Friday, April 12, 2013

Frosting On The Rooftops

This crazy weather!
Friends and fam up north have had more snow... and we Arkys although Spring has sprung; hovered near the freezing marks last night.    This morning I awoke at dawn and pulled boots over jammie legs to do a garden inspection.  I gasped seeing frost on the rooftops but hopefully the plants will be okay as very little seemed to be on leaves or the grass.  Our thermometer read 34 and I think it's supposed to be close to the same again tonight.  Usually I have my garden in by now but only one short row of peas has made it this far.  No sense being in any kind of hurry because nothing grows well anyways until it warms up.  

Seeds have come in our mail from Gurneys but to date they have yet to send  the tomato and strawberry plants- and I'm thankful!  Usually although they try to mail at the proper planting time; it's usually still too early and everything has to be hardened off  for about two weeks or so before goin in the ground.  -Outdoors for sunshine during daylight... and back inside at night to be kept warm and cozy.  Early springtime calls for much doting! But it's a labor of love for sure.

Since things have been on planting hold, I've been spiffin up the bird houses, feeders and butterfly house.  Wondered if I freaked the birds out at first  with the bright color but... hopefully they're used to it now.Filled with new seed today; it's like a candy store out there. 

They've been darting all over and must be gearing up to start nesting.
My neighbor saw a hummingbird yesterday so it's time to clean out those feeders too and boil up some juice.  Bet they're hungry because there aren't many flowers yet. 

Having cats around this year has them all on guard.  I kinda feel bad about that but a kitty hug here and there...
Well; I'm a sucker for that.
Until they do this: 
Then I remember that I'm more a dog person.  Owwww! 
Can you tell how wide this black cat is towards the back in the pic up above? 
She actually looks like she's gonna pop. 
I hope Shell is ready to take kittens home with her when she and Tony get a house. lol 
?  Unless it's all Meow Mix... and I don't think so.*

 My friend Sue has been seeing her Momma ground hog. 
.......  I'm wondering?  Do I have more? 
Last year I trapped two of them remember?  They were eating all my sunflowers, and melons and I thought they were all gone, but now I wonder?  See how something's been digging like crazy under the potting shed?  That's where they lived before.  Dillo... or Hog? 
I put an apple by the water fountain where the ground hogs used to come and go last year. 
Forgot to check and see if it was gone this morning. 
I loved seeing the ground hogs from time to time last year but they were wiping our garden out! 
Just can't help it; .... love sunflowers and melons more n ground hogs. 
Maybe it's just a dillo...-- and we have  been seeing armadillo rootings here and there.  (Debra if I get a glimpse of one; I promise to take a pic for ya. I haven't forgotten... just havent' seen it yet.)

Well, need to head to Lowe's.  We're ordering a brand new walk in door that goes into my craft room.  Our old one has a hole rusted out in it on a corner at the bottom.  It's just the right size for a snake!  I showed the snake hole  to Myguy and he agreed right away it's time for a new door!  He probably didn't think he'd ever hear the end of it after I came eyeball to eyeball with a snake in our kitchen cupboard a few years back.  Part of it was stuck to a mouse sticky trap and the other half of it was all wound up  around a window squeezie handle.  Bout had me a heart atack right there!   I called both  boys on the phone and Trent got there first and cut the thing in two right there in the cupboard with my garden lops.  He was so my hero!!!!!!!!  --- yeah I'd like a door without holes please! 
If you love snakes; I'm sorry...
No hate mail please.  

Have a great day everyone! 
Hope it starts warming up again soon...


Dee said...

Yikes ...the snake in the cupboard is like out of a horror movie...I kind of feel sorry for it but I feel worse for you....I love the business of all the critters in the Spring and you are so kind hearted...I love hearing about all the activity going on outside your house :)

Sweet Magnolias Farm said...

Hi Leah...

Oh my your weather has been ever so topsy turvy hasn't it.

Well maybe it's time for spring to really makes it's way to your part of the country.

I love your birdhouse and that wagon with the flower oh gosh so charming !

And your kitty baby what a sweetie .. I 'm a dog lover too but I don't mind cat's at all ..I can love on them too.

Oh gosh the snake in the cupboard now that's just awful ... I thought walking in our calving shed and finding one on the shelf looking down at me was bad ..or the time I was cleaning up all the fallen branches and went to pick up a branch that wasn't a branch and it looked me eye to eye .. I jumped 5 feet in the air and landed atop the riding lawn mower seat .. LOL !!! Memories ! However in the kitchen cupboard now that's just too much !!!

Good visiting your blog !

Take care and hugs and blessing being sent your way

Mecky said...

Oh dear. Snakes. I hate them and I wouldn't want to come face to face like you did. We did have three in the yard a couple of weeks ago. I hope they froze this week! hehe.

This weather is crazy. We had ice. It's the Tulip fest this week and I am not so sure how the tulips have done. I need to go out and look around. My yard seems to be ok but we will see in time.

Let's hope that this cold weather now means no 110 days to come in a couple of months!!
Thank you for that sweet comment you left me. (((Hugs)) to you!!!

Cora from Hidden Riches said...

If there were a snake in my cupboard, I'd pick up my purse and I'd be gone for good, leaving everything behind!!!!!! It was bad enough having Lizzy the lizard hanging around under my stove. Sorry about your weather! It's finally warm here, and I hope it's for good. LOVE the birdhouse and feeder!!! At least the birds don't have to look too hard to find it, huh????

Anonymous said...

I'm glad we don't have snakes here its just the common house spider that has me running for the hills. Hope your weather picks up soon although I think you might be sending some stormy stuff over the pond tomorrow as we are having a lovely sunny day today but the forecast for Sunday is not so great. Have a good day dear friend. Thank you for sharing your days and blessings.
Jeanie x

Debra said...

Oh my land! I'm really laughing out loud about the snake being cut with garden lopers!!!! I can't help it-the picture of that being done right in your cupboard!!!
But it's not really that funny-I would have run out of the house screaming. I don't actually Hate Snakes-but I do not want them in my house, or striking at me. Those times they WILL get their heads cut off, thank you.
I have a ground hog under our screen house. Not exactly happy about it-as I envision him eating my stuff too.
Can't wait for your armadillo pics! Do they bite?
LOVE the new painted feeders-that's one of my favorite colors too.
Love you!!

Denise said...

Snake, I would run so far away.

Sherry said...

I love reading all the details of your "very different from mine" days. I don't mind snakes really, but I wouldn't like one to catch me by surprise!
How is little Carter doing with the tubes and all? Been thinking about him. hugs and prayers. xo

Sue@CountryPleasures said...

I'm in love that first photo, awesome!!! I'm sorry your "hog" eats your flowers and garden, mine doesn't at all??? Yes, once they claim a spot they usually make it their year round home! We had a pair but something happened to papa, haven't seen him in 3 yrs. so mama is all alone! lol

Attic Clutter said...

ha funny kitty
Lovethe filled wagon
hugs Lea (:)

Paula said...

Just love coming by for a visit my dear Friend. Your place is so soo beautiful. Cold weather and all. Hey girl aren't you glad you had THREE boys that you could call for help! Yea Trent! Way to go. Hope your door went in without a hitch.
My bet is on the dilla ;-)

Sweet Magnolias Farm said...

Hi Leah ,

I just wanted to send you an invite to enter our Free Giveaway if you it's something you would like to do.

Blessings ..Sara

Patty Sumner said...

Lea, what an exciting life day to day you have. Lots of animal adventures. I hope to get some birdhouses up soon...I love your bright colors. I have already encoutered a snake in my flower beds. I am not afraid of them. He is a garden snake so I will just let him I know what you would good to visit with you again. You always bless me. Blessings!