Thursday, June 14, 2012

Gratitudes 36

--Just a  few random blessings......

Things that are music to my ears:
the sounding alarm clock- another brand new day.
... the beeping snooze button... 
...(once more... beeeeeep beeeeep beeep)
pitterpatter of 12 wee corgi feet racing  for the door across laminate floor.
running water ... inside our sinks and showertub.
that beautiful flushing indoor commode.-- thank you Lord!!!
The battery operated humming Norelco as  he shaves his handsome face.
the final rush of Fog lifter coffee from the Keurig into my stained santa mug.
rinsing, spinning and beeps with each cycle of the washer n dryer.. 
my old blowdryer that just keeps on going and going.
that  beautiful rustle through the silver maple trees
...sweet morning dove coos.
the many "Mom and Honey and Friend, I love you's- I take too for granted.
the  buzzing  honeybees in the moonflowers
and a hammering woodpecker up in the Sycamore tree
The furbaby barkaholics, and all our voices that hollar, "Shut up!"
the faraway train, and yaps of the coyotes as it fades away
clucking hens laying large green eggs.
How one rooster lets out one final ...awwwwwwww after every single "Errr errrr errr errr eeeeeerrrrrrrrrrrr..... ........awwwwwwwwwwwwwww"
daily greetings from the  two "hee haws" (Violet and Spirit)
courting toads in and around the  planted work boots- they must really loooove eachother.
the darting whirr of one selfish hummingbird as he claims the feeder  his very own.
new text alerts  from my Trentobean, AnTonyo, MissKayla, Meeeechelle, LilTexas, KK, WackyJackie and Myguy.
flipping pages in my delicious summer read "My Garden In Summer"
Jeanie's  SweetScottish accent on the other end of my phone: "Hello Lea."- I love how she talks!
Giant windchimes tuned to church bells on the back porch.
the new praise and worship music I love to blast  through  my earbuds-by Dara and Britt
the little loping cam in our old Chevy- ... Blooop blooop...Bloopbloop!
- those little boyngirl giggles
and splashing catfish when  feeding them pellets at dusk
the "putt putt"  of a wore out 8N Ford tractor, .. while putting out hay in June
the back and forth lullling of the sprinkler across struggling sweetcorn.
A chirping mailbox once again; bluebird love
and crow- caws and hawk- cries while out weeding.
-his truck coming ...back home
 Mooing cows begging for sweet feed at the sound of a four wheeler.
The digging of a shovel ... as it removes every last bamboo root.
Girlfriends sharing horsetalk with kittys climbing up bluejeans.
the Maytag timer ... with zucchini bread pans - coming off  the oven rack.
my man's loud  snores...-- all  
delightful music to my ears.

Thank you Lord for all these things
Thank you for my everything.

 Holykisses xoxo




From the Heart said...

You always make my day on Thursdays. I love to read your "Thank you". Most of us wouldn't even think of some of the things you do (although we should)
Have a blessed day.

Rebecca said...

Too, too much! Such variety. So many sounds. Sights unlimited. "Blessings all mine with then thousand beside!"

Honestly though, "snoring"?????

Lea said...

Most definitely MY HUSBANDS SNORING!
I know it's probably weird but it's kinda comforting to me... and just makes me thankful that my husband is beside me.

Anonymous said...

Lea, I am thankful for your blog, your friendship, the sweet music.


Wishing you a lovely weekend.
God Bless


Sue@CountryPleasures said...

Simply yet perfect!!!

Debra said...

Awww~Lea, I just love you.

Thank you for the most precious comment you left just for me at my blog. It means a lot!

I'll be back some day...
Love, Debra

sweetvintageofmine said...

All these things you mention is a true blessing of what LIFE is all about. GOD has made and given us these things to HEAR! Everything he made is PERFECT and BEAUTIFUL! LOVED HEARING the "OVERCOME" song by Jeremy Camp! Glad your music is up.......From one sweetie to another...Roxie

Thistle Cove Farm said...

Almost half a decade after Uncle Clarence died, Aunt Esther and I were sitting in church. Someone else was chatting (before service) and complained about her husband snoring. On the way home Aunt Esther said, "I'd give anything to hear your Uncle Clarence snore again!"
Great list, well done!

Attic Clutter said...

oh my goodness girl you sure know how to be grateful (:)
Lov'in it..12 corgi feet you have 4 of them wowowowow...
thanks on my potters benches..