Thursday, September 20, 2012

Gratitudes 43 Wonderful Simple Life

Greetings and Holykisses,

A few random blessings ........
--for More and more LOVE that somehow
just keeps blooming bigger  in our  life.
-That Kaylas feeling better, and
is another year older.  ;)  -We're so thankful she was created and
became part of our family.
--That  Tony finally got  Michelle's ticking lifters fixed. :)
And that we got to see  more of him this week. 
For Trentobean. 
And that heart of his

Thankful for this view outside our living room window.
That the garden is wonderful messy right now and keeps surpring with
new life from dropped  summer seed. 

 --For two snowballs in September..........
--And Autumn Zinnias so pink and salmon.

Visiting Monarchs...
and a butterfly bush re-bloomed
For this silhouette on the
horse-tie pole. 
For Charlotte
and her amazing web.

How she hangs out on this bush
near the kitchen door.  (Can you find her?  Let your eyes
rest right above the watercan handle.) 
--Her intricate black and yellow markings, how she
spins... and even her  
for grasshoppers.

For chicken music right outside the porch
.. and even on the porch. lol  
-And my morning pick me ups.
Santa mug and all.

For  the most comfortable bed to make....
with fleecey sheets and  fluffy featherbed.

For laundry to do...

And  sinkful of  dishes.....
-How Poppa Mike and young Carter have bonded...
And that feeling of having someone sleep on your shoulder....

--How I'm thankful that even though I worried "What if I'll be a bad Grandma someday?"-  coz hearing kids screaming  in Walmart would seriously drive me CRAZY......and yet  other times I wondered  maybe I'd never end up being a Grandma coz our boys have never had kids of their own??.......
--But  God had a plan and  brought 3 to us in one beautiful package!!!...
I'm thankful.    For all this more love.... for growing us ...
and for teaching me to just
chill out
and trust Him.
With everything.
And all of us. 
Coz He really does have it all covered.
Us covered.   

I'm thankful for this little "helper."
And the words... "Gramma Lea I wanna help!"
I'm thankful for my  delightful Honeybear   who likes pink...
and aprons.... and
grilled cheese and who even steals
ALL the dill pickles off my plate. 
For the LAUGHTER  when the ketchup made a "noise"
getting squeezed onto  our plates ...  
"EXCUSE YOU Ketchup!" I scolded. 
and more giggles.
And for how now... anytime  someone or something makes
"that sound".... we all say, "EXCUSE YOU KETCHUP!"- and giggle

How young Carter now really recognizes us...
and blesses  with his beautiful smiles.

For peekaboos
and getting scared
like this.....

For cardboard boxes
being the best toys ever!

for ART!
and ... learning how to  color
your little world.
that monsters
have naptime.
And can go happily for two and a half beautiful hours! lol

That during monster naptime...
older  ARTIST girls... get to play longer...
and create!
For  serenity 
like this.

-- That a basketball now lives in my backseat.
And that Myguy will put down his wrench, and
come play with me. 
For the beautiful sound of a
For moments like this....
with my Sweetheart
--my best friend.

For  boots so broken  in
I can walk in them better than any  sneakers now...
And ...

that Francois is ready to go
walk anytime, anywhere, anyplace...
any weather...

 His big sister Addiedoodle too...
But she gets tired- 
Like Ole Abe used to. 
To have faithful  walking buddies who have
your back  is such a blessing!
I'm thankful. 
For Bella tangles to comb....

For bills

And a beautiful sky....
With clouds to daydream...
and heaven to think about.
For all these things and so much more.I'm grateful.
Thank  you Lord for all these things...
Thank you with my everything....


Sue@CountryPleasures said...

Beautiful as always!! I can't believe you doubted yourself about being a good grandma, your a natural!!!

Rebecca said...

Gee, Lea! I was going to start commenting on one picture at a time....But I gave up! Sharing your happiness at the way God has blessed your family. Those three children ARE precious! I love the way you've "chilled" :) ♥

I DO love the autumn zinnia, the silhouette, the butterflies - EVERYTHING!

sweetvintageofmine said...

You and your husband are a wonderful gramma and grampa! It fits you both perfectly! The children seem to LOVE you both very much...the smiles on their face say it all! Blessings to you and your new family! From one sweetie to another~~~Roxie

maxie said...

I told you that you would be a great grandma. They are so precious!! Maybe someday we will be as blessed as you and Mike are!! Who knows someday maybe our grandkids will grow up to be best friends!! If we ever have grandkids!!! Until I have grandkids I just might have to share yours some Sat. Love you

maxie said...

Love the pictures and the grandkids!!! I knew you would be a wonderful grandma Lea!!! A little girl to spoil along with two little boys how wonderful !!! Enjoy every mintue you have with them!!!