Thursday, March 1, 2012

March 1st Gratitudes 27

Greetings and Holykisses,

I think I may have missed recording a few gratitudes here last Thursday, so this week may be a little more jumbled than usual. I still wanted to take a few minutes this evening to share a few joys.

I'm thankful for the beautiful sunlight I've been seeing this week.
The way the light streamed in through the barn this morning, really got my attention.
and how the rooster here let out the prettiest crow just as I took his picture.

I'm thankful for this scented geranium that was saved last Fall. It was brought inside and repotted. It's now thriving in this window light more beautifully than it ever did outdoors, and has new buds.

I'm thankful we got the new carpet all in and were able to give Tony's old bedroom a little makeover in time for my dear Aunt and Uncle's visit.

I'm thankful for the wonderful time we had together with them...
and so very blessed to call them family.

I'm thankful for the glimpses that I too noticed of my Angel Mother... in her one and only sister.

I'm thankful I get to love them,

And that they love me too.

I'm thankful for simple pleasures that make me smile and see
polka dots.

For two little hens sharing motherhood duty.

Determined to set together for three long weeks.

I'm thankful that the 8 from the last hatch are now grown. The tiny hens should start laying soon.

- Thankful for the sweet new baby calves, and lots of colorful farm fresh eggs. God provides!

Thankful Tracy's tulips are coming up again and ...

Everything is coming back to new life.

I'm thankful for first blooms so purpley,

And getting spoiled with homemade, french, waffle cookies.

-- Dragonfly love,

-Happy and healthy sons.

And for the sweet gal wanting to know how to make pizza casserole for our Strongheart.

For the voice that says "Aloha" on our answering machine.

A good doctor report,

And surprise message on my phone that said, "I might see you this weekend!" (Oh I hope so.) xoxo

For the word of God. And this week more lessons to abide in His love. For specific words that stood out to me like Vine, fruit, prune, joy and the commandment to just love one another.

For love found in heart rocks, and getting to work outdoors singing praise and worship songs.

I'm thankful to be married to my very best friend.

Thankful storms missed us, and for praying friends.

I'm thankful for brand new clothespins and the joy to hang the laundry out on the line with the sound of sheets and towels whipping in the breeze.

I'm thankful for washing our dishes by hand and the God time I get to have with hands in hot Olay soapy dishwater.

My life is full and blessed and I thank God for every thing.

John 21:25
And there are also many other things that Jesus did, which if they were written one by one, I suppose that even the world itself could not contain the books that would be written. Amen.


Tammy@Simple Southern Happiness said...

Its the little things that gives our hearts so much joy and wish others could understand. You have so much to be thankful for. Seeing new life on the farm and Spring coming. So much color popping all over your farm.

The room looks perfect all decorated with so much charm and treasures. I am sure they had sweet dreams there.

GOD bless you and yours and keep you safe.

Sue@CountryPleasures said...

WONDERFUL post!!! I loved every word and oh my my, that new room is just dreamy!!! You did a lovely job Lea!!!

Fran. said...

What a beautiful post!! You do have so much to be blessed with! We all do!! I can not believe your flowers already!! Oh my goodness we are in such different zones!! LOL I glanced at mine today and nothing!!! But the safety pins I stuck outside in my rusty dust pan hanging from my front porch, did rust!! I was woo-hooing over that!!! LOL Your guest room looks so sweet and inviting! I love the chalkboard in there! So sweet! Love ya Lea! Thanks for always reminding me of god things so sweet and simple!! XOXO

Rebecca said...

I'm missing you, Lea! Don't know how I missed this post. It was a joy to visit - better late than never, I guess :)

♥ Rebecca

Dawn Dutton said...

I love the room... I have missed your posts. So blessed you are...hugs