Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Spring Is In Thee Air

Are you lovin daylight savings time?  In the evenings - it's great... but come
morning... man do I still feel foggy. 
This past week we got our first real warm up (short lived I fear but)..
nontheless it's been wonderful.  Signs of Spring are all around: 
buttercups are bloomin,
a hen is settin...

 and another cow calved.  

The old troybilt...

has started getting a good work out.
-But has lots more to turn under and then will need  to do all over again
when I finally get to plant; which is awhile yet.  
It still gets very cold at night here and Myguy said he heard something about snow in Arkansas.
Ohmy word; I hope not.  I'm ready to be warm and barefoot.

 Last trip to Atwoods; this lil Dahlia found it's way into  my buggy.
How could I really say, "Get out you beautiful pink flower you." 
Thee African violet too stowed away somehow.
It's refreshing to see flowers in the olde potting shed again.
Saturday I cleaned almost all day out there.  

Feels so good to have it all spiffed back up a little. 

 The only thing safe to plant early are bulbs and maybe a pack of  peas.
But it's so hard to wait.

 Next warm day, the onions, and gladiolus are goin in!
They're bulbs so it's time.
Maybe in another week... it'll be safe for the rest of the peas too.

 Last Fall, I saved alot of flower seed.  Angel trumpet, morning glory, lots of zinnia, and marigold.
They seem to grow really well here. 
They're saved in jars, bottles and an old metal coffee can.

 After getting everything cleaned out, I sat here sorting through a big basket of seed 
I've been collecting.

 A few ... I bought extra because...
the packets are just so beautiful.  I don't know who is doing the artwork 
for Lilly Miller but they are lovely!  You know how some of the antique seed boxes have a beautiful
graphic inside the lid?  These remind me of those.
While waiting to plant, I may try to make one of these:
  I picked  this windchime  up at one of my favorite vintage shops in town, coz I liked  how they used rusty wire instead of fishing line.
Looks like a rusty garden chandelier. 
It doesn't look too hard.

Past my bedtime now, and probably yours too.

until we meet again... 
Sweet dreams



Denise said...

I love spring, time for renewal.

Trace4J said...

Morning Friend
I love this sweet post.
Oh Spring I too am waiting for you.
I am itching to play in the garden.
Woolie Hugs

Anonymous said...

As always Lea, an uplifting post. The colours of the seed packets are jolly and those two cutie pies asleep are so adorable, I could just reach in an hug them to bits. My love to you busy bee. God Bless.

Jeanie xx

Rebecca said...

It IS hard to wait :)
I'd like to try one of those wind chimes, too. I've seen them before - thanks for jogging my memory/intentions.

Sue@CountryPleasures said...

Never heard of that brand of seeds? Yes, snow in our forecast later this week, but hopefully it won't be too bad, but cold!! Love the new header, your shabby shed and you!!!!

Linda Starr said...

Oh is that an Australian cattle dog you have, are those corgi's together, we don't have a dog now, but love cattle dogs, and the potting place at your header is wonderful.

Debra said...

Oh such a nice visit I've had here today! Is that hen going to lay an egg in your wathering can??? What a sweet photo!!!
I love the Potting Shed-love to sit and have some tea there with ya!
Loveth thee,

Attic Clutter said...

Hi Lea..
Oh love the seed post ..I am doing good thanks are you ?
snow on the ground this morn ugh..but the sun will be back soon (:) hope hope

sweetvintageofmine said...

I love visiting your potting shed, Lea~~~I remember the first time I came upon your blog, it was pictures of gardening and your potting shed. My heart tends to go in that direction...the dirt, seeds and pretty packets of seeds, the old tools, seeing something you planted bloom into loveliness, the old sheds, the smell of an old shed, I could go on and on.....give me the outdoors and the sky...I'm a gardener/farmgirl at heart and yours is truly a favorite to see! Blessings and Happy Gardening:) Roxie

Cora from Hidden Riches said...

I just wanna hug that little calf. But Momma looks like she'd do some damage if I even looked like I was headin' for that calf!!!!
Isn't Spring just the greatest time of the year? I've been waiting forever, it seems, for leaves to poke out and flowers to push up. I'm sooooo ready for it.
Looks like your worked those pups hard!!!! So sweet when they are sleeping, aren't they?

Auntie Bliss said...

Oh the plans you have!!
I need to follow suit....lazy me. I have thought about some papery pink and red poppies...the California kind.
I had some of those windchimes, Daddy made me and the wire broke...I need to repair them...they sound so pretty!