Friday, September 2, 2011

Learning New Things......It's Possible!

Greetings and Holykisses,

I'm smiling, as while I've been piecing together this photo collage, a Sister in Christ has been texting me and God's totally using her to speak His truth into my soul. goosebumps!

Some of you already know that I love to write and love to make things.
Well, last year I discovered putting the two together: Art Journaling. (Thankyou Sherry!)
It has been so much fun and it blows me away how God's word just explodes like a kaleidoscope not only on the pages of my book, but mostly in my heart!!!

While journaling the other day, I did some dreaming.
It took me back to over a year ago when I asked myself a raw question.
If it were possible, .... I would_________. (fill in the blank)
At that particular time, I filled in the blank with how badly I wanted to lose my extra weight.
I was so pained by it.
Then, when I finished, I wrote this verse:
With GOD all things are possible.
From that day on, I began to believe that with God's help, ... that dream of mine could come true. And it did. It wasn't easy, ... but it was possible. With God's help, I lost over 30 pounds.

So recently, while journaling, I found myself dreaming and journaled the same question.
My answer is to learn more about GOD through Art and to better express myself through collage and mixed media. I tell you I'm so excited! I feel like a sponge filled with paints of every color imaginable and God's word is just drenching my very being.
I don't know what will become of this dream.
But He does.
And I know He makes thee

Have a great day!
Holykisses xoxo


Rebecca said...

Congratulations, Lea! That is fantastic. Indeed NOTHING is impossible with God!

Cora from Hidden Riches said...

I'm so thrilled for your, Lea! And you don't know how encouraging that is to me to hear about your weight loss. I'm still battling and have lost 15 now, but have a LONG way to go. And I'm with you on your new journey. I can't wait to hear where it takes you. Promise us, please, that you will share!!!!

Attic Clutter said...

Oh Lea Your banner and blog are looking so cute ...I am heading toward Halloween (:) hehe

Denise said...

I have got to start doing some journal writing.. .... I have started a couple of times but never keep with it.. Maybe you will be my inspiration........ I find that is what happens here in the blog... others inspire us and we inspire others........ Hummmmmmm the HOLY Spirit I think!

Love ya

Sherry said...

Lea, I'm so glad for you. God truly does speak to us through art if that's how we were made, 'cause guess what? He's the greatest artist ever!! Look at His handiwork. I pray that this will be a new avenue of worship for you sweet girl and I look forward to seeing what you share. Maybe we'll have to do a swap soon. =)

From the Heart said...

Blessing on your new venture. With God all things are possible. You are so right.

Sunnyside Up said...

LOVE the photo collage! He sure uses YOU to SPEAK truth into MY SOUL!! And I have GODbumps! :)

I always feel so blessed to see what HE is pouring into YOUR life cause it always SPLASHES ALL OVER ME! Cant help but gettin some on ya...know what I mean??