Friday, September 21, 2012

Greetings and Holykisses,

I'm so glad it's Friday aren't you?
The to do list feels big today.  Mostly because painting is on my mind.  Not just the barn... but a large shed behind the house; our old shop, and then the corral.  I'm not getting after it real quick like maybe I used to?  There are parts of the barn I can't get to since we built the outdoor chicken coop pen up against the barn.  So the backside of the barn will have to be painted ontop of the roof and hanging off the backside.  I shudder ... just thinking of it.  Myguy said he'd have to do that part, but I'm thinking I should at least get up there and hold his legs ya know? lol 

Before I start painting again the grass grew so I've been waiting this morning for the dew to dry off.  It is... and here I am blogging instead drinking a cup of the most delicious pumpkin spice coffee.  It's not from the Keurig but instead I fired up the old pot and made a WHOLE pot of this dunkin donut pumpkin spice brew.  Cream and splenda are a must... and first sip took me straight to thee arms of my  Momma.  Yep... Momma!  When I was little; everytime she made a pumpkin pie she saved some of the "juice" we called it and poured it in a small glass for me!!  I loved it.  Who cares it has raw eggs; not me!  And my memory takes me to a time when she saved me a glass of pumpkin pie juice not that long before she went to heaven.  That glass of punkin juice is a very sweet memory and I tasted it again just this morning in those first sips of coffee.  -- When I write of her now... I don't feel that horrible sadness very much like I did before.  That pang... only comes now on those really special days when I want to share something with Momma.  Like when Trent and Kayla got married... she'd have loved that.  I wish she could have known Kayla and Kayla have known her.  It's thinkin  like;  that I get misty.   --- Memories and thoughts ....spilling over  my cup of pumpkin spice coffee. 

Pleasantry:..... a kitty hug; pictured above. 
I know. .... I know......
The cat thing again! 
You already know we've been down this road so many times before but ...
(there's my but)  .... but... she a hugger!  Who doesn't love a kitty
hugging your legs like that?  She's been following  me everywhere-- and loves the garden.
Myguy has already "noticed" all this... and actually; they met first.
He said she walked right into the auto mechanics shop and stood there lookin at them like she belonged there.  --- I've asked around and guess she's another drop off.  Oh what to do.  It's so hard to not feed them and just look at ya starving and all pitiful.  But it's hard to have them around our mechanics  shop.    They poop in the  floor dry; walk on customers vehicls and if a window is left down... it's literally  kittykaty bar the door!  Just use your imagination.  It's bad. Not good... and even ..... -- awww it's just real  bad!
Skinny pretty kitty why did you have to come here?  

Guess I better go fire up the lawn mowers and weedeater.  It's supposed to be nice tomorrow and Saturday is GrammaLea day.  Alyssa and young Carter will be here all day long.  If I can get everything cleaned up, I'd love to put some toys in the backyard by the garden and throw some pillows in my rocking chair on the back porch so we can be porch potatoes much of the day. Hey, I have a question ....  I'd love to find some kind of backpack thingy to carry Carter around the farm.  It's hard to feed chickens and do anything at the barn when your arms n hands are all full of baby.  I'm just not good at that.  It will be so much easier when Carter can hold his head up all the way and I'm not so worried about that.  If you have seen a really good babypack thingy somewhere please share your info!   

Have a super great day everyone!
My 1 word this morning was and is...-....

2 John 1:3
Grace, mercy and peace from God the Father and from Jesus Christ, the Father’s Son, will be with us in truth and love.

Time to mow....
Holykisses xoxo L


From the Heart said...

Hope your day tomorrow will be extra ordinarily happy.

Dee said...

If you do decide to get up on the barn and hold your hubby's legs as he dangles down to paint...please have someone taking pictures for your blog. LOL I can relate to the little kitty's being dropped off..when we lived in the county it happened to us all the time. Last year we had a little kitty come to our patio door and we had to shoo him away.. so sad. Your reminiscing about your mom and the pumpkin juice is sweet...I often wonder what it will be that will bring up memory's of me to my kids one day.Enjoy the first day of Autumn tomorrow :)

Dee said...

Lea, In answer to your question about advice on blogging every day ...all I can say is just do it. Post something each day. Once I started posting each day I became more enthused with my blogging. I began to find things in my life to share that I took for granted and did not think anyone would be interested in. I have decided to not blog on gives me a break. I find posting each day has stimulated my creativity. If each day is to much try every other day. I challenged myself to blog for 30 days...I did not think I could make it...but I am still blogging LOL and love it.