Thursday, February 21, 2013

Vacation Part Two

 And so the journey continued....with so much to take in.
We were near here... I think when we spotted yet another eagle.  
The others we just passed by because there was really no good place to pull over. Actually we tried once, but the eagle flew away.  Anyway, we kinda figured that would happen again but opportunity arose and  Myguy figured out how to get off the  main road  and onto this snowy lane that led to a farmers land- kind of like a service road.  
We could see the eagle was still there.
I could hardly breathe and was scrambling for our best camera.  Hurrying to turn it on, I started shaking like a leaf because I wanted this photo so badly!!  The eagle was perched on  ... a low branch.... I could hardly believe my eyes.  Not only was he poised  all beautiful, but there was this whole herd of  sheep  in the same shot!   I could barely steady my hands and  worried I wasn't waiting long enough to slowly push the button down so the picture wouldn't be blurry! I snapped three... and then reached for my iphone to take one with it.  As I began to zoom in.... I could no longer find it on the branch.  Did I zoom on the wrong tree?   Looking away from the camera my eyes searched .... but the eagle was gone!  Neither Myguy or I even saw it fly away... let alone where it went?  
But we got it!  Three, fairly- non blurry photos of a beautiful eagle ... and sheep eating the prettiest green hay.  It was one of those moments where you just can't even stop smiling.  It's our favorite picture of the whole trip and this morning it became the newest banner for a
shabby olde potting shed.   

I mentioned in part one that we stayed in Colorado.
The Comfort Suites has always been our  very favorite motel.  Not the Comfort Inn and Suites although we think they own both.  But the Comfort Suites.  
This one is in Fort Collins and walking into the room we were so happy to discover it was red!
It was where we woke up on Valentines day.  The night before we ate at Applebees.
Notice the "treats" on the bed?  
It was a GIFT from our waitress!!! 
Something happened while we were in Applebees-  I want to share it so bad...but I think some blessings gotta stay just between you and God.  Alls I can say is:
we had an encounter with a  very old couple next to us.... and it was Valentines day.
 God  grew love real big and we got blessed .... so deep.
I think He spilled into  our waitress as well... and as we were leaving she asked us to wait please...
Then she handed us a to go bag with these treats.  It was decadent chocolate cake all warmed up... and a huge dollup of icecream.   It was yet another love moment. 
Looking into eachothers eyes; thanking her, ... I could see Him in her heart  too.

 We brought  our blessing treat  back  to  our room, and shared every scrumptious bite.
No guilt whatsoever.  

Then we played chess! 
Myguy hadn't played in a long time and needed to read the directions first.
I'd never played before but he promised to teach me.
  He wrote out a cheat sheet for me... and  determined to let  me win. lol  
He's like that.  
I kinda like chess... 
but really love Myguy

Our next destination was New Mexico.
Our roads were all really good overall... but we did see the accident in Colorado Springs on Valentines morning and then this one too...

It's a Hummer turned over that had been pulling a trailer as well.
I can't even remember where we were for sure.  
Thankfully the further south we went the better the roads became and 
we were New Mexico bound.
--Myguy stopped here and there for me when we saw some cool shoppes.  
I'll save those for yet another post.  Plus  I'm starting to get totally
confused where I was half the time. lol  However...
Our next destination was Santa Fe.
The Loretto Chapel.
I can't forget that.

Myguy's folks had told us about it and we really wanted to experience  it for ourselves.  
This  beautiful church holds a mystery inside.
A spiral staircase built by ?
No one knows for sure? 
Did God send an angel? 
He left without payment and his work... unexplainable.
You see; the nuns needed a staircase so they could get up to  their choir loft. And after a prayer vigil... this mystery man
showed up and began building this beautiful and amazing staircase.  
A magnificent stairway built so precisely that experts even today...
are baffled.  No nails, or screws... -- but wooden pegs.
No means of actual support... yet .... it ineed holds uP.  
 Precision, .... 
built by a Carpenter.
 The wood too; has an unknown origin.

They don't hold services there anymore.  But I  wish they did.
People do still get  married there though.
Myguy and I went to the front pew and prayed together awhile 
hand in hand.  It felt good there.
...Hard to leave. 

 Then we drove around awhile.
There was  turquoise everywhere!
It put a spring in my step for sure!

 We were going to check this little shoppe out but it was closed.
Probably a good thing!
 Had to jump out and  get these donkeys though.
Sweet Joy!

We fell in love with this church too.

 I just love St Francis!!! 

 The architecture outside was amazing.
I wish now we'd have went in!
Maybe next time? 
 As much fun as all this was... my heart was aching hard for our kids, and home sweet home.
We made very few stops after that although the New Mexico countryside 
was gorgeous. 

We saw so many olde windmills.  
Don't they just take you back? 
 Seeing this sign was such a welcome site!
We love you Arkansas!

 The cross up ahead is such a familiar sight to us.
It's on i40 and everytime I see it... I smile.

 This little fella was waiting for us when we got home.
He was born around Valentines day. 
See the heart on his head?
My head wants to name him Valentine, but my heart
says "Applebees."
He's had a rough last 24 hours here as we've been having an ice storm.

 I took this shot just this morning towards the potting shed.  
Look how green the grass is right inside the garden!

We're thankful for this warm old house and little bit of earth to tend.
As wonderful it is to get away from it all once in awhile...
there really is 
no  place like home. 


Sue@CountryPleasures said...

Wow, that eagle is HUGE!! And what a awesome shot!!!! Love the chapel too and so full of history!! Again, a amazing trip, thanks for sharing it with us!!

Attic Clutter said...

Oh so happy you are on vacation how fun..
now Lea is that our red truck I posted ..I was thinking so
LOVE it(:) hugs..p

Patty Sumner said...

Oh Lea. I cannot tell homw many times my breath was taken away by this much beauty and the stories...ahhhhh. The header pic...oh my goodness! It is amazing.. You need to print it in large form and frame it with the scripture...It is just amazing. The Lord truly blessed you on this trip...To God be the glory! Blessings!

Anonymous said...

Part 2 of your amazing adventures. You really could write a book Lea, no kidding. More lovely photos...the Loretto Chapel does look beautiful and the story about the staircase. I too loved the donkey statues, oh bless. Just everything is great and you have such a gift of writing too and your new banner photo, well it is something else.
Sweet fond memories.

Bless You.

Jeanie xx

Cindee said...

Love your pictures; so pretty! I'm glad you enjoyed your vacation & thanks for sharing & I look forward to future entries =)

Sherry said...

I can't believe you took that picture - it's just perfect!! I love that staircase story and will have to jot down Santa Fe in my notebook. I definitely want to see it. I love hearing you talk about your guy. Wish my hubby and I could have dinner with the two of you one day. That would be wonderful, wouldn't it? =)

Trace4J said...

Beautiful photos Lea..
What a wonderful anniversary.
Such beautiful new treasured memories too.
God is great.
Woolie love and joy..

I'm so in love with Applebee's too :)

Trace4J said...

Beautiful photos Lea..
What a wonderful anniversary.
Such beautiful new treasured memories too.
God is great.
Woolie love and joy..

I'm so in love with Applebee's too :)

Denise said...

So glad you shared, love these pictures.

Vickie said...

WOW! Lea you really got an awesome shot of the eagle and sheep. I'm SO jealous!! Good for you!

What a nice vacation for you two! Sounds like SO many wonderful things happened while on your trip. And you know what? Those things happen to those who love the Lord and understand where they come from!

Beautiful churches... the staircase is awesome!

Heidi said...

Love. Every. Single. Word.
Hugs, Heidi

Heidi said...

(when we meet up Yonder, and have no end to the time we can talk....remind me to tell you the story of MY bald eagle and our ladies retreat at my house.....GOD so loves me and blessed me that day.........)

Fran. said...

LEA you have to enter that photo in a contest!! I am not even kiddin!! THAT IS SO AWESOME!! As I was reading this post I could feel GOD so much in your little trip!! OMG how blessed you guys were with the just the beauty of the earth!!! AND that stairway!!! I believe it could have been the best carpenter ever!! It kinda reminded me of the book "The Shack"!! Thanks for sharing!! XOXO Love Frannie