmer at night. 
 Basil, Cilantro, thyme, parsley and sweet marjoram.  
I've never had sweet marjoram before-
at least that I know of.  
I love the name though!

Walking around the side of the shed the other day 
I scared this little thing half to death....
 Isn't she precious?  
There are large rocks off the front of the shed and one little grouping
underneath the rose of sharon has a little cave of rocks and the exit goes
right under the potting shed.  That's where this little cutie keeps hanging out.
I put a bowl of water there along with a little bowl of rabbit pellets and 
now I keep seeing her there.  
I hope she stays.  I don't mind bunnies in my garden. 
 I do think I'm gonna ask Myguy to help me set up a game camera 
aimed at this hole on the backside of the potting shed tomorrow though.
It's had something coming and going through it alot recently.
Maybe it's Momma bunny?  
I'm hoping it's not another groundhog.  
We should know in a couple days.  

I'm getting SO fond of the two Turks.  
They're kinda friendly!! 

 They love fresh grass...
 And the little guineas are getting their little
pokee dots!!

 Finding this  mound was a sweet surprise.
I "think" they're  the wild daisies I pulled and brought home in a bucket from the  mountains  last year.
Time will tell and I hope to add to it again  this year. 
The weeds are blooming beautifully right now.  
I can't even bear to mow. 
 Another sign Spring arrived was the tufts of corgi hair 
littering the house.  
They shed soooo bad!  ugggh!
Off to Sabrina they went  to get their 
Spring shave. 
They seem to LOVE the pampering and their groomer!  
We did have to get their sweaters out though. 
Francoise started to shiver  -poor thing.
They have it rough huh?
Last night as the sun was going down, the clouds parted and let 
this beautiful light through.  I had to run in and get my camera.  
As I stood at the fence, the bullfrog chorus began on the pond and it was 
a moment I wanted to hang onto awhile longer.  
I'm so thankful for changing seasons and find I always look forward to each one.  
Happy Spring dear friends,
xoxo Lea


Denise said...

I love your blog.

Anonymous said...

Spring is bursting out Lea and I love your pics today. The straw blankets keeping the berries warm, and wild mountain daisies to look forward to. A fresh herb good is that and little bunny visitors. Thank you for sharing all and the beautiful sunset. It is chilly here but signs of spring showing.

Sue@CountryPleasures said...

My mama hog is back, on the first day of spring too! I don't mind bunnies in my garden either, I always plant extra for them!! Your birdies are getting big and cute and that sunset is perfect!!! You will enjoy the herbs!!!

Cora from Hidden Riches said...

Wow!!!! I can't even pick a favorite out of all your pictures! Each one was sooooooo good. I loved the little rabbit so much ---- just wanted to snuggle her. And your "weeds"????? I wouldn't cut them either. The sunset was breathtaking! and seeing your garden bursting out like that ---- just beautiful. I can just taste those strawberries! And I love your music, Lea! Could stay here all day just listening to it!

Trace4J said...

Happy Spring Dear Friend
Woolie Blessings & Joy :)

Dee said...

I love the turks too...and the bunny and your garden...gee...I love it all.♥

Attic Clutter said...

Hi lea (:)
OH yes YEA Spring finally all the cute critters around your place.
...big hugs,Patty

Paula said...

Well hello there my ole friend! thank you for sharing your spring garden blessings with us. oxoxo
Your pups are so darling!!!!! Please give Francois and Addy Doo a love from me and maggie