Thursday, October 18, 2012

Random Blessings 47

Stopping to count a  few random blessings this beautiful day....

Thank You God for this moment.

--For sleeping me better-- quieting my thoughts... to  drift into sweet slumber  with less mulling over  of a day. 

--For this  48 year old body thats aging closer to you Jesus.. 
I know ... I'm strongest; body n soul... when abiding with You.

--Thank you for the  health and wellness of my Mike, Trent, Kayla, Alyssa, Blaine, Carter, Tony, and Shell. I love em God!!!!!!!   and thank you for these people to love and who even love me too.
-Thank you God  for keeping them... and growing them every day closer to You!

-For the loud, arm out the whole door wave of the universal I love you sign he openly... freely.

--Thank you for my tribe. Mil and Fil, Dad, Don, sisters- blood n adopted! (that path crossed by You!) - brother in law,  for  2 brothers, sister in laws, nieces, nephews, all the great nieces n nephews..Aunties, Uncles...cousins...  Thank you God for each and every single one.  I love them all God... even though so scattered... from here to there.  You know each one and I thank you for connecting us together.   -The bond of  blood, ... and hearts. 

--For so much  friendship... these people Father who you put in my life that make it so great God. 
Amazing great!  For the close ones who decorate my every little, real life  days with their colorful zany ways. And for some I've never even met in person... but know because of this box I write into... - thank you God. 

--For my Floridian mentor  who's so kind... caring... and seems so patient! She listens hard, and in her mentor way is   always pointing me back to You.  Thank you for her God.

--For the love of my earthly life- he's  so kind, gentle with me and good.  Thank you for his strong arms that wrap me up and how he protects me.  Thanks for being the top of our love triangle God; and how  the closer we both get to You, the closer we get into eachother. 

--For his words, "Scoot closer," and how he pulled me tight down I-40. 

--For the double dip peanut butter cup... in cups.  So sweet God.  Treats I take for granted.

--That Artist girl  wants to go to Gramma Lea's almost every morning.
My grammacup just overflows God.
  Thank you for these little toes to tickle... and nibble.
Thank you for such sweet innocense.

--And for the beautiful note from my Kayla discovered in the tupperware.  Thank You God... for the love she wrote right into me. 

--For the purple wrapped Debbie-joybuzz.  How she took such care... and time to make me feel not only special but to point me up to you.      Thank you God for such gift.  I'm reminded today of the countless times together at the alter.  Time spent on our knees before you Lord.  How grateful I am.  You taught me there to tune out the world and focus on you.  I always felt you there... and again through her gift of friendship.  Thank You. 

--For tears... both happy and sad.
Sweet release... and that fresh washing. 
How your word lately brings something I can't explain ... and often makes me cry now?? I don't understand it... but have this feeling when it happens that something bigger is  going on deep  in my soul.

--For the moth in morning glory star.  Seeking your light... just like me. 

For your gentle reminder to  put you first and keep you there.   --That moth n rust don't last even though I can't help but think rust is beautiful; ...and love rusty  junque... and real wool sweaters.  ---Help me always to put you first.  Because "you"  last and heaven's close... thank you God. 

--for LOL.  That good medicine around here. 

--Thank you for this old farmhouse with the buckling living room floor, and dirty white paint. 
So warm in winter and cool in summer.  The beautiful  flushing toilets and hot soapy showers. For all my gadgets I think I need like blowdryers, flatirons, and callus removers... thanks God.  My needs are all met... and so many luxuries too. 

How Spirit leans on me... when I brush Violet.
And how Brussel Sprout begs for a treat of apple or pear.  So much animal love..
How the plump banty  hen  follows me into the tackroom.. watiting for the sweet feed to spill.  It's such a small thing in my everyday that makes life grand! 

How 2 buzzards hung out together in the olde tree as I drove by and funny thoughts of me and my dear friend. lol

That Charlie passed her test, -- thank you God. 

For being the lifter upper of our heads  :)

For the most amazing clouds at dusk... and how the sun looked like a red ball going down over the treetops.  I wanted it to stay ... just like that.  But you're always moving.  And moving me along too.

Thank you for being my crazy-good God. 
"O LORD, our LORD, how excellent is thy name in all the earth!  I will praise thee O LORD, with my whole heart; I will show forth all thy marvellous works.  I will be glad and rejoice in thee:  I will sing praise to thy name, O thou most High. "  Psalm 8:9 Psalm 9: 1-2

Holykisses xoxo


Rebecca said...

Oh, Lea! My spirit soars HIGH with yours. Your words express in such FrESh and JOYfuL ways the thanksgiving ♥ that keeps us tied to HIM, the blessed Giver of all Good and PERFECT gifts.

Do it again soon! I just LOVE shoutin' "AMEN"!

Trace4J said...

Your post just blessed the pumpkin socks right off of me.
How blessed we are.
How great is our GOD!
Woolie Love & Ginger JOY

Debra said...

You may not know it (now you will), but in a way, you are one of my mentors. Reading your blog has pushed me forward, has always shown me God's love, and made me want to be like you-pure hearted and whole-hearted.
Thank you , Lea...

Anonymous said...

Lea, I have a lump in my throat just reading your post. You are a special wonderful person and I thank God for you, my dear sister.

Love and Blessings
Jeanie xx

Dee said...

Your blessings always bless me. I love seeing how God blesses others . I noticed your stove in your header picture.... it is totally awesome. :)

Cora from Hidden Riches said...

Lea, I feel like Debra --- YOU mentor ME in so many ways. Like tonight as I read this --- I go away in tears for some reason, because I want a simple, child like relationship with Him like you have. I want to see things like you see them and lift up my heart so honestly like you do. I thank you for that . . . the way you draw that desire out of me in such a way that I wish I was sitting in the hay in your potting shed with the hens singing with you. Now wouldn't that be a hoot???? And yes, the buzzards are still here and Buster has learned well to chase them off for me. Good night, my friend!

sweetvintageofmine said...

I can't even express what I have felt in my spirit today...My son Corey is 21 today. I guess it's been bittersweet in some ways....the joy of seeing your child being so happy, enjoying the day with him, loving him so much, thinking of him as a little boy, those things bring so much joy...but then knowing how he once served GOD but now walking at a the uglies of this world try to envelope those you love....But Lea, I'm so glad I read your post tonite before turning in...I do have so much to be thankful lifted my glad I can call you friend..a true sweet spirit who loves the LORD...Yes, the LORD who is the LIFTER of my HEAD, who HOLDS me when I need a HUG, who COMFORTS my HEART when I hurt, who has HEALED my body! You are a TRUE BLESSING, my friend......from one sweetie to another~~~~Roxie

Denise said...

Your words touch my heart deeply, love you.

Fran. said...

LOVE that gift of the necklas you received!! This was an amazing post Lea!! Made me think about all my blessings I should be lifting up to the Lord!! You inspire me girlfriend!! Prasing God for you!! You make loving the Lord simple. Even the rusty junque are blessings in both our lives. He lifts our heads at just the right time to see it and appreciate it and where it has been and where it can still go. Like your banner with the stove!! Some might repaint it, remake it and get rid of it but look at the beauty you are getting from it and able to pay it forward by sharing with others!! I love and adore it and you too Lea!! Peace out Sista!! And what a blessing it is to be a Proverbs 31 Woman!! XOXO Love ya, Fran.