Tuesday, November 6, 2012

November 6 At The Shed

Greetings and Holykisses,

This past week's been a blurr and once again, blogging got put  on the back burner. 
I've been waiting for this day though!  Not that I'm very political at all but I love my country and I'm thankful that I get to cast my very own vote-
my own voice!  Myguy and I just got home from casting our ballots together.

-- It's been a beautiful and chilly  day.
I should be painting on the old shop  but hopefully I can pick up my paintbrush  tomorrow.  I've been working on the last oubuilding to paint .... yay!  The barns done, the big red shed behind our house- done; and only a couple days left I think on our old shop.  It feels the best to have the barn done.    Myguy actually posed me with a  heartwrenching question about all that this week.  It went something like,  "Ya know... that olde barn can't take much more."  He's right I know;... and so we  sat dreaming  what if's.  Ya know... what if someday we could build  a new barn??  Hmm.... I can't quite imagine it yet.  I love this rusty olde  barn.  Before I began painting it, our youngest son, told me he thought it'd look better if we tore  all the rusty tin off the roof and put new on.  That- and the shed too.... It sounded so ... easy?    But he doesn't see  what I see.  For over 20 years, Myguy has worked hard  to keep it standing. It was old and in bad shape when we moved here and that was over 20 years ago.   For the past two decades; we've fought   termites, years, and many storms where sheet iron got blown up. Every nail holding that roof on, - just this past year; Myguy  painstakingly  dobbed each and every nailhead with tar so the roof didn't leak on my cupboards, rabbit cages etc etc.   You can't even imagine the time he's invested... not just for barn's sake... but for me.  Every time I look at  that rusty old roof; I  feel more love than a million bouquets of pink roses given on Valentines day.  So, I hope it keeps standing awhile longer.

--Earlier today I planted.
 My leather gloves were shucked and beautiful potting soil found it's way up under my fingernails. (joy)  Some days that's  like getting a tea of miracle grow  for my soul.   Finally got some pansies planted in the  washtub by the door and all the mums  used to decorate the front porch got planted too.  They were pretty well blossomed out and needed a place to be and grow.  They now reside  around the Zephyr wood cookstove beyond the garden.  I so hope next Spring they all bloom their purdy little heads off.  It felt -good out in the chilly breeze... planting!  The chickens were busily kicking up leaves around me searching for bugs and  Addie, Francy and even Sallycat puttered with me around the gardens. -- After that, I carried the antique stove photo'd above up near the house.  It warmed my heart  behind the potting shed this Summer but I think it's time to bring it inside.  First though, I'll carry it  to the shop and blow it out good with the air hose to get any critters out.  Then, should I paint it... or leave it?  Can't decide?  Either way; I'm still seeing white pillars and votives flickering away on it. 

Other than that;  I climbed an old wood ladder and hung  a rusty star at the peak of  our barn today. 
I like it alot but have decided to take it back down and give it a couple coats of white spray paint..  The rusty color  just doesn't show up against the barn red at all.   

Well, it's time to start putting some supper together.
A big pork tenderloin simmered away in  the crockpot all day yesterday  and tonight it's
getting drowned in bbq  sauce!  My tummy growls just thinkin about it! 
Thinking of you all and praying for our great country today!
holykisses xoxo


sweetvintageofmine said...

Evening Lea, I love the little antique stove. That is something I would love to grab up at a yard sale. I think the color is nice unless it doesn't look right where you want it. As your BARN goes~~~well my heart skips a beat~~~As silly as this may sound(as for as material things go)My dream was to have a barn(preferably an OLD BARN)or any barn at this point. KEEP THE BARN as long as you can!! Today was a beautiful day, and it sounded like you had a wonderful time outside with nature and your little critters! We do have so much to be THANKFUL for~~~the simple things in Life. Have a BLESSED week! from one sweetie to another~~~Roxie p.s. thx for info on picmonkey...still tryin??

Denise said...

Love and sweet hugs to you my friend.

Rebecca said...

I can't wait to see that stove with the candles all burnin', Girl!

Anonymous said...

Lea, I'm glad you are able to potter around the garden still and plant with your doggies and chickens around. I can understand how you must feel about the shed though, the work that has gone into it and I get that its worth more than bouquets of flowers. Little things mean an awful lot don't they! Hope you have a blessed day, and enjoy the garden.

Jeanie x

Sue@CountryPleasures said...

I'm with you, on the old barn charm! It amazes how wood can withstand so much!!

Debra said...

I hope you can keep your lovely barn...so much love in it. That stove is cooler than dirt!! Can't wait to see what you do with it-make sure you take pictures with the candles in it.
Love ya!

Dee said...

Looking forward to seeing the stove :0

Paula said...

Sounds like a perfect fall day at the shed :-). Your tribute of Love to your beloved was really sweet Lea. Most women would not put that together, but you see his heart which is so beautiful.I feel the same as you do about voting. ITs good to know that no matter who gets voted into office, Jesus is still King of all!! Sending you lots of love.
ALoha! Pj

Carol Lee said...

That would make a good vintage accessory to your shed.