Thursday, March 21, 2013

It Happens Every Year....

Yesterday was the first day of Spring.
And today we are right on the edge of a line of rain and snow coming.
So far, our weatherman is leaning toward a cold rain but 
who knows right?
I did what I could to keep the peonies warm... and now what happens... will just happen.
But I wonder... will they  make it?
For ten days now I've been waggin my finger at em all sayin
"Yall quit yer growin or Mommas gonna have to put a brickbucket or pile a  hay on your   head."
But do they ever listen.
  Do they?
Peonies have a mind all their own! 

The ones in this bed always 
grow like the dickens.

They're a good 6" tall already.
Shivering today and wishin I'm sure that they'da listened!
But I'm not gonna fret over them no more!
Hopefully; God willing they're just as hardy 
as they don't listen.  

I heard through the grapevine that there would not be
any impatiens this year due to a fungus.  I've read up on it abit and since I didn't 
have trouble with any of mine last year, I'm trying them again. 
 We shall "see."
It seems like every garden year you  come across a few things that you  just know  
if ya  don't nab it... you'll  regret it.  The planter above;  had me at 
"hello."  -I have always had a thing for vintage sinks and while this planter
is terra cotta; it has this  creamy glaze on the outside that just looks like 
a sink?  I'm not sure what will go in it yet; not impatiens but
something extra special.  I saw a cute picture on pinterest
the other day and I want to show it here but don't like  using other people's photos.  
You'll have to use your imagination... Picture a "planted sink." with flowers and pretty dishes in it.
Like these plates:  
I planted  these at the front of a flowerbed last year ... but imagine plates something like these only smaller,
in the new pot up above... with phlox or viney white flowers spilling out.  
That's what I might try. 

So; I unloaded the first big bag of Miracle gro of the season.
Think I could do a commercial for them...coz I go through so many.
Funny  too that dirt is often  at the top of my grocery list. 

These bulbs are all flowers I've never grown before.  
They were half off... 
I tried Liatris once but they never grew.
These should; as they're actually already sprouting like crazy in the bag.
The name Calico Jack for a daylily... ?
Another "hello" to me.  
Hello Calico Jack... good to meetchya!

Bachelor buttons must have just blown all over the garden last year coz 
they are popping up all over the place!  They're all this tall too.  Big healthy clusters.
I warned em about the cold weather comin.  
I wonder how many terra cotta pots and buckets will end up all over the garden tonight.  
I usually say I'm  not gonna worry  til about midnight; then I'll lay in bed thinking about them all.
By 12:30  I'm  out there in my pj's and a flashlite. lol  
Have any of you other  crazy people ever done that too?  
Say I'm not alone. 

Have I introduced you to the newest travelin tom?
This guy showed up a couple months or so ago.
Two of our neighbors each have over 20 cats so they come and go but
this one is sticking around.
He's madly in love with
This pretty thing.
She was born at our other shop when Trent lived there by a wild female who had a whole  mess of kittens.   He gave them all away but this one.
And here she is.
How does that work anyways?
I don't know but she sure is cute when she 
bats her baby greens and poses in somethin all rusted up like this.
She's the cat in the

My dear friend Debra of Sparrowgrass has these beautiful 
trees growing in her gardens and I adore them!  She told me what they are so I can add them
here at the potting shed. 
I hope they grow well!  
I love their shapely look!  You don't have to prune them
they just grow like the picture on the tag. 
Debra if you're reading this I showed a picture of your garden to my neighbor up the road,
and she too; went out and got a couple of these trees to plant!  
She once bought a saw blade like you have hangin on your fence at a horse sale
and seeing yours inspired her to hang it somewhere!
We love you Sparrowgrass!!!!!

 Last night I tilled the whole garden again but decided I really wanted to make it
bigger.  Well, go ahead and laugh ... coz I'm trying to!  Yeah I don't know
WHAT I was thinking?  Looks like I'd been drinkin!  And no I wasn't.
This picture reminds me of last year when I was putting the tiller away and forgot to turn
the tines off and tilled part way cross the yard. lol  egads.  Anyways; ... here;
I started out making it a longer rectangle but then at the last minute realized there
is a waterline and powerline buried right in my way... yikes! I stopped just short
of running into it.  Now I have  this goofy lookin triangle shape to work with.
Yeah... I don't know either? I am however  thankful I realized what I was doin  before hitting the buried power cord and waterline though!  --
 We'll see what this mess  ends up lookin like?  I have a few
raspberries to find a place for... and thought they might go on this end.
Now...  who know?  That will be a future post and hopefully... warmer day!

Until then....
Happy day!


Mecky said...

I am so glad that you didn't hit those power lines. That is scary.

I haven't even looked at my peonies. I may need to get out and cover them. I think they will be ok, though.

That is a cute planter!!

Cora from Hidden Riches said...

Lea, I'm starting with the end . . . . That stitchery is just the sweetest thing I've seen!!!!!

And it's colder here, too. No chance of freezing, but chilly, sunny, and refreshing.

Looks like you are making headway with your gardening and plants, etc. LOVE that pot you found. I'd a grabbed that up, too. I do hope it doesn't freeze for you. And yes, I have run out in my jammies and covered plants. You are not alone, girl!!!!!

Can't wait to see all your flowers blooming! You always have the most beautiful of gardens!!!!!!! Good thing I'm not there, as I'd be picking and pressing and drying!

Anonymous said...

Sounds like you are going to have a lovely colourful show of flowers Lea. Your weather forecast sounds much the same as ours. My pansies are shivering but are tucked in for the night. Thank you for sharing. Sending blessings.
Jeanie xx

sweetvintageofmine said...

Evening Lea, You know what THEY say...NEVER trust a GAL with a TILLER in her hands! (just kiddin') Your flower bed will be more beautiful than's those ones that "I don't know what happened" are the BEST! Seems like we are ALL DESPERATE for WARM weather....eeeeccchh! Stubborn PEONIES!! Or as we say "PINEYS"(pine***eees) Blessings and prayers your way~~~Roxie

Dee said...

Gosh I am tired and bone weary from reading your post... each word written shows how much you love your gardening and decorating. i look forward to the finished results...praying for sunshine and sweet Spring rain for you.

Denise said...

Wish I were there gardening with you my friend.

Sue@CountryPleasures said...

I envy your energy and progress! Woke up to 6 in. of snow, it's beautiful!!! I plant those Litris each yr. cheap and they do muliply and easy too! Love the beds, can't wait to set mine up!! I think it's gonna be a good gardening year!

Fran. said...

LEA you are Garden ADHD like me in everything I do!! LOL I got to laugh at your tilling job!! LEA I would have that tiller up in the air and everywhere but the ground! LOL You ae my garden superhero!! No wonder you are so darn skinny you never stop workin!!! And the laugh you gave me is the mental pic of you out at 12:30 at night!! LOL I would be so scraed a skunk would come up and get me!! LOL Oh the joys of gardens and homes!! I looke dand my bulbs I planted from my Moms funereal plants are growing!! I thought I might have lost them but I looked yesterday and they are there!! WOO HOO I did it I am terrible with bulbs!! I alos LOVE to grow the lilies and I can too!! LOL They are a cooper color and I adore them!! I think I am gonna have a lot of sunflowers this year as the birds have been quite messy! LOL Well take care. XOXO Luv Fran. Oh I love your pics so much of everything you do!! You gotta gift girlie!! XOOXO

Janet Martin said...

Still waiting for the snow to melt here, but oh, I enjoyed your post so much. Also, the kids and I are enjoying your play-list. thank-you for sharing.