Saturday, December 7, 2013

Storms and Provision

Hi friends!
It's hard to believe it's the end of the 
first week of 
December already!

Everything's going well here. 
We had a wonderful Thanksgiving and
had all the kids here and my Dad too!
...The highlight of my Thanksgiving was little Alyssa leading
everyone to hold hands at our table, and then leaned over to my Dad
who sat just to her right and whispering she asked,... "what's your name again?"
Then she bowed that curly blonde head of hair..
closed her eyes and asked God to bless our food and thanked 
Him  for each and every person by name at our table... including Poppa Dallas."  
My heart puddled right there.  
God IS so good.

The day after Thanksgiving was spent
putting up the Christmas tree and Myguy strung white
icicle lights
around the house and even the shabby olde potting shed too.

The garden photo  above was what we woke  to yesterday morning. 
While we had slept the night sky blew ice and sleet until morning.
I'd no more and got a big breakfast whipped up for Myguy 
and our power went out.  
And then started the snowfall ontop of the ice.

 The trees were hit hard.

 Ugly too.
 Everything was shut down...
including our shop.
Having a "snowday" with Myguy...
was a quite wonderful... even without electricity.
And we played until
 we couldn't feel our legs 
even with long johns on. 

 Our power didn't come back on until this afternoon.

When things thaw out we'll have lots of cleanup to do.
But thankfully no trees  took out any fences.... at least yet. 
 We've  made a few new feathered friends....

 The birds were so happy and got word out in a hurry 
where to come. 
 The first day of December I started Ann Voscamp's book
The Greatest Gift and so every morning 
 start the day doing the devotionals.
Today's was on God Providing.  
It sure fit ...

 We have an antique china cabinet by our table and 
when decorating for Christmas, I decided to put things inside
that are really meaningful to me for Advent.  
As I've  sat at the table doing the  devotionals  I keep finding myself  looking at the little 
sampler: In God we trust from Tony Star.
It was  1996 and I was stitching while  this bored 10 year old boy 
watched.  He asked for a piece of cloth and with his own hands made this as we sat together.
In God we trust
My heart puddles again,  and I can't help but wonder about some things?...
 That boy is  27 now, .. and  I'd be surprised too if  he's picked up a needle and thread
since that day.  

I wonder ..
Did you know God, way back then 
that "today" I would gaze on this picture and that it would 
stir me so 
 ... Stir this Momma into trusting You... even more?
To reeeally begin to trust you with my every thing
... more?
  Did you know back then that  yesterday I'd text this picture to Tony and did it stir him uP too Lord-
reminding him .... to keep trusting you?
Did you know back then that  this stitchery would be shared here
at an olde potting shed?
Might it come to my remembrance for when  storms come, 
and the frigid ice of this life  breaks limbs or...  heart....

I do trust Him.



Anonymous said...

I am so happy to be able to visit you again at the potting shed. It does look like a winter wonderland and I am glad you have power again. I love the wee birds,the cardinal is so amazing against the snow and I'm wondering what kind, the other birds are. The icicles on the trees look so picturesque. Thank you for sharing and also the blessed time you had over Thanksgiving table. Blessings Lea. Jx

Yolanda said...

Beautiful, beautiful, beautiful. Merry Christmas!!!


Sue@CountryPleasures said...

You never fail me! :) So happy to see your place came through safe and sound, was wondering about you during that storm!! Hugs!

Sue@CountryPleasures said...

You never fail me! :) So happy to see your place came through safe and sound, was wondering about you during that storm!! Hugs!

sweetvintageofmine said...

Morning Lea, I enjoy seeing you and Mr. Potting Shed having a snow day together! It wonderful to have a day like that! Of course, I told you how precious your feeder is...that doesn't surprise about you leaving the birdies that special decorating touch! So happy your Thanksgiving was wonderful and it touched me so, the story of the little boy who made the stitching sampler. That reminded me of my son and things he did as a little boy. Beautiful post as always....Blessings~~~Roxie

Debra said...

Oh dear friend-you have no idea how this touched ME-and made my own heart puddle up. because I have kept saying that-"I trust God." Over and over I have said it lately in my heart because of different things that come up...that worry or cause me even to fear. SO! This was a confirmation in a way, that I am on the right track-and I'm so happy! Thank you dearest-you always make my day so much better!
Love, Debra

Rebecca said...

Ah, yes. In God we (I) trust!

I'm thankful that you survived the storm. It's snowing lightly here...we've not had anything heavy like y'all.

The birds! How beautiful And if God cares for the much MORE does He care for us?!?!

♥ you, Lea. Be strong. And God bless that sweet little Alyssa!

Cora from Hidden Riches said...

Lea, just at the close of your post, I noticed the verse in Jude to the right of your post. How can we NOT trust in a God who keeps us from falling, presents us faultless before the throne of Grace. . .?????
We count our blessings, thank Him for them, but I'm sure every single day has countless wonders of His faithfulness to us that we don't even see or realize. Won't it be an awesome and beautiful day when we stand at His side and look over the edge back into time and see it ALL . . . All of His mercies and grace and faithfulness to us when we thought we were alone! So glad you are safe, warm, and power is back! Even the birds look happy!!!!!

Dee said... heart puddled all through reading your post...♥

Sunnyside Up said...

Thank YOU Lord for Your hand of provision and protection!
Yes! In GOD, we trust!
Beautiful my friend!
Merry CHRISTmas

Attic Clutter said...

oh Lea lovely post ..the icy stuff (:)
and u look so cute trugging in the snow ..(:)