Friday, May 11, 2012

Making Progress At My Happy Place

Greetings and Holykisses,

Hi friends!
What a great day it's been.
First; today was my Angel Mother's birthday.
Myguy helped me mow and weed eat her grave this week, and last night we left a pretty Spring bouquet with pink roses and forget-me-nots  on her headstone.  -I still have another bouquet to take on Mother's day. 
...I was blessed today to have friends remember with me and a couple  said they were  lifting me in their prayers.  I'm grateful... and I will tell  prayers have helped and ... it's  easier now.  There was a time I couldn't imagine that would ever be..... but it it really is.  While I like taking flowers to her grave ... -I like spending time much more where her house used to set here in the front pasture.  This olde shed  is still there and the photo  is the progress to date.   Myguy started replacing rotten boards; but still has two more to swap  out.   I  painted the rotten ones anyways until he's ready.  It's still kinda primitive... and I finally decided on this lighter oatmeal color.   If you look to the left of the barn star, you'll see an empty spot?  It never had a board there but I didn't really notice it til after it was painted.  Myguy said he'd fit a puzzle piece in there.  ( love my man- he's so good to me!)

So.. we just lack a three boards, a little more paint and some  decorating.  The wooden window still needs to be rehung  on the side... and also the window box.  I think I've decided to order  brown, primitive wooden shutters with STAR cutouts on the centers.  The turquey door needs a grapevine wreath... and  ... curtains.  ;)  Time will tell what else.  I look forward to planting  more flowers and oh... guess what?!  When I pulled in with my truck a bird flew out of the bluebird house.  I snuck over there and opened the front and it is packed tight with a nest now!  JOY! 

Addie and I hauled manure and compost today to the little postage stamp garden this afternoon.  It's not doing too bad. 
What fun!!  
It's... -my happy place! 

The donkeys often walked up to the barb wire fence to say hi while I painted, and I could almost  see my Angel Momma toodeling out there with her wicker basket of fresh cut apples and range cakes.   If they weren't already  waiting for her, she'd holler "ViOooOOoOoOoooleeeeeet!"  -  In no time, Violet and Spirit were there at the fence, gently taking sweet treats from her open hand while she told them what good donkeys they were. 

Good memories.
Happy memories.....
of the best Angel Mother ...this girl could ever have.


Trace4J said...

Morning Precious Friend!
You are blessed with treasured memories. May they embrace you and fill you with peace and joy.
Especially at your turquoisy door.
Hugs & Joy

Sue@CountryPleasures said...

Such a happy place, and I know your angel mom is right there with you!! I love it and can't wait to see it all done and blooming just for the two of you!!! Happy Mother's Day sweetie!!

Cora from Hidden Riches said...

I love how the shed is looking! Nothing better than a fresh coat of paint to make everything look new again! Sounds like you had a sweet, sweet day, Lea! I wish I could have known your Mom!!! Whenever I think of the word, patience, I think of her!

sweetvintageofmine said...

Lea, my ;heart goes out to you and anyone who does not have their Mother. When I read May 11 was also your Mothers Birthday, I heart went out to you more because that is also my Mothers Birthday! My Mother is still here with us and a YOUNG 79! When I went through my sickness (will be giving testimony last week on this month) My Mother was there more for me than I would have EVER realized!! The story you give about the memories of you and your Mother are a beautiful read~~~Also, your shed is darling!! Can't wait to see the finished look! From one sweetie to another....Roxie

Blue Sky Farm said...

I popped over to your site through anothers..Love your garden shed and can relate to all the things your mother taught you... Your Mom could have been my moms sister...if I didn't know differently...Drop by my site sometime...I will be following yours fromnow on..
AND Happy Mothers Day ...