Thursday, February 13, 2014

A Few Random Blessings

I'm thankful for today.

... That the storms are behind us ... at least for now.

For this morning light  ....  coz I felt like I  really needed  SONshine with  a boost of vitamin D. 

For the robins dotting the back pasture and the hope they bring... of Spring around the very next corner.

For the love I'm  given,  - True Love that  .... holds me.

For 31 years of marriage.

For the delicious book ... Song of Solomon  enjoyed  for  breakfast along with  three cups of  black silk coffee, creamer and stevia.

For the plain red composition notebook filling with thoughts and holy scriptures.

For this mind that wants to retain it all and write it on my new heart.

For learning the discipline to write out prayers for each member of my family and friends  by name every day and looking back.... seeing  many answered ones.

That a door cracked open with possibilites behind it.
Possibilities that could grow us

For finding  contentment in  simple chores.... like sweeping up after 8 corgi feet, and 4 human feet, ...... serving  bowlfuls of  Wahoo chili, and cornbread with honey.... packing Myguy's work lunch,  washing sinkfuls of dirty dishes by hand, buying groceries, and scrubbing the ring out of the bathtub.

For olde wool socks and booty slippers on these cold, hard floors.

For visiting with  smiling Ole Milton at the Shop  and answering that  grease stained phone.

For red flannel sheets and thick layers of heavy quilts that hold our heat in.

Sharing a blankie on the couch... cuddled up all together.... dogpile!

 For chapstick, and lotion on aging thirsty skin.

How he called me beautiful just when I was feeling ... anything but.

And how he somehow sees beyond these  wrinkles, rolls,  and thin skinned hands  to a love that though  beauty fades -continues to grow two as... one.
--- with God at the center... and Christ in our hearts.
 For my dear family and friends and a whole ton of grace... I give thanks today.

  John 21:25
And there are also many other things which Jesus did, the which, if they should be written every one, I suppose that even the world itself could not contain the books that should be written. Amen.



Rebecca said...

Your sweet spirit makes you so easy to love :)

Happy Valentine's Day, Lea.

Sue@CountryPleasures said...

My heart is much happier knowing you dear friend!! Love these posts!!Happy Valentines Day!

Anonymous said...

An amazing verse Lea. Jesus name, name above all names. Amen.

Denise said...

Precious blessings.

Dee said...

The light of jesus is all over you it...and you. Dee

Debra said...

aww sweetheart....thank you for the valentine-you are really a sweet, sweet person. I'm so thankful for YOU.

Attic Clutter said...

hehe love it..the thin skinned hands
oh how
i hear ya on that one..boohoo
well you are still beautiful inside and out Lea.. our thin skinned hands can still hold thats a blessing ..hugs,Patty