Thursday, October 13, 2011

Gratitudes 15

Greetings and Holykisses!!

Today is "inlove day" so I need to keep this short... but I so want to stop a moment and share a few random blessings. Please bear with me if I make mistakes ; coz I'm not even gonna try to do any proof reading. -But I really want to share a few gifts with you....

Random Blessings...........

My Family! Inloves, Inlaws, Outlaws... all of us! lol I'm thankful for all my Kin. Much of my family is very spread out? We get distanced and sometimes alot of time goes by and we don't always talk with or see eachother. I guess that's how life happens... but I'm thankful to be a part of them. Thankyou Lord!

My Friends.... !!!-- Each and every one of you!
(I may not have much money...but I'm filthy rich in friends!!) Thankyou Lord!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Laughter. I'm thankful for all the giggles and snorts in my life. - Example: Percy the guinea in the photo up above? I laughed my rear off the other night watching him chase grasshoppers out in the field. He was like this wild man darting here and there and I could actually see all the grasshoppers trying to outrun him... - who needs tv with a polka-dotted Percy!

Time spent with Gardener woman the other night. Remember her? She's the lady who lives down the road from me and one day as I drove by her house, God whispered to me "love your neighbor." I didn't know her and I kept ignoring His whisper... coz I didn't "want" to just drop in and say, ... "I know you don't know me but...." I mean; how awkward! The Holy Spirit kept nudging though with repeated whispers....and one sweet day, I gave in and drove up her driveway with a pounding heart. She didn't come to the door but I left a pink gerber daisy at her gate. The next time I drove to town she was outdoors and once again I pulled in. She was on her cellphone trying to figure out "who" left her the flower. ;) -- Anyways, ..... we've become great friends and she now even comes to bible study at my house. We have so much in common. She's my "gardener woman. " She knows so much about flowers... but the best thing.... is she loves the Lord! This week when I stopped by; I had no more and got out of my olde truck and said hi.... -when we both noticed the brilliant SONset!!!! ......
It was so cool because she didn't just see the beauty in it but marveled at our good God in it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! To have a friend that you can both just step back and look uP with........ what a blessing she is to me!!! I hope to never forget that moment!

Earlier in the week, I had another moment in my garden.
This picture!
It was kinda cloudy .... and while I had my camera at the potting shed... the clouds parted and suddenly this
amazing light .... just came down.
Heavenly SONlight. I couldn't help but say thank you Lord outloud! It was breathtaking!

I'm also thankful for the showers we had this week!
It smells so fresh out there now. All the dust got rinsed off the plants and
the flowers???.... - well; just look at them!

This one really took my breath away. I have a friend who has grown sons just like me. One of them in particular has a thang for my punkin bread. This past week, when I was baking, I made an extra batch and drove a couple loaves to their house to surprise em. -- Get this... are you sitting down? This morning the phone rings and it's the "punkin breadboy" and he asks if I'm gonna be home coz he was gonna drive my pan back over. I said sure! 5 minutes later he is knockin on the door and hands me this! "He" baked me this apple cake in my pan!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I am so not kiddin you. He also hands me the card. Yall, I bout had me a little mistymoment.* I don't think you could scrape the goosebumps off my arms. What a sweet child!
Another random blessing is this:
Some of you know I've been on a calf watch lately. We have a black white face cow "Marble Mocha Machiato" who has looked close to calvin for days now. --Well this week, I walked out to check her and "surprise!" The surprise was wasn't even Marble... but Rebecca who decided to go first. ;)

She had this little heifer.
Thank you Lord for such a beautiful blessing.
She was freshly licked off. -Still kinda wet and all brand new. ;)
I think her name will be Nutmeg.

I have so much more to share: a cancer free!!! report for a loved one, .... some BIGTexas LOVE, and.... lessons in giving from this ...incredible Hawaiin Chicklet . (grin).

It's been an amazing week!... -a scripture picture booklet, recipe cards, .....a big, beautiful buck that ran out in front of me, and even a hedge of protection I felt around my vehicle when I drove to Russellville. I was like the worst driver out on the road all day long!?? Ever just have an "off" driving day? I kept making errors in judgement and yet God's hand was on me. I'm thankful Lord! -- There is so much more to share... but I must close for now.
My Mil and Fil should be here soon!
I think we're gonna try to go sightseeing tomorrow so I'll try to take pictures of Autumn in the Ozarks.

Have a blessed day everyone!


Sue@CountryPleasures said...

Another great post Lea, and I love the new header, esp. the photo of the cross!! I remember your garden woman next door, that's so neat to have a neighbor like that. Whenever I borrow a pan or plate, I always make sure it's not empty, good boy!!lol

Rebecca said...

Too, too much, Lea! And now sightseeing in the Ozarks. Thankful WITH you and FOR you!

Paula said...

Aloha Dear Heart!
Great post today. So important to voice our thanks and see the blessings that God gives us. Just loved how your punkin bread boy actually baked you a sweet treat with a card!! that boys momma done grow him up right!!! So awesome to think that there are good men out there. And that Percy! Oh my wish I could see that too. new calves are precious and sweetly new. I feel the same way as you do about your statement regarding family and being so spread out. Today was my Uncle dale's funeral, and my heart is soo heavy not being able to be with the family, but grateful for them all.
I am thankful you my sistah chicky are a woman who keeps her heart for Jesus.
<3 Love, Paula

Dawn Dutton said...

Beautiful Post and photos!

Denise said...

You are such a precious treasure to my heart.

Trace4J said...

(((((GOD IS GOOD))))
Thank you for sharing the goosebumps!
Have a wonderful time with your family!
Love & JOY

Cora from Hidden Riches said...

I just want to hug that little calf!!!! What a beautiful baby you got there, Lea!!! Hope your visit with your inlaws went well. I'm sure it did! Can't wait to see those Ozark Autumn pictures!!!!

Auntie Bliss said...

That was sweet of that boy to bring you a cake! My boys are learning to bake...the little one makes banana bread.
I just named a dog Nutmeg up at my husband's business! I call her Meggie.
Hope y'all are getting some nice photos!!