Saturday, May 18, 2013

Potting Shed News....New Additions

 Hi everyone!  
I know it's been a long time since I last posted.  I'm so sorry!
I hope next week, to blog more regularly ....- 
We've had alot of happenings.

.... New additions!
Myguy came home the other morning and said, 
"Hey; you're horse is having a baby in the front pasture!"
I ran out and found Gracie standing right out in front of our house in major labor. (happy squeal)- mine; not hers.
She coulda cared a less who was watching... which kinda surprised me but it was
awesome getting to watch her foal.  
She was up and down I think three times while pushing, 
and out he came.  
Gracie was plumb give out I think because she just laid there a long time,
and the foal had the whole sack still intact around him.  He sat up and I 
could hear him kinda struggling to breathe.  
I waited.
and Gracie never even turned around ....
-- I kinda started to panic coz by this time... 
it seemed obvious he was wanting some air.
So I talked gently to Gracie and approached... then knelt
down and

 tore open the sack on his head.  
I think he was very glad....
 and we bonded.  
"Happy BIRTHday" little foal.
and I was whispering lots of 
"Thank you Jesus!"s with 
a pounding heart.

The cows and donkeys were all right behind me... 
wondering what all the fuss was about.  
and Gracie just laid there for so long. 
Thankfully she caught her breath and regained her strength.  
She got up when the baby started trying out his new legs.  
Gracie started talkin  to him in such a pretty  Motherly voice and LOVE bloomed all over the place.

 Not just with her... but Auntie Violet too.
Violet fell madly in love in one little nuzzle.  
She's had lots of babies herself and this colt  just grabbed  her heart.
 Yes colt!
A little boy
with one Blue eye.
(Name): Bleu
Yes spelled just like that.  

 We had to pen Violet up for the whole day.
She kept trying to steal Bleu away from Gracie.
Those private hours gave Gracie and Bleu a chance to bond and both I'm happy to say
are doing great!  Gracie is a wonderful Momma and Bleu is growing 
like a  Spring weed.  

Amid all our joyful horsey news... we had a very difficult week 
with our cows.  I'll spare you all the details ... but suffice to say our bull got out
and went visiting... and so we had to go catch him.  After all that we hauled him to the salebarn 
and found out later that a bloodtest came back bad on him so he got quarantined 
as did ALL our cows on our farm.  It was all very upsetting and confusing and after
more and more bloodwork, tons of prayers ... it all came back that it had all been a big mistake
afterall.  It had sure been  a week of sheer worry..... and upset. 

Because of it all we  had to leave our bull for a week at the salebarn and then when he finally did get to be run through the auction we just figured we'd lose our butts on him.  We'd paid 1500 for him to start with.  
But God provided... and when we picked up our check he'd grossed over 1700 and our check was for 1644.  Another blessing!  Thank you Lord... again and again and again! 

Other than that; Myguys' been on vacation to work on the farm here.  
We started two big projects.  
Building pipe fence around the barn, and
adding a greenhouse onto 
the shabby olde potting shed.  

Remember I told you awhile back a neighbor remodeled their house
and gave us all the old windows?  (blessing)
Well, ...some of the wood on the olde potting shed has really been rotting away.
Behind the sink this huge cavity has been getting bigger n bigger- you can
see it here.  So this wall is the way we decided to add on.
I knew it was all going to be for the best in the long run but I can't tell you how 
awful I felt inside watching Myguy take all the boards and window off this side of the shed.
We were a little concerned the whole thing could just tumble down because it got pretty
wobbly for awhile there.  And remember the groundhogs?  Oh Lord have mercy...
they have dug so badly under this little building that Myguy had me jump on the four wheeler
and fly down to the rock pile to find something to put under one of the corners to hold it back up.
He had a jack under there... and we got it re-stabilized.... wish you could have 
seen what it looked like at that point with whole wall off of it.  It looked
pretty pitiful really.  But happily.... it now has a new wall and addition!

 Here's a sneak peek.  This is the new addition on the inside.  
Yesterday evening we finished closing it all in and got the new french 
door on.  This photo was taken before all that was finished but... you can 
kinda tell what it's lookin like.  My dear husband has worked so hard on it for me.  
It didn't seem like it was going to be such a big deal but... he has sweat  hours and hours into  this 
ahem..."little project."   I am so grateful to him!  

When the sun goes down we've been putting lights out here and working til 10-11 pm.
I went walking out to the truck to get something 4? nights ago and there was this raccoon
sitting beneath the bird bath.  He just looked at me ... unafraid.  I walked into the shed and 
said, "Hey Mike... come check out the raccoon!"  He walks out there and ... we watched it use 
it's little hands to scoop up  the birdseed I'd tossed under the birdbath and gobble it up.  
He's come back every night now... course we're feeding him pretty good too.
Last night he ate bread, corn, and a little catfood too.
I can walk to my truck right there and open and slam the doors and he could care a less.
You surely know how loud those old Chevy doors are too.
Anyways, it's a been a treat to have such a cute visitor!
We hope to finish the building part of the greenhouse today.
We're putting terra cotta colored paver blocks down for  the floor now. 
And I'm fixin to head to Dollar General to get more Windex and paper towels.  
When thats done,  Myguys gonna start caulking.  
Then I can start setting up shelves, tables and adding plants!
I can hardly wait for that part.  
oh yeah;...And to build some flowerbeds around it! 
Least I can do that part by myself. 

I had to share a picture of my Angel Mother's peonies!
They bloomed beautifully this year and I was overjoyed to put 
fresh flowers on her grave for her birthday and Mother's day.  

Well I better go fetch some Windex and get busy!
I've missed yall!
Holykisses xoxo


Rebecca said...

So WEIRD! I was just over to "your place" yesterday wanting to see what's happening....Oh, Lea! This was so worth waiting for.

It was good to read all the happy news - and I'm relieved the bull-thing turned out OK. When my hubby gets in from HIS projects, I'm going to show him your greenhouse. I've been wanting to do something similar....I even know where!

Have a good rest of the weekend, my Blogging Friend ♥

Mecky said...

I am so thankful that your guy saw your horse in time for you to help the baby. Poor dear must of been so exhausted to help. That is so sweet that Violet loves the new baby. Beautiful how God's mothers love babies....well most of them do.

That is so cool that you are getting a greenhouse. The back section of my potting shed is going to have to be torn down and I want to do that. I never thought of windows. You are fortunate to have someone give you some. They go so high at the flea market.
I have not had a chance to get back to redoing my shed. I have so much other things to catch up on. Hopefully I can soon.

Enjoy the new baby and God Bless!!

Mokihana said...

What a gorgeous foal, and to get to be there to watch the miracle of birth.... Thanks for sharing the joy and the photos!

Mokihana said...

Thanks for sharing the miracle and joy of new birth!

Anonymous said...

Lea, Bleu is adorable and so like his mum. What a fuss everyone was making over him, so sweet. I could just sit in that greenhouse and take in the light and get some vitamin D. You and hubby so busy but will be worth it when you get to planting stage. As always you are uplifting and I loved my visit to the potting shed. BIG HUGS from Scotland xx Jeanie

Cora from Hidden Riches said...

I feel like I've been staying at your place for a week or so!!!!! I could just feel the excitement of it all -- even felt a little misty about Bleu and Violet, etc. So sweet!!!!!! I knew you were doing the greenhouse, but when I saw that picture, all I could say was, I WANT ONE!!!!!! I'm so excited for you, Lea! I drooled over those peonies! Good thing I'm not there cause I'd be pickin' and dryin' them!!!! Can I help clean windows or something??????

Denise said...

Enjoyed the update.

Sherry said...

Good to see you here again. This city girl is in complete awe over your foal story and pics. Just beautiful!! You've got such a wonderful guy. Aren't we blessed to have men that care about the things that are important to US? I am so thankful for that... xo

Sue@CountryPleasures said...

Wow, what a week you've had!!! How sweet is that new baby and you got to bring him into the world!! I'm in total love of your greenhouse, it's perfect~~~I'm blessed to with a good man who loves to make my dreams come true, aren't we the luckiest!!! Your flower bed must smell like heaven!! Loved catching up with ya and can't wait to see more!!

Dee said...

I love seeing the photo's of the foal being born and the love and greeting he is getting from the other animals...such a tender post. Your new addition is wonderful,,,your window blessing has come a long way. I love the tenderness of your heart towards the critters that come around. Lots of people would run them off or worse. I am glad your bull problems were corrected and that you were pleasantly surprised with the sale amount. God is indeed good.

Sunnyside Up said...

So very happy to see you again on here and to get caught up! I'm so excited for you! Wonderful times at the Star Farm! Sweet little baby Bleu! And the peonies are so beautiful!