Thursday, December 19, 2013

Frazzled Morning...

 Hi friends,

Well.... it's been quite a morning baking!
It's all worked out in the end but man....
ever have one of those days when you need something to turn out well,
and you have mishap over flop happen until you get it right?
That was my morning.

Yesterday I washed all the jars to make Jesus birthday cakes.
Kicked on the oven this morning and mixed up the batter which turned out great.
Then I made my first test jar.  You never know just how high they'll rise so I make
one just to see... and also to kind of time how long it takes to bake.

Well it looked done?... so I opened the oven and usually I just take a toothpick and 
stick it in the top to test.  Don't ask me why but for some reason I grabbed the potholders
and thinking it had to be done but I'd test it once I got it on top of the stove...  I went to  pulling it out of the oven and the jar  ... it slid right off the cookie sheet.
Turning  upside down ...falling and spilling out the UNDONE cake from within the jar... and not
only did it run down on the floor but ran right inside the hole where the hinge comes out of the oven door.  We're talkin cake batter all down in that hole inside our oven door!  
 This is what it did.... - the done part stayed put...
and that batter you know ... it came  flying right out!  
What a mess.  I grabbed a wet dishcloth and went to glopping it out of my very hot oven door....
and sticking that wadded up rag into the hole where the hinge is and just cleaned it out best I could.
Then I started over with another test jar.
....I filled it too full.... 
and it rose up above the top of the jar.
Gotta love it huh? 
Reminding myself that less is more....
I filled all the rest of the jars and put them on the cookie sheet
and put them in the oven. 

 Then I went to making the circles for the jar tops.
I found this blue paisley I fell in love with at Walmart yesterday and 
bought a half a yard.  I folded it in half wrong side out and traced around my saucer
with pen and cut them out with pinking shears.  
That all worked out well. 
 Being much more careful I used toothpick on the little cakes and Goldilocks
would have said, "They're just right."  
I wiped all the lid rims and screwed on the caps tightly right out of the oven 
and every one of them pinged.  Yay!!!  
I'll probably make more another day but...
I really needed to get this many done early. 
 Then I started my friends cookies...
you know;
 the big ones! haha
Thankfully the smoke detector never went off.  
I was afraid with that much batter down in the cracks of that hinge...
Ohman... coulda been bad. lol
But all is well....

I bought little candycanes for J and made tags
with a punch out of bigger tea stained tags I'd made a long time ago.
Then I  tied them on with a little white candle.
So this is how mine turned out this year.  

Myguy told me at Thanksgiving that when he takes time off around Christmas
he'll help me clean our stove!  It has a weird oven door and if you spray any cleaner on it... somehow
it runs between the glass on the oven door.  The only way it can get cleaned is to be taken all apart.
He's gonna be thrilled when he sees what all I did to that oven door today huh?  He may 
wish he'd NOT  have said he'd help me.   ;)

Happy Baking... 
my lesson today:  Jars SLIDE fassssst.




Cora from Hidden Riches said...

Oh my!!!! Nothin' worse than having to clean up an oven while it's still piping HOT!!!! And it just makes a mess out of it anyway, doesn't it???
I think I would have been a bit more than "frazzled" to say the least!!!! But I've learned a lot from your craziness and will be VERY careful with my jars when I make these. Love how they turned out, Lea! Just perfect ---- and they all pinged. I love that sound, too. It's like they are ringing out, "A job well done, my girl!"

Sue@CountryPleasures said...

Oh no, you poor thing! The best bakers have days like this! Next time you bake your jars, put them in the canner basket, so they don't move on you, it's oven proof!! Merry Christmas chickie!! Love ya!

Anonymous said...

Oh my Lea, isn't that just the way......I am so sorry to hear your frazzled time baking instead of a joyful and now more cleaning. I think you have done really well to get them all finished and your friends will so appreciate the cookies too. Blessings Jx

Dee said...

I give you credit for continuing on...I would have went to bed....LOL. Thanks for i know I am not the only messy baker/cook in the world. I bet those cakes taste extra wonderful♥ Merry Christmas.

Sunnyside Up said...

How adorable they turned out after only a SLIGHT mishap!! The candy cane "J" for Jesus makes them perfect!!! Love that idea! Could you share your cookie recipe with us? Those look YUMMY!! Maybe you could reward Mike with a treat from the oven once he gets it ALL cleaned up? Chocolate buttermilk cake? lol :)
Merry Christmas my dear friend!

Attic Clutter said...

oh my oven glass gets stuff inside it too..but it stays there (:(
once I opened my hot oven door and a wet rag,cold water dripped on the hot glass and cracked it ugh
have a new stove now (:) yeah... but has drips inside the glass already!!
those cookies look delish (:)