Saturday, July 7, 2012

New Friends On The Farm

 Howdy friends!  

Had to jump on here and share some pics and my excitement with yall!  
Look who came home with us this afternoon!  

Myguy told me he heard about some horses for sale yesterday and this morning he came out to the garden and asked me if I wanted to go look at them.  (Did I want to go look at them*  -- he didn't have to twist my arm that's for sure! )  Anyways, before I knew it he had the stock trailer hitched up and pulled up to the house and off we went.  

These people had 4 horses and were selling out by the looks of things.  
They had a paint gelding who was broke to death but ... he was a rescue horse and they said was near death when they got him.  He was so poor still*... -- really broke my heart.  They also had a stud, and these other two.  The paint I'm holding in the picture was the man's personal horse.  She's been to playdays and roped off of and although gentle he said she's for experienced riders.  (yikes... it's been awhile since I've even been on a horse ya know?)  I rode her bareback first and will admit was pretty nervous.  She felt like a rocket between my legs.  He offered to get a saddle and I felt alot better about that.  ... Ya know... you kinda hate to fall off with an audience and all.  

Saddled up she did so much better.  --- I know I just felt much more confident too.  You know- call me chicken but  ... it's just intimidating to get on a strange horse who needs an experienced rider... and then ride her all around with a rottweiler chasing after you on a big chain, and a stud horse running the fence and whinnying his head off at ya. was love at first sight.   I looked into those beautiful blue eyes and just melted a little. Course she smelled absolutely  terrific to boot.  That sweaty- horsey fragrance wafted the hot summer air. I couldn't get enough in my nose!!!  

Myguy climbed on and rode her as well. (He  liked her too!!)  
We've been looking for a "good" 14 hand horse for a long time.  And today we found her!
I stood with the people's little girl who they'd thrown up on the gelding while Myguy helped the other man load this mare.  After he got her tied in, the man said, "If you want that grey... I'd take 50bucks for her."  Before I even looked up, I heard Myguy  say, "Okay, I'll  take her for that."  ?????????!!!!!!!!!  Myguy!!! Get outta Dodge! 
I was stunned!  Did the heat get to him?  I had to wonder???? 

I stayed back hanging onto their  little girl up on the gelding while they tried to load the grey.  It was a much harder time of it.  They finally had to load the stud to get the grey to walk in the trailer.  That's when I heard the little girl I was holding say, "Those horses there are CRAZY!"  haha  Then she said, "Snow White is mean!"   -- I couldn't help but laugh.  The children will tell it like it is won't they?   Oh dear.*

 So here they are out in our pasture.
 The paint is borrowing  Violet our donkey's halter.  --Talk about getting the cart before the horse...I don't even have a saddle anymore!  haha  But that's okay...  I'm happy just to look at them for now.  And smell em!  They smell so dadgum good! (Hey wait;... actually I guess it's okay to get the horse and then the cart, saddle or whatever.)  Think I'm so excited I'm slightly giddy.

A little while ago I walked out there and the grey let me walk right up to her and pet her.  The paint walked away and wouldn't let me get too close.  They loved their grain though so I figure it won't take long feeding them in the corral and they'll get used to things. 

Our donkeys are rather miffed.  They're not impressed at all.
Spirit tried to make friends.  He was totally shunned.
Violet wanted nothing to do with them. 

We still have had no rain at our house.  It's so hot and dry but they're saying we have a chance for rain over the weekend and cooler temperatures are coming.  Boy do we ever look forward to that   Dawg days are already upon us.   

Well, I'm gonna head back out there and watch them awhile!  
They don't have names yet.  
Any ideas?  Think old fashioned girl names.  

Have a great weekend yall,
Holykisses xoxo
and happy trails!!


Dee said...

Awwww..those horses will think they died and went to heaven living on your farm. It will interesting at your place as each animal tries to establish their own boundaries with each other, LOL My thinking cap is not working well...but how about Molly Mae...Sue Ann?

Tammy@Simple Southern Happiness said...

God knew you needed some life in that empty pasture. Looks like you have a lot.

Etta-Jane and Liza Jane are tow names that comes to mind... for a good ole southern/country name.

Give them a good old hug from me.

Paula said...

Pearly Mae, Viola, Opal, Etta, Esther, Myrtle, Wilma, Bullah, talulah, Ida, Ruby, Clara, Carpathia, Alma, Bessie, Vera, Leona!! Hope that helps, and congrats on your new horses!!! They are purdy

sweetvintageofmine said...

GOOD FOR YOU, LEA! Sorry to have seen your COWS go, but now you have some horses to LOVE! I've never had a horse but my younger sister did. Always thought they were beautiful but a little afraid.....I pray cooler and wet weather your way and mine! From one sweetie to another....Roxie

Trace4J said...

So happy happy for you!

Sunnyside Up said...

Yeah Mike!!! Whatta guy!! I'm beyond excited for you to see a dream come true! Horses do have the greatest smell don't they? They will bring you so much happiness! They are beautiful!
As for names..the first name that came to me was Sadie but how about Grace & Joy ;) or....if your feeling Patriotic since it IS July..Freedom & Liberty!! Whatever you will be perfect & I agree with everyone else....those horses have found a piece of heaven on the Star farm!
I know I don't even have to ask...but keep us updated with pictures!! :)

Kiss their noses for me!...Char

Sue@CountryPleasures said...

I had a horse given to me once, so glad I was younger then! lol But these two are beauties and if anyone can brake them and make them feel at home, it's you!!! Both are beautiful and one should be named July to remember this heatwave of 2012!!!

From the Heart said...

Doesn't take much to make you happy
does it? Me I'd be scared to death to even get close to a horse.
I'm happy for you tho. I like the nnames Grace and Joy that was mentioned earlier. You will come
up with something good, I'm sure.
Thanks for sharing.

Dawn Dutton said...

Congrats on the horse! Sometime our men will surprise us huh?
Have fun.. Horses smell great. And I love to feel their soft noses.
Stella, Ella Mae, Emmie, mable

Have fun!
Hugs, dawn

Vickie said...

Aw, I'm so jealous, Lea. My guy has promised me horses, too. I've wanted a couple all my life, but there was just never the chance or the place. But now we've got the room! Just need some fencing done. Enjoy your horses! I LOVE horse smell, too!

Anonymous said...

So excited for you Lea, bless you. The timing was obviously right to find these lovely horses. I am sure they will take no time to settle in. Give them hugs from me and also Violet & Spirit. Happy riding when you get your saddle.


mylittlecottage said...

nice and encouraging post...thanks for sharing...looking for to visit more...blessings

Heidi said...

Oh my... Horses???? You sure do live all of God's creatures, that's for sure. You and YouGuy are like Adam and Eve! Be safe and hang on tight!!!
Hugs, Heidi

Attic Clutter said...

OH so glad you have some horses Lea..beautiful..
my lil' birdy isn't doing well..
this morn...
I don't think he's not going to make it.. a sad day for me.. (:( oxoxp

Attic Clutter said...

Pawny..and Mr.Ed are some cute names too Lea(:)