Thursday, December 29, 2011

Gratitudes 24 Christmas Reflections

Greetings and Holykisses,

It's been such a wonderful Christmas and I'm so thankful.
On this 24th Gratitude post; ... I'll share a few random blessings:

1. For a very meaningFUL Christmas.
I've shared a vintage photo here at the Shed with an olde woman sitting in her chair
next to a Christmas tree- do any of you remember it? That photo has inspired
me so much to stop the hohum madness... and to take time to bask in God's presence. Several times this Christmas season, I became that olde woman sitting next to our own Christmas tree. I'd kick back and just rest in the vintage, gold, throw away chair from an auction... and enjoyed our Christmas tree in peace and quiet. I'd close my eyes, talk to God and imagined Bethlehem so long ago. ... Just remembering that Jesus came ... to die....- for "me."

2. I'm thankful for the crown of thorns that graces our tree.
(Say that outloud to yourself. Did you catch the GRACE part?)- me too.
Little did I know; years ago when I made it; ... it would touch my heart
so much "today." I made a few others too. My AngelMother got one, my
Aunt Nancy and my dear friend Edie. I think I bled on them all. Even wearing
leather gloves they are so dangerously sharp. You can't imagine the lump I got in my
throat twisting those branches together. Think of that first person who made the crown of thorns for King Jesus. Think of the men who nailed Him to the cross.
The day I made the crown of thorns; I felt such sadness.
Because really; He wore it ... and bled for me...
Everytime I see it;...... I remember.

3. For the time my family spent together around the table.
We held hands in a circle and prayed together.
Mike, Trent, Tony, Michelle, ... me, and God.

4. For the laughter we shared opening presents.
Sweet gifts of love to eachother.
The boys went together and bought Bigdaddy racing tires for the dragtruck.
Trent wrapped them in Nascar paper and they looked exactly like two tires under
the tree. I will never forget that visual in my head, nor the look on Bigdaddy's face.
Priceless. -- Memories... made with my family! Thank you God for those loves in my life!

5. Lavished love and thoughtfulness among family and friends!
Cards, letters, teabags, joybuzzes... pictures, sweet treats, music!
It was all so merry, and bright!!!

6. For late night stops for Sonic ice cream, and then on to look at Christmas lights. Especially to drive through the lights on the bridge in Clarksville. I just love driving through all those twinkle lights! For the many nativities we saw, and the many people who said, "Merry CHRISTmas!!"
Sweet JOY.

7. And for the special time I had early Christmas morning; celebrating the greatest
birthday the world has ever known. Just me and my Emmanuel.
It was a such a special time I will cherish.


Sue@CountryPleasures said...


Heather's Blog-o-rama said...

HI Lea ;) :) :)
Oh, I loved reading your post and looking at the sweet photos. My favorite is the open Bible with the candle and that nice mug. Is that a candle inside a cupcake inside a jar? That's cool :) Happy New Year to you and your family. Love and hugs from the ocean shores of California, Heather ;)

Anonymous said...

You really blessed my heart today with this post Lea~thank you!

Rebecca said...

What wonderful reasons to express your gratitude, Lea.

Your Christmas sounds near-perfect!

Sending you my wishes for a blessed New Year. (Our extended family gathers for "Christmas" tomorrow through Sunday - though hubby and I can only stay until Sat. eve....)

Sunnyside Up said...

The Crown of Thorns on the top of your tree is SO fitting for this time of year...reminds me of something that I heard recently that made me REALLY ponder DEEPLY the true meaning of Christmas...

God GAVE US Christmas so that Jesus could GIVE US Easter!!

What a gift of a Savior...a baby BORN so that HE might die for our sins on the CROSS with the PROMISE that HE would RISE again...and we get to meet Him in Heaven someday!!

thanks for the visual reminder!!
thankful for the CROWN HE wore for me...

Paula said...

Aloha Chickie!!!
A blessed CHRISTmas indeed :-) I can so picture you in my minds eye, in your chair, with your beloved bible, lights, talking to our Lord *****
God is sooo good :-)
Love the new blog header, very SOPS.
Happy New Year to you Dear Friend
Aloha PJ
P.S. Got a night time picture of TWO toads in one of my water planters, if I can get them uploaded will share on my blog. :-)

Fran. said...

Happy New Year Lea!! Thanks for sharing your special memories!! I am so thankful I met you just in time to grow together in Christ in2012. I will be clelbrating this evening with my special guy and and many of our friends at one of our friends house. Looking forward to 2012 I just know it's gonna be awesome!! Be safe in His arms Lea and have a rockin New Years Eve!! XO Love, Fran.

ozjane said...

Lovely reflections.
My images have come back to the baby feet setting out on the rugged road to the cross.
I now do not even mind seeing Hot Cross Buns so quickly in the shops. It seems to emphasize the link between Christmas and the Cross.