Wednesday, October 31, 2012

From This To This... Chair Makeover

Wish I'd have taken a photo of this chair with it's olde broken seat before taking it off. 
-- Sometimes I forget to do that. 
It wasn't a total loss though because one piece of it was big enough to square off a little and
will become the cover of an altered book.  I just don't know the theme for the book yet....
I digress.... here's the chair before: saying cheese. 

I took it outdoors and had no idea yet what to do with it. 
I want to make a  Christmas chair... but not with
this particular chair. 
I seriously found myself walking around it and
around it... wondering?   
Decided -I like the dark stain.
It's messed up.. kinda gloppy and bumpy.
So I wondered .... paint it shabby white?-- no.
Turquoise?.... no.
Chippy Pink?  ... not today.

Ended up using what I had on hand.
First I cleaned it really well and then
put on the extra gloves that come in my boxes of Clairol hair color.
Thanks Clairol!
Next, I stained the seat with a gel stain.  It's a lot darker than what shows
up in the following photos. 
Then... I dry brushed

the turqy blue to the high spots of the seat.
There's nothing remotely perfect about it, but I like the color.
So after that, I added it to the carved chairback too.

Kind of a hit n miss.
I gave the whole chair another coat of gel stain.  It kinda freshened it up a little. 
I still don't have the tacks to nail the seat down, but
hopefully; I can finish that tonight. 
I've had this alphabet stencil for years, and have always kinda liked the font.
So in true turquoise craft paint my name went across  the back.
The primitive stars added below.
Stenciling for me; is like rubber stamping.  Once I start I wanna keep doing it.  lol 
Push pause Lea!  Thankfully I did.  Good thing too coz I coulda stenciled stars til the cows come home.
(speakin of cows... I think we get to bring the new cows home Saturday!) - woops there I go sidetracking again.

So this is  another little project to check off the to do list. 
The little burlap curtain behind the chair .. the farm table is too.   
The olde one used to be green with pink roses.  -- Just needed a change ya know?
I was going to use the new sewing machine to stitch the burlap curtain up but man that stuff is messy!
I ended up using thee olde tried n true featherweight. That little thing is tough! 

Thanks for stopping by the shed today!
Holykisses xoxo Lea 


Dee said...

Nice make over....♥

sweetvintageofmine said...

Your chair is rustic lovely gorgeous!! It reminds me of those beautiful brown and turquoise cowgirl boots~~you know~~the pair that every girl wants! ( At least me, that's on my Christmas list) I love the robins egg blue and/or the aqua/turquoise color! Aqua/turquoise is my birthstone color and I have added a little touch of that in my kitchen. I think you did a Fabulous re-make on the chair...I would want this look for my wishful second home...a log cabin! I think you chose the perfect color and look for this sweet chair! The burlap skirt looks darling! It's so FUN to change things up! Have a BLESSED week! Roxie

Anonymous said...

Lea, I love that you have a chair that is precious to you and that you can take time to add special touches and I think the blue colour just sets it off so well. I am also with you on the sewing machine, those old ones are like tanks and can tackle anything. I agree about stencilling, it is a bit addictive isn't it, once you get going, there's no stopping. Thank you for sharing your creative day. Oh, and new moo cows, exciting, can't wait to see them.

Jeanie xx

Unknown said...

It's PERFECT!!!! I've got to play with jel stains cuz that's one pretty chair!!!!!

From the Heart said...

You are very talented. It's all beautiful.

Debra said...

It's beautiful-you have a good eye!

Denise said...

Very lovely.

Fran. said...

LEA the chair the way you did it reminds me Cowgirl boots!! I LOVE IT!! You are rockin creative yourself girlfriend! Oh how I wish I lived near you! We would be terrible wouldn't we!! LOL Upcycling everything in sight!! LOL No I haven't decorated for Christmas yet! But I bet I will alittle earlier this year!! But it seems like Thanksgiving always gets ignored don't you think so too? Wait til you see my cute Crow Hangers. Well at least I think they are adorable!! LOL Just gotta finish them before I show em!! Take care. Love ya Fran. PS one of these days I am gonna see how much a bus ticket is from my house to yours!! LOL Just wondering!! Maybe I could when my ship comes in!! LOL

Rebecca said...

What a creative soul you are, Lea! Seems like you're going CRAZY creative lately! (I read the whole Soul Journal entry just now - I missed your email for several days 'cause I don't use my g-mail account much.)

I'm going to go look us smash journal and altered book, too. I have a book or two that I could alter, I think.