Thursday, July 18, 2013

A Few Random Blessings....Gratitude

Taking a moment to count a few random blessings. 

Thank you Lord for "today" and all the "moments" in between.

 For this gift 29 years ago today!
..and this gift 27 years ago last week!  
Happy birth days dear sons of ours.

That a relationship is being restored 
and redeemed.  Our prayers are being answered!

That a surgery went well and "she's" on the road to recovery now.  

for an extraordinary big bowl of vanilla ice cream with chocolate chips tossed on top-
in the middle of an ordinary hot afternoon.

That call from Dixon and 
her sunshine voice.

Scottish sisterhood
across the pond- yet close at heart.

For the little grey hen determined to 
mother the mountain of eggs.

And the baby chicklet getting new wing feathers.

For so many tigerlilies and  their rust
on my arms and clothes that tell the world
"how we met today."

For thee artistic spiders on our porch who weave and point
to God's absolute awesome-ness!
For sweet tea  cooked on an olde chevy....
Ice that comes out of the door on the refrigerator,
and the cold air blowing through the vents in our old farmhouse- I am thankful.

For how comfortable Myguy and I are twogether.
For friendship in marriage 
and especially his whisker rubs on my cheek.
The growing scent of stargazer's permeating our backyard;
sweet love gifted  from my Trentobean.

For the 4 little questions in my study this morning, and how they brought a fresh perspective.
1.  Who am I?
2.  Where did I come from?
3.  Why am I here?
4.  Where are you going? 

For discernment to guard my heart from someone who thinks they know it... and don't.

Courage to stand for God's truth.

For a big girl  appetite to feed on the word.

The new washing machine that spins like a top without walking across the bathroom floor
like the old one would.

Godly friends, family, books, studies, songs and encouragers who point me to my Savior.

The yellow pepper so close to being picked.

Platefuls of vine ripened tomatoes and a shaker of salt.

Cukes and zukes  by the basketful.
And her recipe to add carrots to the bread and drizzle with lemon icing!

 Angel trumpets by the light of the moon.  Owwwwwww!

Walking through the garden at night... so much peace.

How the hummingbird moth's "eyes"  glow;  just like a deer in  headlights.

The new slippery white sheets on our featherbed... so cool and comfy.

Playing frisbee with Francois and how pleased he looks when he catches it.
How Addie gets jealous coz she loves me more.

That the red line running up Myguy's arm disappeared and his infection seems gone.

For antibiodics and good health.

The steady loud ticking of the REDEEMED clock.

A Sisterbear giggle.

For the two pounds down.. towards my goal to "maintain." 

For text messages, notes n emails that sweeten my every- little- extra-ordinary day. 
For that one dark cloud that came over our house, barn and pasture and garden  and then
rained all over on us!-- 
finding out "she"  lifted up a  prayer that we would  get rain. 
Thank you Lord for the shower
and praying friends too.

For photography, and the joy it brings my soul.

For dragonflies all over our pasture, and this  one
over  my head on the power line at  Angelmother's while watering  her flowers.  (sigh) 

For special  Alohas and her sharing what she's learned 
to pour into me.

For the share from sweet Sarah of her dragonfly visit too- so many blessings 
gift this little life of mine.  All because of You O God. 
Thank You Lord for all these things and so much more...
Thank you for my every 


Anonymous said...

A walk through your garden, a walk with a friend, sharing your precious times and those angel trumpets by the light of the moon. Special blessings that you share makes me honoured to be your friend. Happy Birthday to Trent. Happy days. God Bless you.
Jeanie xx

Attic Clutter said...

OH Lea Love this you and hubby,, your sons pants looks like my sons carhart brown pants..he wears them alot (:)

Sunnyside Up said...

I love those Angel trumpets! Someone on FB said they looked like they were howwwling at the moon...and they do!! :)
A wonderful list Lea...of moments! All we have are moments..God granted and God graced!
Love you MORE my friend!

Lea said...

Honoured to be your friend too Jeanie!! Thank you for the birthday wishes... I'll tell him! Pattycake you are absolutely right... those are carhart britches right there! Our boys are alot alike... I've thought so when I've seen pics of your family too!! Charlie... I remembered reading that on facebook ... howling at the moon; so I tilted my head back and gave a moon howl. lol I hope I never forget what you shared about the "moments" <3

Rebecca said...

Wow! Your cup is full and running over! I'M blessed to hear of YOUR blessings, Lea♥

Cora from Hidden Riches said...

Where do I begin???? I think I held my breath through the whole post! Have you ever tried to smile and hold your breath at the same time?????

Don'tcha just love those angel trumpets????? Your picture is so beautiful, Lea. And I LOVED the spider web. Looked like a diamond in the center. There is just something about our moments. . . we lose them, it seems, if we don't share them. Here we all are, just taken with your moments and I'm hanging on to them like they are my own. Thank you for sharing these. Oh, I do have to say, I loved that very first, lonely, yet happy little flower, blooming for all it's worth!

Yolanda said...

Love how there is joy to be found and everything.


Sue@CountryPleasures said...

I'm so blessed to know you!! Love these posts the most! :)

Denise said...

such precious blessings.

Grammyof13 said...

Your post is so uplifting. Taking time to say Thanks to the Father for all he's done is precious and reminds me I haven't done that in awhile. Thanks again, and


Dee said...

Your blessings are simple and thoughtful as they should be...We are to be thankful to God for everything and you share with this how it is done through your camera and words.♥

Mecky said...

Checking to see if I can post now!!

The flowers are so pretty!

God bless You!!

girlsewnuts54 said...

I love your blog, reading your comments and looking at the beautiful pictures while I listen to the music has a wonderful calming effect. Thank you so much for sharing. Wishing you blessings upon blessings.
Linda XX00