Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Everlasting Love

Greetings and Happy Valentine's Day!

If you hadn't yet noticed... today's Valentine's day!
Pretty sure most of you already knew that already right?

Many Valentines have come and went in the many years Myguy and i have been together. But one thing that I'm still amazed of is how love "grows." I sure didn't didn't know that when we got married. On our wedding day, we were 18 years old. I seriously thought I could not possibly love him more. But then a day went by. And then another day went by after that. Our lives took so many twists and turns after saying I do. Good things happened, and bad things happened. It wasn't always just peachy because we're human and humans are full of faults, flaws and sins. But with every day, trial, joy, circumstance, ... our love has grown more and more, ... somehow! It's amazing!!

I think for myself; the time I became most aware of that, was the moment our boys were born.
Giving birth... witnessing this miracle together... really opened my eyes to the truth that love grows more than I can even begin to imagine. Knowing the Lord and reading His word; He tells us Himself how big His love is! His ways are so much higher... His love is everlasting!

This month, Myguy and I celebrated our 29th Anniversary.
We'd never been to Tennessee before so we rented a cabin in the Smokey's for three beautiful nights. I take that back; four! Buy three nights get the fourth night free! We had so much fun and really needed the time away.

We're not real big on crowds and alot of hubub. Our favorite thing to go do is to just get out in nature and go exploring.

The morning of our anniversary we got up early and had a hearty breakfast. After that we headed into the mountains with our binoculars, camera, and lots of fresh batteries!

One of our first stops was this place with all these big, mossy rocks.
I don't know what it is about moss that grabs me so much but it feels like earthy carpet and it's so appealing to me. (Course; I must say, the really cute guy on the rocks does something for me too.) lol

No matter where we are; Colorado, Yellowstone, the Ozarks, or now here;... we like to to just park somewhere and find a secluded spot to sit with binculars. You'd be really surprised what often walks across your lens! We've seen wolves, grizzlies and lots of elk and deer doing this. I didn't see anything in this spot but we were up in clouds literally!

Myguy is very adventurous and I'm appreciating that more and more every year.
He loves to drive and there aren't many roads he won't try.
...And with four wheel drive... who needs a road right? lol

As the afternoon wore on, we kept looking for cool places to pull over and go hiking.
I remember seeing a riding stable but I think it was closed for the season and there were no horses around. But out walking, up through the trees, Myguy caught a glimpse of...

This beautiful church! I hadn't even seen it.
It was if we just "happened" on it.
(God thing)

Down below it, were these tree stumps split in two; created into benches.
Notice all the beautiful moss?!!
We began walking up the hillside and there were no people around at all.
The sign said:

We walked around the side and

The doors were both ajar.
Welcoming us.
Come inside!

It was so beautiful... and primitive.
Myguy went around to the pulpit and discovered a current songbook on the podium.

I had to take a photo of the song that it was left opened to:
Be still my soul.
I absolutely love this song and actually sing it all the time
on my ipod!!! (It's the Amy Grant version!)

So guess what? 2:00 was approaching.
That was the time 29 years earlier that we were wed.

We went back outdoors and picked a little wild fern bouquet...

We waited outside the doors and when Myguy's watch struck 2:00:
He walked me down the isle just as he had the first time.
(We didn't do it the traditional way. -My Dad never walked me down
the isle, my husband to be... was at my side!!)

We took off our wedding rings and laid them together on what we used for the altar.

Then we knelt right here and prayed together; making
new vows to love one another... forever!

This is our wedding photo.
-Sitting on the floor up against the podium.
(Thank you Lord)

We sat here and talked a long while...
Yes... oh so thankful.
We are thankful that God had a plan and purpose for our lives.
We are thankful that He gave us each other to love, and be loved!
We are thankful that He loves us and we again remembered what a wise
man of God once told us before we married:

To imagine us as a triangle.
Myguy's name is on one corner at the bottom, and mine is across from his at the other side.
GOD is the point...at the top! As you draw that triangle, you see what the lines do as you bring them closer to GOD. As you grow closer to God, you grow closer together.

He loves us.
And He draws us, closer to Himself.

He loves us with an everlasting love.
He loved us first, so we can love Him,
and eachother.
Thankyou Heavenly Father.

Holykisses xoxo


From the Heart said...

Beautiful. Thanks for inviting your friends to your renewing of your vows. We did that with our Pastor and friends on our 25th anniversary. Our daughters had a reception for us. I wonder what they will do next year. It will be our 50th. When our oldest asked I told her I just wanted family, nothing elaborate. Hard to believe it has been that long.

You are truly blessed, both of you.

Traci said...

Happy Valentine's Day Lea! That is the sweetest thing I've read all day.. Congrats on you wedding anniversary and renewal... ♥Traci

Heather's Blog-o-rama said...

OH this is really romantic...so sweet..and wow, you were so young when you got married. It's really neat to see how God has kept you together :) :) Love, Love, Love...and finding that church is amazing. What a special gift for the two of you. You know what? In the "Christy" book by Ctherine Marshall, there's a place mentioned called Lufty Branch...or something like that..oh wait, that was in the tv series. I'll have to reread the book!! In any case, this church could have been something straight out of that book :) Happy Valentine's Day. Love and hugs from the ocean shores of California, Heather :)

Heidi said...

Oh my goodness....the PERFECT story to read right before I shut off my computer for the night....Valentine's Day night, too! I have tears in my eyes, your love story is touching. You sure you didn't "write" this, then head out and find the perfect setting to match? No, just kidding, becuase I know GOD wrote it. You and your Guy are special indead, as God has blessed you 29 yeares. Hearts, hugs, luv, and holy kisses to you both!

Sue@CountryPleasures said...

You shared a perfect post with us, just right for Valentines day! And you are so right about love growing, pretty amazing!!! I'm with you on the moss thing, wow that photo spot is awesome!!! Happy hearts abound!! I know you had a lovely VD!!!! Hugs!

Fran. said...

Oh Lea how amazing!! You betcha that was a God thing!! Too perfect!! (like HIM) Beautiful Love story! I use to go to the Smokey Mountains as a child with my Mom and step-Dad on vaca! They are so beautiful!! I am so glad you are back!! Thank you for sharing this amazing Grace with us!! Love, XO Fran. Beautiful pics too!!

Trace4J said...

Just Beautiful Lea!
I truly believe that is just the best most wonderful post I have ever read. I truly have goosebumps!
Have GREAT is our GOD! LOVE so Amazing!
Thank you Sweet Friend for sharing again.
Happy Anniversary & Valentine's all rolled into one.
Love to you


Sherry said...

That was just perfect. Such a beautiful testimony of that day. Brought tears to my eyes. xo

Alleluiabelle said...

This was the most beautiful life story to read and experience along with you. It made my heart swell with love and emotion at how God makes all things so perfect in His way and timing.

Again...so very very beautiful Lea.

Love you,

M.K. said...


Hands down, this is one of the best blog post I have ever read in blogland. What a blessing!

Big Hugs
~ Michele