Thursday, September 27, 2012

Let Us Rise and Build

Up early
Just me and  Nehemiah
Searching time and attitude
No spell check or much care for punctuation
There are; ifs, ands or buts today.

....But God there are a million things I'd rather do
and I feel  the tug  inside ..not wanting to do this  thing required
Jury duty

With muffled  moans
This faceless clock and shears give point  for
A snipping away of selfishness and my strong will.
.... And a  shift begins.

Spiritually grace.
-Physically law.
His will
My will
Interweave until His  becomes mine too.

To the road before me
To a  room of decision
Faces I  may or ...may not know
I will to see ...with His eyes and heart.
And I know the One  that goes before me will surely
light the way.

to Rise and Build.


Anonymous said...

Lea, I don't envy your task on Jury duty, its something I have never had to do (yet) but I remember my dad had to be on Jury duty once and as he was the Foreman of the Jury he had to stand up and give the verdict.. I'll be thinking about you. Thank you for your post.


Rebecca said...

You gotta love jury duty! I recently had to go in but didn't get selected to serve. I don't know whether I was more relieved or peeved :)

I ♥ you outlook, Lea.

Sunnyside Up said...

Funny thing that I have never once been called for Jury Duty and its one of those things I want to experience...JUST ONCE...however on the other police officer husband gets summoned ALL the time...not for HIS cases but just because his name came up in the system and he cant serve!! CrAzY!!

This was beautiful Lea!
I agree with Rebecca..I love your outlook!:)

From the Heart said...

My Dad had to do jury duty; however, our next door neighbor was a policeman and was in court that day. He told my Dad that if he did not feel he could handle it to raise his hand and he would come get him and he did. My Dad was a highly nervous person and I guess he felt he could not do what was required, so he was let go.

Both the policeman and my Dad are gone now and they don't have to worry with it any more.

May God be with you.
Love and prayers, AE

Dee said...

Saying a prayer for you as you do an unpleasant but important task. Blessings.

Denise said...

Thanks for doing your duty, praying for you.