Thursday, August 29, 2013

Time Just Flies When..... You're Havin Fun

Hi friends!
I really haven't been in hiding.  
Not really--
 I've just been enJOying being outdoors so much.
So many of the flowers have held on tight  this Summer from 
all the rain we had and they have just been an absolute  delight to me!  
I know that they won't last forever, and so I've been trying to soak in
as much of the blooms every day  as I can. 
 I've also been  spending more time in thee olde Art Porch. 
My art journal pages are multiplying and it's almost time
for another new book.  I've been learning alot of new techniques;
 trying new products and enjoying a workshop too. 
There is so much to learn!

This week; it has  really started to heat up here; but  it's 
just been a Summer unlike anything I've ever experienced. 
So green!
We've enjoyed it so much.  
Hard to believe it's almost September now though isn't it?!!!  
Must admit' I'm excited, and chompin at the bit to start decorating for Autumn.
Colors of Fall with a heap of turquoise thrown- 
Oh yeah!!!  I'm feelin it!  haha 

Speaking of changing seasons;
a couple weeks ago I won a giveaway at my friend Trace's  blog: 

 She creates the most wonderful "woolie" joy loves ever!  
I've been so blessed by her friendship and everytime I visit her blog
I'm in awe of the many things she creates.
Click on the link above and read a few of her posts if you haven't yet met her-
...I just know you'll  really really love her!  

A few short days after her drawing; 
I walked to the mailbox and  ... was excited to find this inside!  
I knew the giveaway was for one of her famous 
"Santa dudes"... but I had no idea all these other surprises
were coming too!  

Cute lil punkin buttons,
handmade dishtowels,
the sweetest card, 
Fall candles that absolutely filled me uP just opening the box... ahhhhhh!
They smell soooo good!
and Santa dude?.... -well...I LOVE him!!  
His beard and stache are so soft... -- Yall probably KNOW I adore the color of his coat, and he even has a sweet gold
anchor button.  
Granny Trace if you're reading this ...
I just heart YOU!!!
Thank you so much!!  
Santa dude is such a handsome fella and is 
now my favorite Santa! 
Please thank Piper girl too and give her my love!!!

Well, I'll close for now and will try to post again tomorrow.  
I'll be adding new posts to the soul journal tab too. 
Sweet dreams everyone!


Denise said...

I heart you dear friend.

Sue@CountryPleasures said...

I'm so happy to see you post, been wondering where you were, and getting a bit worried too since you didn't reply to my text or fb message? Glad to hear your enjoying that art porch, I love that name for it, sure does fit the purpose! Missed ya! Enjoy those flowers, and I'm with you, can't wait for fall and all it's glory and JOY! :)

Dee said...

I look forward to your post....they cheer my spirit so much and I am beginning to LOVE turquoise.:) Congrats on winning such a nice give away.Your header is the horse in the middle:)

Dee said...

forgot to add I love your soul journal and that you and your grand daughter are journaling together...♥

Trace4J said...

I woolie heart you Friend.
Happy Birthday too.
Woolie Love in Him
Granny T

Cora from Hidden Riches said...

An artist lost in her work ---- I love the thought! It's so easy to have hours slip right by when you are engrossed in what you love to do. I know!!!! And I love your santa and other winnings, you lucky girl!

Dry some of those sweet smelling flowers so that you will have roses in december and memories of such a wonderful summer!