Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Fall Finds and Big Bloomers

Hi friends,
I took so many photos this weekend so
I thought I'd share  a collage.  
The rock in the center photo is where I like to sit and be still
down in the holler
-of my wooded cathedral.  
Addie and I were actually perched right there in the photo below it.
  She's my little shadow. Francois is such a boy
 and would rather run wild
and wade through the  creek.
The "bent" tree in the photo to the left of the rock
 is the view if you're actually sitting on the rock.  
To me; the  tree is  one of those pictures
worth a thousand words... and then some. --The big vine too all round the sittin rock.

 I came across the heart of stone in the middle of the path that I rode in on; .... it's still there too- surprisingly.  Most heart rocks wind up in my flowerbed.   :)  The feather came home with me though.  It was stuck on a  weed near a  dead tree in the fencerow.  -   hawk?  owl?... I'm not sure as I haven't made a positive id yet.  Does  anyone know?
I also found another empty turtle shell

came upon this  pile of black feathers along with a  few bones under a pine.
I saved one feather but
they weren't that pretty.
A little more on the gross side actually.   
 It's so fun to explore this time of year!  No more chiggers, seed ticks;

Our night time temps are getting cold.  
 Myguy got the hinged ventilation doors screwed shut  on the little greenhouse for me.
Its  nice spending time out there even though it's been  chilly  n rainy after
this  tromp through the woods. 
The flowers keep hanging on in the garden.... 
The dahlias, roses, chrysanthemums.  and morning glories  have been blooming like crazy.
   Dear Dahlia  has toppled over,
but she doesn't  seem to mind at all.
Once it frosts; I think I'll just throw some straw on top of her
and see if they "keep"  without having to dig them up.  
Hope I don't regret that.  

I planted more pink tulip bulbs,
alliums, and a couple crazy colored irises around the greenhouse too this week. 
Hard to believe it's almost  time to put the garden to bed for winter.  
I hope the freeze holds off just a few more days because
the sentimental chrysanthemums that I planted from my friend
Gardenerwoman are
about to put on quite a show.
They are so unusually tall and really
spread this year!
Hope I get a chance to share with you.

Okay have a great day today!
Afterall it's humpday!



Anonymous said...

I can understand Lea, why you would want to spend time in your special woody cathedral, it looks peaceful and the view. Your wee canine companion is so cute. It's good to have a place to just 'be still'.
A heart shaped stone, that's amazing, I hope it ends up in your garden.
I hadn't heard of hump day so I googled it. Happy Wednesday and blessings dear friend. Jxx

Cora from Hidden Riches said...

I just love your woods and your "spot" you have chosen, Lea! And there is something about trees that are crooked, bent, etc. Like a mysterious, untold story. It always reminds me of an old Polish lady I knew as a little kid. She dressed all in black, was bent almost in half, leaning heavy on a cane. She seemed scared and untrusting of everyone and never said a word. We always wondered, "what's her story?"

Your feather might be from your owl of your last post. Those "white" owls have the barred golden brown stripes.

I love it that your furry friends go with you on your walks. Buster would love to join them, I'm sure. He would go running, too, but always within eyesight of me. Wish we could join you!!!!

Paula said...

Thank you for blessing us with your many blessings! Mwahhhhhh!!!