Saturday, October 5, 2013

A Few Random Blessings This Day In October

 Taking a moment to count a few random blessings today.

A cool breeze and the sound of cathedral chimes on the back deck.
The smell of rain coming...

Seeing photos of an early snowfall in my old stompin grounds: Rapid City.
So beautiful, and extra-ordinary.

For a  sweet potato vine gone wild...

 :And the froggy who loves his 
sweet potato jacuzzi.

:Seeing  my favorite  white truck pull in the drive in the middle of a Friday... and the bearhug from my Music man.

For: "Here's some chocolate chip cookies," he said and his wanting
to "share."  (Mommalove)

A little visit with Kayla, Alyssa and young Carter.

 For her little girl giggle and quick hug even though she felt like she might pee  her pants. lol
For:   how fast she can go through a pad of  paper and
 leave love notes in blue all over  the office fridge
 for Poppa Mike n Gramma Lea.

For watching young Carter gum an Uncle Tony cookie while I got to 
hug-hold him tight in my lap.

That a "sister's" leg is healing slowly
but surely.  An answered prayer.

For: the most beautiful made by hand
Scottish card from Jeanie.
Royal mail!

How "he" knows my love language too and hid the heating pad under the blanket
on my pillow for surprise... so heart warming... and  fuzzy.

Emails back n forth with my friend... and sharing God thoughts.

How my sweethearts big rough hands  took mine 
into his and
prayed in faith.

For happy tears I couldn't control,
and eyes that stung  happy.

 For this box of  delivered blessings from our Autozone
every Saturday!

And the lovesmile from my Strongheart just while ago when he said,
"Get outta here." laughing  

For the PEACE and friendship that ripples like a tossed stone.. states away
from a BLVD.

A little Texan with a very purple heart.

and "cyberhugging" lolol

For hearing Merry Bemas voice on the other end of my phone,
and how she calls me OD... "other daughter."  

More time to 

So many people dot connections
and sensing more bigness of it all.

Hearing cold weather is coming...
Hoodie  and wool sock weather!

 All these baby spiders...
the only kind of spiders  I love.

For the sharing of funny private messages between a fellow
"spider hater."

 For being thirsty and gettin filled uP.

.... the lesson in mercy and grace
through a mean comment... modeling paste... and speed bumps.

That a friends Pop made it through a difficult surgery and his heart rate 
is getting better.. more answered prayers. 

For so many simple joys... like the companion of two dogs.
--How Addie runs her head under my foot for a rub, (she's right there even now)
and ..the way  Francois never turns down playin frisbee.  No matter how hot it gets.
...for this  cute way he uses  his hedgehog for a pillow. 
They're so special to me and make every day
 even brighter.

For dreams to dream... 
and people to share them with.  
I'm so very thankful.

Thank you Lord for all these things and so much more.
Thank you for my everything. 


Joyce said...

Lovely things to be thankful for. The ordinary, the everyday, and those you love! Thanks for sharing, Joyce

Joyce said...

Lovely things to be thankful for. The ordinary, the everyday, and those you love! Thanks for sharing, Joyce

Rebecca said...

Have missed you bunches, Lea. So much going on here. So cheered by your thankful spirit and reasons for it :)


Anonymous said...

When your heart is heavy and the sun is shining outside but not "in" that's the time to visit the Shabby Olde Potting Shed. Like a warm blanket, it makes you feel comforted. Thank you Lea. Blessings and Joy. Jx

Denise said...

Such precious blessings.

Cora from Hidden Riches said...

I would definitely call that box of donuts a "blessing box!!!!" Made my mouth water. Can't remember the last time I had a donut!!!!

You know, there's something about a full and overflowing thankful heart. It spreads, it's infectious, and I love it. It chases clouds away, makes me smile, and lifts my spirits! Thank you, Lea!

Debra said...

Oh yes, dear friend....I LOVE your thankful posts-but they all seem thankful to me. 'Cos that's how you are.

Anonymous said...

Thank you so much for your prayers and wonderful thoughts for my leg. I am definitely going to have to wrap my legs with bubble wrap when I walk around the house once this heals!!

Cor's Sis

Sue@CountryPleasures said...

No wonder I love you!! <3

Fran. said...

THANKS for reminding me to be thankful for every LITTLE thing no matter what!! Love you missy!! XOXO Frannie

Mel said...

What beautiful and creative ways to share your blessings!

I love the frog in his sweet potato pond... so cute!

Hugs, Mel

Sunnyside Up said...

I love how you always end your list with "Thank you Lord for these things and so much more! Thank you for my everything!" a sweet reminder to be THANKFUL for thee so much MORE!
Thank You Lord for the power of a praying friend and cyberhugging is THE BEST! ;)
You make my days shine brighter my friend!
Purple LOVE!