Friday, July 12, 2013

The Strength of my Heart

 Howdy yall!
Your comments touched my heart so much. 
I'm determined to push on.... how bout you?

We had a little shower night before last and I swear I could almost hear angels singing; it was that heavenly!  The next morning walking through the garden ... it was ... so cool and fresh.  Out in the pasture the horses and donkeys were practically sparkling; they were so much cleaner!  It was so nice not having to water anything. 

This morning when I started watering the MUMS... this dragonfly was on them.  I threw down the hose and ran inside for my phone.  Reaching down I put my hand out and it climbed on for maybe a minute then flew away.  I shared the pic on facebook but what I didn't tell was that my Angelmomma gave me this mum it was on.  Oh yes she did!  My friend Char was right... that there was a genuine dragonfly kiss... oh yeah! 

 This is where I've been spending every spare minute I'd say of my time.  Inside the greenhouse side watching birds n critters.  With the garden in full kaBLOOM ... -- full bird feeders, and a birdbath this year... oh and no more cats... I'm tellin ya; I think for right here and 23 acres behind me... it's like a critter sanctuary.  Think I have a permanent mark on my big nose from peering hard through the binoculars! 

 Blooms like these get picked often... and strewn on my desk.... just

 One day I gathered some of the birdnests I've collected and studied them awhile. 
I keep thinking about Mother Blue Jays nest in the pecan tree.  I wonder if it will fall out?  It could end up in this mix.  Anythings possible. 

A couple days ago I opened the bluebird box up at my Mom's and looked inside to see if a new nest had been made.  Two or three weeks  before I noticed a mess outside of it... "something" had reached inside and pulled out lots of feathers :( and nesting materials.  One of the raccoons maybe?  Anyways a brand new nest is inside and three beautiful blue eggs!  I shut the door immediately and got away from it.  Sorry Mrs. Bluebird wherever you were.  Surely you were watching and probably quite horrified. 

 We have new chicklets of our own right now too. 
The bantys lay eggs in this olde watercan in the barn.  Less than two weeks ago I started smellin something dead in the barn.  I couldn't figure out what? and thought a mouse maybe.  Myguy said, "I wonder if some of the chicks hatched and died in the can?"   I ran down there and there were no dead chicks but a mother banty had died right on the eggs!  Poor thing and might I add P U!!!  Oh gag me.  I took her out and within a day yet ANOTHER banty hen jumped on the nest WITH the other mother.  I'm tellin ya they are the broodiest little things!  Anyways... the chicks started hatching.  I heard some peepin coming from the can this week and before the end of the day two little chicks were running around on the ground outside of the can.  Usually I have to take them out but these fell out.  I guess they crawled on the moms and jumped ship.  Anyways the bad thing is... the Mothers jumped ship too.  I finally moved one hen and both chicks and tried to talk the other hen into finishing setting on the rest of the eggs but she wouldn't hear of it.  So....

 Here we are... two by two. 

and are happy as lil larks.

I'm always on the lookout for bottles for the tree in the garden.
This one came home with me but  found a new place on this ladder instead.
My favorite colors in bottle glass are the cobalt blues... the aquas and the ones
that are turning purple.

 It was exciting to find a date on the bottom of this one!
It's so hot inside the greenhouse.  Most of the plants had to be taken out....
you bout melt in there.  
I'm hoping the purple will deepen faster in there. 

This olde cricket cage is also a recent find.  
The bottom of it has  a screw-on lid... -- I'd been wondering how to "make" little cages something like it?    Being in the garden I've become fascinated with bugs.  Especially winged things.  
Sometimes I can't help but bringing something inside to watch it for awhile.  
Jars work great.... but it's just too hot.  

 Some of you have asked if we ever got the little goldfish pond finished.
We did!  The water "run off" ditch works really well too thankfully!  The goldfish are already growing some.  We might add a couple koi soon.  The sound of the fountain is so soothing when you're swinging on the deck.


The potted plants here have done really well but the heat is starting to take a toll. 
See the little pot of fancy grass in this photo?  Well I think I bought it at walmart and realized the other day I never got it planted.  It's just setting there in the black plastic pot they come in.  Anyways I reached down to move the wooden shoes so I could lift it out?  Of all things... my shoes had termites!  Eeeek!  The bottoms were covered in them... and they were already eating holes in the sole!  I finally got them all beat off and then reached down to get the pot... had rooted!  Like as in... it wasn't going anywheres without some grunting or a shovel!  It's still right there.  I just keep watering it.  Not sure what to do.  Maybe I can cut the pot off of it all somehow? 
The sunflowers are making seed like crazy.  Soon birdies will be hanging upside down dining on the seed.  Can hardly wait. 

One sunflower has bloomed so far in the bed of the old truck.  But any day now the others should bust out.  I hope anyways!  I noticed when watering this morning that it looks like "something" was sitting in the middle of the old hogwaterer that's filled with dirt and has petunias planted in it.  Not only sat in the middle of it and wallered it down but... ate on several tunies!  (my eyeballs are all big tellin ya this)  Coz the only thing I've seen do that so far... is "groundhog!"   Surely not; right?  It doesn't make sense because there's only one thing groundhogs love more than petunias and that's sunflowers and so far... not a one has been ate on.  I really shouldn't even be writing that outloud like this.  It's kinda like talkin major appliances... you dont' want to do that either or ones sure to go out.  Have you noticed that?

I better get busy.  Need to get out and weedeat and sweat alot.  Myguy and I agreed to start eating better and both try to lose the weight we've both gained.  Even journaled about it today to try to stay accountable. It went something like this:
Eat healthier today. 
Don't run ahead and think about or worry about tomorrow
Don't stay stuck over  yesterdays.  Focus on today, starting on your mark, get set... go. 
Now eat well.  Exercise more,
sing louder, ... smile! 
How bout them apples!

And my verse today:  Psalm 73:26
My flesh and my heart faileth: but God is the strength of my heart, and my portion for ever.

Later gaters,


Attic Clutter said...

push on my blogger friend (:)
you are an inspiration to me and all lov'ya..

Sue@CountryPleasures said...

I don't believe for one moment that you or your guy need to lose weight, nope don't believe it!!! But, if you want to get healthier, add protein to your diet, alot of it, and it will help so much! I'm hooked! LOVED all the pretty photos, must see your place one day!!

Denise said...

I love you dearly, covering you in prayers, and hugs.

Sunnyside Up said...

Loved visiting with you today my friend! Touched my heart! The dragonfly was just icing on the cake! ;)

Debra said...

It's so wonder-ful to walk along your place and see the greenhouse. I love thee shed. Termites! Yikes! I'm not sure if I've ever seen one-they are like ants, right?! :) Love those chickies! Oh-my hubby cut down ALL of our bamboo! I was so glad. We can now watch it better and nip out anything that tries to grow back...never again!!!

Anonymous said...

I could look at these pics all day Lea and the encouragement you bring. I am glad you had a shower of rain and enjoyed a walk in the cool. I am sure those donks enjoyed their shower too! Don't let those thoughts and emotions steal your peace my friend like the little foxes who ruin the vines. You are a dear sister and special to your family and friends. Love you.

Attic Clutter said...

oh thanks Lea(:)
your darling profile cute too
yes the 'a skirt a day ' blog is fun
hope you find a cute skirt to wear in the heat
or dress or shorts or capris LOL

Lynne (lynnesgiftsfromtheheart) said...

Loved my visit to your blog, as well as your visit and kind words, thank you so much. fondly ~lynne~

Attic Clutter said...

oh I love the chicken story(:)
the decorated chicken wire door too(:)
you have such an interesting.. organic life LOL

Auntie Bliss said...

Oh those baby bantys!! You wanted me to come see that, didn't you? :)
My girls haven't sat on an egg yet LOL...they have only begun to lay so maybe they'll think of it soon.
Ohhhh the heat :( count me out. I mean in...INSIDE the house.
But I want to cry over the poor banty girl who died...they have such personalities! I can't bear it!

sweetvintageofmine said...

So enjoyed my always! Lea, you brighten my day! Since I moved, no flower gardens or veg gardens this year...a few tomatoe plants though! I get to dream and live through yours this year....Blessings~~~Roxie

Debra said...

Hello dear-the pink flower on my blog is a poppy. I'll send ya some seeds...

Dee said...

You bring out the country girl in this city girl.....Your blog is so fun to visit and inspires happy thoughts.

Rebecca said...

I ♥ the cobalt bottles, too....and how those last words spur me on, Lea!