Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Gratitudes 44

A few random blessings ...........

This quiet evening...finding joy in a moment.

To hear Carter's fever is gone and they should be coming home tomorrow.

Friends who pray... and share experiences of their own journeys.

The sharing of our circle of friends with one another.

This  pinpointed MAP  I found inside my mailbox-  :)

Visiting with my Big Bro and Nephew.

A bowl of beef stew with my music man.

Reading the word again with an appetite. 

A mentor who gets me to think and take an honest look within my heart and soul...

a new bear shaped bottle of honey!

a business opportunity with a brother in Christ.

an invitation to a church we've never been to from a customer  at our mechanics shop.

Hearing that our son and his girlfriend were reading the word together.

Green specks of baby lettuce and spinach leaves.

-- ........ this bed of lilies. 

for the  morning shower and more rain headed our way.

For a visit from  a pileated woodpecker and watching  him waaaack  a tree.

For seeing how some of the interruptions in my day.... took a really good turn connecting people dots.

That many of the farmers are getting another cutting of hay in our neck of the woods.

Having my soul touched to tears by the word intimacy being spoken.

Memories I can hold onto.

Red wool socks.

Another month with no bamboo sprouts.

Vanilla ice cream with whip cream and a cherry on top. (Sonic dish)

Twinkle lights .... and Autumn candles flickering......

Wearing my angelMother's hoodie with Eeyore too.

For lumpyoatmeal with brown sugar and fatfree milk,  ...warm blueberry muffins with extra handfuls of blueberries baked in, .... and ....another jarful of pickled okra-  (just  not all together)

Thank you God  for all these things and so much more.

Thank you Lord for all these things...
thank you with my every thing.


Denise said...

Such precious news about Carter, praise God.

Rebecca said...

Too, too much! I ♥ the specifics and wish I lived closer so that face-to-face I could hear every one of them expanded upon.

And I'm glad Carter's fever is gone....)

Anonymous said...

Lea, I tried to leave a comment earlier but internet was being a bit awkward - it was 12 o'clock on the dot cos your blog clock was chiming 12 and evertime I hear it, I think of my mum as she had a clock with the same chime. Anyways, the news I wanted to hear - that baby Carter is well and coming home. Thank you Lord for answered prayers.