Monday, September 19, 2011

Four Days and Counting

Greetings and Holykisses,

Happy Monday Friends!

There's only four more days until "Autumn" officially arrives. I think it's called "Fall" on my calender but I just like the name Autumn better. I love the changing seasons and always anxiously anticipate seeing the very next one come to be. I've been asked before what season is my favorite? --Autumn wins hands down. --Recently, I was even questioned "what season of life I'm in spiritually." -- Now that's another blog post all together. -Still pondering that one.

To me; Autumn can best be described through the senses:

It is seen through a canopy of colors all around: chocolate brown, burnt oranges, moss greens, brick red, burgundys, and golden yellows. My personal favorite: moss green. (I'm a sucker for moss green these days!)

It tastes alot like frito chili pie, ... crockpot stew, grilled cheese samiches and tomato soup with crackers, ...turkey with stuffing and brown gravy, crisp, pumpkin pie with dollups of whipped cream, ...candycorn by the coat pocketfuls,.. slices of caramel apples, homemade cinnamon rolls and let's not forget a steamy mug of hot cocoa- yes; ... with marshmallows on top.

It smells like Mr Coffee all day long, ...bread baking, smoke coming from the chimney, wet leaves, alfalfa hay, sweet feed and country air wafting through opened windows and the screen door.

It sounds like large v's of honking geese, crackling fires ,chirping red cardinals, noisy bluejays stealing pecans, ... the sputtering of the 8NFord tractor, 12 mooing cows waiting for their next big bale, and a worn out Poulan chain saw.

It feels like hiking through the damp woods. Trodding over fallen logs, and piles of rotting wet leaves and beds of mosses. It feels like a cold kitchen floor on bare tootsies, ..crawling into red and turquoise flannel sheets... with heavy patchwork quilts, ...- it feels like fuzzy red mittens, scratchy wool sweaters,.. and curling up on the couch with my sweetheart and three very soft, and jealous Pembroke welsh corgis, - It also feels like thick winter coats on two very good donkey friends....

To dress for Autumn ... is to pull on distressed Levis, a camisole, ...a long sleeved henley, and a sweater over that, if you can somehow get it all to fit in there. Then comes wool socks, ...cute boots, and an extra large faded jean jacket. Mine will have red mittens, a paper towel for a kleenex, and Revlon 467 Pearl plum baby in the front pockets.

Autumn... just four days away.
After that, we begin the count down to daylight savings time.
We'll have to call it Fall like the calendar does so we remember to "fall back."
Otherwise we'd be Springing forward. And we sure don't want to do that or we'll be late for church.
No; we must Fall back.
On to shorter days ahead.
Shorter days will soon mean no more mowing.
No more weeding.
The garden will be tucked into bed for Winter.
There will be more time to read the Word, ...create, and oh yeah, blog!

I wonder where Ole Man Toad will go who lives in Big Daddy's boots by our front door?
I took the picture above of him just this morning. Will he dive deeper into the boot and hope I fill it with a fresh scoop of peat moss? I wonder?
Only one hummingbird hangs around the feeder now.
Have thee others heard there are just four more days until Autumn?
I wonder.......


Sherry said...

You know...this MIGHT be my favorite post you've ever written. haha. I LOVED it. It was like poetry to me. Seriously. Those are all the things I love about Autumn and yet, those are some of the things I miss the most living here in Southern California. Decorated my entry way a little and pulled out more fallish stuff today around the house... =)
Autumn Sprinkles. ;)

Trace4J said...

Oh friend can a person get so excited over AUTUMN! FALL!! That she is busting at the seams!! I AM!!
I just love your post..Every wonderful thing about AUTUMN!! I add peanuts to my candycorn and it taste just like a payday!

Jean said...

Love autumn too! A feast for the senses. Our God is an awesome God!!!
Wonder if toad is looking for ratty and mole!

Love Jean xoxoxo

Sue@CountryPleasures said...

I'm with you, autumn is my favorite season too and I can't wait for that post about what season you are spiritually, very interesting!

Auntie Bliss said...

How do I spell relief?
Whew...what a summer, huh?
This is a very nice post and conjures up thoughts of lots of fall happiness!

Heidi said...

Hi Lea! Thanks for the reminder that we DO like fall/autumn. I always if I don't want summer to end. But God did give us seasons, for a reason! Can't wait to watch the changes. Seaons spiritually?
I can smell the apple bread from here...right?
Hugs and love, Heidi